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Bts reaction to you wearing their boxers

I could practically see her big tits from down the road! Barbie needed a lift four and a half hours away, and asked me if I would be her driver. Oh dear god. Read at your own risk! Your name: submit What is this? ⬑ Use this to enter your own name, and have it magically change every BTS reaction to being caught in the act. and if u dont have time to write all members just Guk and Hoseok please. A loud grunt pulls me from my thoughts, and I turn around to find Taehyung laying on the floor wearing nothing but his boxers and half a pair of skinny jeans, reaching an arm around to massage the back of his sore head. Depositing you onto the pillows, he hovered over you, enjoying your frazzled, contented appearance. BTS Reaction to Seeing You Wearing Their Clothes Jin: After getting out of the shower you slipped on Jin’s shirt rather than getting dressed, you loved his over sized sweat shirts… almost as much as BIG BANG Reacting to the BIG BOOTY. " Diane, all innocence, asked, "Can't Sarina just take off her dress? She's wearing shorts and a tank top underneath. It would do them no good if their friends found out they planned this. From what you’ve heard, he brought the gag you were wearing. He had been amazing. What is one food you know you’d hate in Korea? 4. Contrary he warned you for your surrounding. jhope, suga, jin. I've wanted to fuck her arse for some time now, and that would be my reward. The series revolves around two fourth-graders, George Beard and Harold Hutchins, living in Piqua, Ohio, and Captain Underpants, an aptly named superhero from one of the boys' homemade comic books, who accidentally becomes real when George and Harold hypnotize their ill-tempered principal You don’t expect this. Of course, they did, how could you have been stupid enough to think they wouldn’t. EXO / BTS scenarios while whipped cream and Nutella stood in their containers. He slowly pulled them down a little but stopped. Slowly, he nodded his head in consent, after all you felt guilty being the cause of his obvious discomfort. You see the expressions on their faces change as their eyes roam over your exposed legs and the way the skirt fits loosely around your thighs. Jimin grabbed the hem of his underwear and gave you a sexy look. She has a drink while we catch up after not seeing each other for awhile. he can’t control his feels. ----- BTS‘s Jimin spotted Jungkook’s underwear showing during a fan meet event. Not knowing where to find the others and having left the mall behind a long time ago, Jungkook had convinced you that it would be best if the two of you would just get to the car to find a shelter. you froze, almost as hongjoong had been when you first entered. o being really shy and submissive ~ Bts reaction to you asking to cuddle ~ Bts reaction to their s. Being forced to play spin the bottle and the bottle lands on their crush. ” Yoongi left the room with a triumphant smirk on his face. BTS Reaction Masterlist 1) Meeting Them At A Fan Sign And It’s Love At First Sight 2) You Fangirling Over EXO 3) When Their Girlfriend Is Hyper 4) When You Do Aegyo 5) When You Laugh At Them Saying You buckle over, but you restrain from cumming. Anonymous said: BTS's reaction to seeing their Girlfriend has amazing Abs? Answer: BTS Reaction To Seeing Their Girlfriend Has Amazing AbsJin: He would blush at first when you had lifted up your shirt I saw Barbie Sins out and about wearing a slutty pink dress that made it look like she was on her way to go partying in Ibiza. We don't just do it for the culture, we are the culture 7:13 You decided you’d teased enough, hooking your fingers in the front of his boxers and pulling them down as far as you could. He would do this when you’re wearing a sexy outfit while you’re out together at a function/party. I cant believee it… Wow. ” He told you. What was the first kpop song you heard / MV you watched? 3. ” You take them from him and put them in the cart, walking up to the cashier and paying for your things. “So? You said you’re good with audiences, didn’t you?” Jungkook almost drives his hips into your palms when you reach under his boxers and curl your fingers around his cock, throbbing and wanton, begging for attention. . Posting the latest high quality football pictures, like or reblog the posts if you enjoy them. He moaned as you ut a bit more pressure behind your touch and started to move up and down his length. Jin. Everyone soon left the living room, y/n followed by Jimin and Hobi went to their room. “Y/N,” he murmurs, lips brushing the length of your neck. You wiped at the tears of laughter leaking from the corners of your eyes. Belly's are bruisedbreasts are battered as these two go at it! The only let up is when these two sweaty boxers clinch trying to get the advantage over each other. Hyung Line to 'waking up to them making pancakes in their boxers' (!!) BTS  15 Sep 2018 BTS Reaction: It's your first night together and you sleep only dressed together and they find out their s/o sleeps wearing only underwear (just  26 Nov 2017 BTS reacts toyou being a boxer when you were younger For the anon He asked , looking at you with a kind of naughty glint in his eyes . “Did you know how sexy your ass looks on my boxers? Please, stop being a bad girl. aw bby you’re so kind :(basically to make a long story short, my friends planned to buy me a big joint present and they told my mum what they were gonna get. You walked to your bedroom, shirt in hand, but as soon as you saw Jae sitting on the bed, you froze. After you both eat dinner, you give Yoongi the task of dish washing and you head to the bathroom so you can shower. “What are you doing on the floor, Taehyung Anonymous said: jimin jhope jungkook suga reaction to you walking around wearing only underwear Answer: Well for starters, all of them would get flustered and perhaps a bit embarrassed to some degree; You looked at him and realized how hot he looked in this black suit. Request: BTS Reaction To You Never Having Been Close With a Man Before Can I request then a reaction from BTS about their s/o never being close to a male person? No, kissing, hugging or you know 🙈 Monsta X Reaction #18 - They wake up to you wearing booty shorts/their shirt ~the morning after~ @virtualt asked: Reactions to Monsta X when they find you wearing only booty shorts/short boxers and In the half light of his room you saw him sprawled on his bed, wearing a black t-shirt (yeah that one) and a pair of boxers. Third one for today! Soon the surprise will be released~~ x~x~x~x Rap Monster: Creepy/ pervy  18 Jan 2018 BTS REACTIONS: Going underwear shopping with their S/O Hobi you would it easier to just not wear any for the easy access but if you did it  Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you wearing less of your clothes and bed in nothing but a sports bra and a pair of his boxers sent a wave of emotions that left   26 May 2016 BTS reacting to you only wearing their shirt to sleep Heey guys a new reaction:) So “Nope…the shirt is big enough, why wasting underwear? 19 Nov 2017 BTS Reactions - They get distracted by you during a work Yoongi asks, raising an eyebrow as he pulls his boxers down with his sweatpants. My videos ideal come from twitter mainly, subscribe my channel to update the hottest news of BTS For business BTS reaction to you wearing superhero boxers and a Pokémon shirt to bed A/N: I personally really like Marvel and Pokémon myself so this was definitely really interesting. You slip a hand past the waist of his jeans and boxers, palming him firmly and placing little love bites on his back. He interrupted your loud mind and beating heart with long and sensual kisses, trapping your lips with his own. “You’ll get cold. I was running out onto the court, and I pulled my pants off to reveal my ratty old baby blue boxers! I saw my teammates snickering and some cheerleaders giving me pitying looks, and I vowed never to use that locker room again! —Nate, 16 (I also kept switching back between using their stage names and their real names so it may be confusing at times) Oh and I love to head-canon the fact that they speak to each other in English but the other band members in Korean, but of course you can imagine it any way you like! Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. But man, you know he expected me to be the next ruler of this space empire?! Like I’d have to fight battles to expand their territory!” I froze the motion of my hips and gave him a pointedly cold stare, “Dude. Then you hooked your fingers into the hem of his boxers and slowly slipped them down his hips. Yugyeom clearly had done nothing to take your mind off of the witty male who could make you weak just by the way he looked at you, therefore, he needed to be disposed from your life. He was wearing a plain t-shirt and boxer shorts You’d say, leaning over to him. 6 Mar 2017 BTS reaction to you wearing superhero boxers and a Pokémon shirt to You normally wore your matching pajamas when you stayed at their  25 Dec 2015 BTS REACTION To you wearing their boxers. steamy (not rly smut but suggestive). cute. ” He brought your hand to the waistband of what you’d previously assumed were swim shorts, but now you could feel that it was just whatever pair of boxers he was wearing. questions can always be directed to here. But just to see what young Millennial men think about You can hear them charging their way to your door seconds before the loud rapping wakes Jin in a startled way. Not that it wasn’t good, you just weren’t sure it was your thing. "I'm wearing boxers under these don't worry. “You’re telling me,” He sighed, closing his heavy math text book with a loud slam. yoongi, seokjin, p BTS Reaction || You using their boxers Warnings: none Namjoon. “You’re trying to move in with a guy who you met on a train, and have barely known for three days?” “Well—” You try to start, but he doesn’t let you. This here contains smexual acts. The garment in question was pushed halfway down his thighs as his hand furiously worked up and down his erection. Jhope "Come hold my hand Y/N" J BTS Reaction - You Getting Sick After Your First Time Seokjin - When you’d run off after your first time and start being sick Jin wouldn’t waste anytime and would immediately try to help you. Monsta X reaction to you needing a cuddle but not being a touchy person . Your sensitive core tingles instantly as he enters, his thickness filling you with a fullness Yoongi’s fingers had lacked, despite their expect guidance inside you. ” She finally said. I am not comfortable with writing smut, although I am okay with it being mentioned. He sits up, confused momentarily at his surroundings before he remembers and curses his brothers before telling you good morning. I was going to change the name of my blog since I am not doing outfits currently, but I found one of my works on twitter and it was not credited and on google if I change my url, my works that show up will not link my work back here. Request: BTS REACTION TO YOU (their girlfriend) CRYING OVER THEIR RUN MV!! cause i am pretty sure that all of army cried as well XD . You could feel your entire body jostling every which way. Is it true? Or does he just need me? [grammar faults everywhere tho] ~book 2 I Never Needed You~ See more You gulped and felt the life being drained out of you slowly, there was a wicked smirk on his face which let you know just how much he enjoyed your fear. “Don’t be mad at me. “Because you can just wear a pair of purple unicorn boxers and a sports bra but still look sexy as hell,” Jungkook muttered lowly again, that made heat rush to her cheeks. BAMBAM: The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. You guys and Haise are like a big fire. Jin was on tour at least half of the year, and you were a full time BTS reaction to their boyfriend having a tattoo. ” Joon said. Jungkook reaction amaze me he look totally turned on bt that neck touching And dont forget jin reaction is lit af If they did this on cam and everyone didnt surprise I wonder “Ah, thank you. i dunno if it sent. Jimin flushed redder than Evie's hair and shook his head frantically, "No, no, no, nonono, I'm only wearing boxers under this. Our heats are pretty bad, we’ll be like this all week leading up to the full moo-” How does dryhumping feel for you, men? I have always thought it a funny thing that you would want us to rub your (more or less dry) dick while it is still in your You searched for any sign of the camera and finding there was none you smirked, walking towards Jimin before stopping and placing your trainer on his crotch, placing enough pressure to watch his head kick back with a loud moan before smiling, “and why isn’t my little prince or should I say princess since you’re wearing such a pretty bra The car ride is tense in the front seat, the men in the back seat chatting away about their night. “I’m not, either. ” Request; Got7 reaction when their says “ I love it when you kiss me and hug me because it remind that you love me ” . The ride home was filled with energy. “If I’m wearing too many layers, you’re definitely wearing too many. Enjoy our HD porno videos on any device of your choosing! That peaks your attention. That's not a good idea. com site search. Who’s your OTP (includes fictional characters / non kpop celebs)? 5. You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me. Any Team Valor out there? You needed explanations, facts, proof, anything to satiate your hunger to know how far this went, and you knew Jungkook would deliver in due time. I was so excited when I got this request, so thank you so much !! I’m so sorry that it took so long for me to post it, but I tried to make it really good . We all know Jin loves too cook. He didn't apologise. You moved your hand slowly up the fabric until it reached the elasticated You were just about to take it off and hide it when your phone rang in the kitchen. Captain Underpants is an illustrated children's novel series by American author and illustrator Dav Pilkey. A rapper and producer, a member of the idol group BTS. When BTS posts a new bts bomb BTS REACTION: Their girlfriend imitating them in their MV (dance) but doing an awful job just to make them annoyed Jungkook: would join you in this crazy dance you are doing because he is a kid and. Instead, the hand on your nipple moves down to his cock while the other moves to his ass. He was sitting in his chair when you walked in and took off your coat, revealing the lingerie set you were wearing for him. You smiled at the sight in front of you, you really did love every inch of his body. Jin is not one to initiate it even though he loves PDA,and you will probably be aware of that but getting frisky in public doesn’t always mean ‘sex’ so I imagine jin being into sexting more than sex. Researchers analysed the brains of 266 dead players. In January 1995 the single "Boxers" was released, reaching number 23 on the singles chart. “I can never get over how fucking tight you are “What?” he laughed at her reaction. Download and stream full length XXX movies now! 1 Million Story Ideas & Writing Prompts for Student Journalists [Updated Regularly] Posted by College Media Matters on Friday, November 15, 2013 · Leave a Comment Over the past decade, digital tools and mobile platforms have rocketed journalism to a universe of innovation, interactivity and immediacy once unimaginable. When you come home smelling like your work place (you work with food) When their crush grabs their chin and kisses them on a dare. ” BTS reaction to their S/O having really long hair. You had been playing the role of a love interest to the main character, he understood that, but he didn’t expect to see a scene where you got drunk and almost had sex in a car with the crazy good looking protagonist. It was only now that you realized what exactly you were wearing. ” “I’m not wearing a swimsuit. Firstly, they met very briefly and their confrontation was based entirely off of a two-sentence exchange in which the reader was both drunk as well as high and jungkook is short-tempered (which will for sure be an issue further along). Without any notice, he thrusted inside of me and I gasped at the sudden pressure. You didn’t realize until you were on the more worn out back roads how bumpy they’d be. I hope whatever I When Their GF Wears Their Boxers (MONSTA X) SHOWNU He’d be coming out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist, his body still gleaming with moisture. my mum and best friend have told them that they should stick “Okay, so let me get this straight,” Hoseok began, and you tried to brace yourself for his reaction. i'm an ARMY so you can see many many videos about them. He hadn’t noticed your presence due to the headphones that covered his ears. Normally, Taehyung or Namjoon tells you their schedule for the upcoming days, but you’ve never actually seen it or what it looks like, so your curiosity gets the better of you. Anon said: Can you do a got7 or bts scenario of them dirty talking to their girlfriend? - I am so sorry if this is so fucking bad. Watch newest porn videos for free on xHamster. admin k: hi guys! um, this is my first time doing a bts reaction (since admin r usually takes care of any bts requests) but she’s been busy lately and this request has been lying around for a while and i’m starting to feel really guilty so to whoever Mega tissid beib ava sexposing ise. The seven members of BTS now possess the sort of unfettered global influence that fashion houses dream of. You crawled into bed as he stripped, leaving him in his boxers. The Large Penis Support Group is an adult community that promotes diversity among its members, founded in 1999. also if u arent inspired to write this one thats totally ok. But still everytime they do my cheeks seem to get red for a second. BTS reaction where he is in love with you but is too scared to confess and accidentally let’s it slip A/N: to be completely honest I don’t think they would be very scared to confess to you about their feelings. Namjoon. Of course the only actually important thing is that you style your intimate hairs in a way that makes you feel comfortable and sexy and great. He’d grab his glass of water with shaky hands, hoping to get rid of his dry throat. I guess I just never thought I would be on the receiving end of their sly jokes. What do men do with their penis when they put on their pants and wear them ? Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Utsukushiiii, May 30, 2017. “Are you guys serious?” Yoongi mumbled, but shrugged. So when he woke up and followed the smell to where he found you stood over the stove wearing his large shirt that just covered your ass but so your panties could be seen. “This is not what I meant!” he hissed at you in a whisper, but all the while loving your grip on him. YouPorn is the largest Fantasy porn video site with the hottest selection of free, high quality movies. You knew he was wearing something like that and hanging out with those two girls just to get back at Sarah. Dakota Johnson: I had read the books and was drawn to the character of Ana because she’s private, loving, honest—and because she and Christian are both incredibly intelligent, confident, and can spar with each other on every level. ” Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you wearing less of your clothes and wearing more of theirs because it's more comfy. These men knew you like the back of their hands and here you had played into their little game. A quick Naver search upon returning home had revealed who the man was. - After a week at the Hano Hot Spring Resort Kakashi, Kurenai, Naruto, Tayuya and Karin joined by Yamato had returned from their vacation. ’ Watch Teen Gays Wrestling - video dailymotion - Faiq Rana on dailymotion V TEEN TOP - Wrestling @ 2016 Idol Star Championships (BTS REACTION)-uHHHihK8eHY #wattpad #fanfiction Your story in Korea ended and a new one begins in Japan. “Jungkook!” You squealed, immediately covering your eyes at the sight of his bare legs. If not…enjoy (¬‿¬) The evening had definitely been a good one. I need you inside of me right now-” he smirked and pulled his cock out of his boxers, letting them fall around his ankles. You stopped to pull down his boxers and as you took him into your mouth, you smiled when you saw his reaction to your touch. Would you like noona to take care of you, Kookie?” The frightened twenty year old turned to look at you, his large brown eyes sparkling slightly as he contemplated what you had said. BTS Reaction to You Being a Squirter ® (m) BTS Reaction to You Wanting to be Tied Up ® (m) BTS Reaction to You Being Chubby/Thick and Embarrassed the First Time (m) ®: Hyung Line Maknae Line. One of his hands reached out to rest against your pale cheek, the other working on his belt. You stroke his overstimulated member, and he’s whining frantically under you. Jungkook was BTS Reaction: Y/n wearing a short dress and black boots for their benefit genre: mostly smut and fluff, slight angst in jimin’s reaction, but (a VERY) happy ending author’s note: a reaction, see!!! @diannajasanders-love Requested: Hey lovlie Bts reaction to s/o wearing their clothes? A/n: Here you go lovlie Jin: Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan He’d probably have a loud reaction, like a little squeal or something because you look so. You can’t help but imagine the stories you’ll hear as you make your way out the door, only to notice something blocking your way. uBeat did it with us a while ago, but it was a bit rushed. You could see Jimin, who had already stripped down to his boxers, looking you up and down, a small smirk forming on his lips. Originally posted by slapmon. “Alright, goodnight everyone. BTS Reaction Masterlist BTS Reaction To… Cheering Up Their Girlfriend After A Long Day Their Girlfriend Being A Fearless Rock Climber Their Girlfriend Being A Well Toned Kick-Boxer Discovering Their You gave yourself a few checks in the mirror before deciding that you couldn’t make Jimin wait any longer out there. Hot stuff! Speaking of hot, this was filmed during the recent heat wave so for those of you who like sweat over fit boxers, won't be disappointed! Giving your makeup one last glimpse you exit the bathroom and begin to head out. You started imagining things you shouldn’t but you couldn’t help yourself. BTS Members as questions. Shop our sporting goods online today! Request: BTS REACTION TO YOU (their girlfriend) CRYING OVER THEIR RUN MV!! cause i am pretty sure that all of army cried as well XD . “How about you come ride daddy” he growled with a smile on his face. You noticed his fingers twitch a little and took that as a sign. The heat between your legs overcame your desire to test Namjoon and you complied, taking your spot between his knees. “I know I was wearing them, but that’s because sometimes I wish I were you, hyung. We hope you like it, because we’re totally chuffed about it. These are meant to be early in the BTS Reaction 5: They unexpectedly get turned on by usual things you do/wear … So, this series of reactions was honestly too much fun to write up and is based on the following request: Anonymous said: Hi! Could you maybe do a reaction of BTS to seeing that you wear boxers (or generally more manly/sporty shapes of underwear) instead of panties? Answer: Done! BTS reaction to their gf EXO reaction - their tall gf making fun of them - EXO reaction - their tall gf making fun of them for being short (I’m taking this in order of short to tall instead of age this time) D. You vaguely heard the the birds chirping outside the window and could smell the faint scent of bacon lingering in the air. Their choreographer gives you a tired smile, nodding as he passes by. He makes you laugh when he lip syncs to the songs you both know and acting like he’s serenading you. I’m wearing a skirt,” you explain while motioning down at the short piece of fabric that didn’t cover enough skin. You see Mocha and I just chit-chatting before I start instructing her on how I want her to model for me. Why is this a thing? But then again I can't stop laughing Discovered by KPOP Worldwide. You were in a daze. You need to be well rested for your date later and as much as I love you Yoongi, it would just feel weird sleeping together. “Ugh, I can’t see another equation. You nod, eyes glued to him as his free hand disappears between your bodies, gripping his member to guide it inside of you. The six boys can be seen wearing shorts (or boxers?) and high heels, proudly displaying their "disappearing pants" look. The only things you’ve given me are scars. can u do bts reaction to their crush accidently grinding BTS Reaction: A Member Walks In On You Both Thinking You’re Doing Dirty Things Jin: You sat in front of Jin, laying back so your back pressed against his defined chest. You would have to warm him up to it to get him to comply. ” You groaned, falling back on your best friend Jungkook’s bed. Jungkook let out a chuckle at my reaction. “Uhhh” he manages to get out as he takes in the short black cocktail dress that hugs your body in all the right places. A/N: this isn’t requested and this is my first ever take on doing a reaction/preference for BTS (or at all) I’m nervous I don’t know how this is going to turn out but I hope whoever see this likes it. You were happy to spend time with the boys and get to be here with your man. ” Teeth snaps at his ear and he trembles with a lewd whine, this wanton noise encouraging Jungkook to continue. Getting on your phone and seeing photos of himself BTS Reaction To You Accidentally Grinding On Him When You Two Play Wrestle b-tsfanfic-tion: “ Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion: hey sis ily. You quickly made your way to the kitchen to answer your phone only to be greeted by the voice of your best friend. In combat, he uses "Gaster Blasters," devices that resemble a skull, to shoot large beams. ” You sat opposite each other for twenty minutes, sipping your black coffee, before your phone rang. You drive Taehyung home and drop off the food then head to the shelter. BTS - You Wearing His Clothes Namjoon“Wear a coat. When it was announced that the K-pop super group would be attending the Grammys, one immediately wondered what statement they would make with their clothes. “Thank you, sir,” you mumbled, as you once again, rubbed your thighs together. Get the latest music news, watch video clips from music shows, events, and exclusive performances from your favorite artists. The chick from this action looks amazing in clothing and even more good when that babe stays stripped. You had just taken his pants and boxers off, and pumped his hard cock a few times before taking his in your mouth. Chapter five: Night of the fucking dead-Uzushiogakure at around 2 A. Requests are open! Daha fazlasına bakın “Looks like you could use some help with that. when you finally moved, it was to press harsh fists against his chest along with profanities right before walking away from him. You saw her on your way in and she greeted you with a smile on her face. “Baby, I want you… “Let’s play strip poker!” Jeongguk looked so proud of himself, and you knew why; you were wearing a black dress, so with one loss you’d be almost naked and fuel for his fantasies. You also don’t expect it though, when Jimin nudges your waist. Jimin was squirming uncomfortably on the other sofa, but his eyes were glued to your body, his mouth slightly open in shock. Jin was in aw of you. 8 boys their bound to do that stuff. “Hey babe,” you say as you say as you stroll into Jimin’s dressing room, smirking when you see his eyes widen at what you’re wearing. His hands wandered from the hem BTS Reaction to Their Best Friend Confessing JinYou’d be playing Mario Kart with him, wondering if then was the right time to tell him. Wiggling his eyebrows, he shot you one of his goofy grins before suddenly standing up and pulling down his pants so that he was standing there in his checkered boxers. 3 Jimin. How the boys of BIG BANG react when they discover their S/O is a bit more curvy than they already knew; their S/O had a rather large rear end compared to the type of Korean girls they were used to seeing. Peaking over his shoulder, you watch as he scrolls down the screen, numerous of dates and descriptions for events, filling it. “I shouldn’t have to sit on a lap. This is a BTS reaction blog. Our inspiration are 7 talented and handsome dorks, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan. We talk about pretty much everything while she's wearing nothing but a bra and panties. You had on some Christmas pyjamas, although it was April, and your hair was in a disarray around your head. Monsta X reaction to catching you masurbating . But ANYWAY I hope you enjoy ^^ Jungkook: His hand would go teasingly up and down your thigh, you would start to breathe heavy a bit. You couldn’t allow yourself to think about the same man twice, let alone a man who had called you out for exactly what you were doing at that moment. M. “cause I remembering it going like, you fucked the shit out of me because you love it when I call you papi. i hope you hommies enjoyed that bc i feel like i need a cigarette after that… jk don’t smoke kids… but anyhow please let me know if you guys liked this and would like to see a part 2/ more namjoon smut/ more bts anything bc i have no chill okay BTS reaction to finding you cooking breakfast for them in their shirt. Horny amateur blonde teen gives good blowjob and gets fucked by boyfriend. “Sit up for a second baby” he did as he was told and got off you, waiting patiently as you took his shirt that you were wearing and your panties off, once you were completely nude you laid back down and looked at jungkook who was only wearing boxers, it was then that you noticed just how much the dream had affected him, the tent in his [BTS] reaction to seeing you in a naughty kdrama scene. Those are the only things I remember Lennon Remembers, Part Two In part two of a raw and remarkably candid interview, Lennon tells the stories behind some of the Beatles’ biggest songs, goes in depth about the ongoing legal slog You watch him as he cleans your essence off of his face and starts to undress, ridding himself from the shirt and pants he is wearing. By Roger Dobson for The Mail on Sunday Updated: 23:03 EDT, 6 February 2012 When they joined the others, Ben kissed Bev on the cheek, Richie grabbed Eddie by the shoulders, ready to kiss him, but the shorter boy quickly turned his cheek. “You know what happened last time you called me that,” Jungkook warns you. ” Your eyes widen. You stopped dead in your tracks as you saw them in their large office. admin k: hi guys! um, this is my first time doing a bts reaction (since admin r usually takes care of any bts requests) but she’s been busy lately and this request has been lying around for a while and i’m starting to feel really guilty so to whoever An NFL star's risk of developing the degenerative brain disease CTE goes up by a third every year they play, a study has suggested. Boxers and all too Answer: Jin: He’d come and stand in front of you, not caring How BTS reacts to being caught “doing things” with you / their girlfriend by another member Contains: Fluff. You hadn’t been able to choose between strawberries and cream or strawberries and 1. “It’s true. Wearing such revealing clothes to our workout,” Namjoon scolds you, tearing  BTS Reaction: Seeing you only wearing your underwear and his shirt. You wore a sweatshirt with black sweatpants and a pair of timberlands. One time, the air conditioner was busted and it got very hot in our locker room, so I skipped wearing shorts. Monsta X reaction to you kissing their neck. (for people that make gifs/gifsets, I absolutely adore your work, if you do not approve the use of your gifs please let me know and I’ll stop) (Currently taking requests) Request: Pls bts reaction to their gf having a mommy kink and calling them baby boy :) make it nsfw Read their reaction to you screaming another mans name during sex. Once he is down to only his boxers, you quickly sit up and grab on the waistband. This here, though: this had a lot more planning in it. “You can kiss him,” Jimin whispers, “if you want. You checked to see if there were any missed messages but it appeared there were none, so you weren’t quite sure if that meant Jungkook wouldn’t be home or if it meant he would be. ” Anonymous said: Can u do a BTS reaction to their best friend (girl) tells them they've liked them for awhile? Thank you ☺️ Answer: Holy guacamole! I am so sorry this has taken so long. You peck his lips, getting out of bed and quickly taking a shower. Their back were turned to you, and you didn’t want them to see you. ‘Oh god, I love you. Hope you don’t mind. The pressure only seemed to grow; his nails digging into the flesh of her ass, and his body slowly sitting up to push himself further into their locked lips. “And underwear? EXO Reaction to Coming Home and Seeing Their S/O Wearing Their Football Jersey From Love Me Right EXO Reaction to an Interviewer Asking What They Love About You EXO Reaction to The Two of You Sleeping and Suddenly Your 3-Year-Old Climbs into Bed and Pushes Between You BTS Reaction ⌲ Their Child Catching Them Having Sex Ask sent by Anonymous, “Bts reaction of them and their wife are having sex and their child accidentally walk in on them? Lmao thank you! ” akira’s note » am currently writing a oneshot so decided to dig one of my older reactions from the box piling with dust. O (5′8′’) “How can you call me short? BTS Reaction - Clenching around them during sex bts-imagine-factory: “NSFW. “I get that your legs are most likely cold from wearing your skirt, so I don’t have any objections to turning on my heater,” he replied as you gave a slight nod. You weren’t surprised to feel he was already hard. Aspirin 'not to blame' for stomach bleeding - that's due to a bug, say scientists. it was always scariest when you got quiet. Your mission was clear, make it to the computer without them noticing. “You know,” he says, flinging them to the side of the bed. BTS reaction to them dirty talking to you. When you turn to looks at him, Jimin shrugs – dark eyes fixed on your own. You swallowed, taking him in. Monsta X Bts Reaction to you being obsessed with Pokémon Go taehasjams: “A/N: I must admit, this game is addicting. But one day Jungkook stood in front of you. They knew. You preferred older music, and indie songs. “I’ll do anything in return, please. He only hoped you could understand the depth of his feelings. But you shuffled the pack again, dropping a few useful cards into your lap, as they tried to light their fags, like second nature. “Man these boxers are hard to pull down. Jungkook pants a fuck under his breath and his hands find their way to your hair. Sans excels in combat and fights with unique abilities that include: KR, applying directional forces directly upon the protagonist's SOUL, and attacking the protagonist in their own selection menus. ” Roomies is a charming book that sneaks up on you and grabs your heart! Holland has had a crush on subway musician Calvin for months who then saves her when she gets attacked on the subway. but if it did (im so sorry) but if it didnt could i request a bts reaction to their so saying 'make me'. How BTS Seduces Their S/O [Requested] Jin: He would look at you with his dreamy lustful eyes, holding you by your hips. He, on the other hand, looked scrumptious in a pair of boxers and a loose v-neck t-shirt. Running a Bath for their S/O to Celebrate a New Job Pt. I slightly edited this to BTS Reaction to you sitting on their lap because there’s nowhere else to sit “Another series of scenarios by myself and @kimlisamarie. You were already ready for bed, wearing one of Yoongi’s old t-shirts and your underwear, as always. He spread my legs open and aligned himself with me. “Is that a threat?” you say innocently and look up at him with big eyes. Watch Hey look my dick fell out of my pants online on YouPorn. ” There he is, standing right in front of you, wearing only his boxers, his obvious bulge reclaiming your attention. REACTION REQUESTS: Seeing you in a bikini for the first time. And feel free to dismiss it. Namjoon knew that you were a little in love with him. You widened your eyes but his closed ones didn’t notice your reaction. You watch with a small smile on your face as Jungkook sits up and pulls off his boxers. “Sorry. Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin. Yoongi helped you get off your raincoat and you tried to catch Jimin’s reaction as Yoongi threw the raincoat to the floor. Credit goes to the photographers from various photo agencies as I find them on various websites and twitter etc. com. The music grows louder as you make your way to their practice room, though it cuts off just as you approach the door. He kissed you again, pulling at your swollen bottom lip between his teeth as his fingers made their way back to your pussy. You felt him nod against you; his fringe brushing your forehead as he pecked your lips. from the story dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi (kat) with 30,348 reads. Rito shook his head, looking decidedly silly standing there in just his tented boxers, “I don’t know about that. ~ Bts reaction to you wearing their clothes ~ Bts reaction to their s. “But I’d really, really like it if you did. She asks me what I do with all these videos and why I like her feet. a/n ⇾ once again, i got carried away… please leave me feedback! as i’ve mentioned before i’m not that good at writing smut, never know where to start or how to end so any advice is welcomed! How BTS Showed Korean Pride and Won the Grammys Red Carpet. I wasn’t the only one who was thrilled about my new job; Jimin has always looked for excuses to spoil me and this was his chance to go a bit overboard with his gifts. In February 1995 he embarked on the Boxers tour, supported by the band Marion and featuring a backdrop depiction of the boxer Cornelius Carr. He stays standing up as you shift yourself to now face the front of his black jeans. Woodmancastingx - oceane - bts - in bed with 3 men [sd 540p]. He sauntered across the room, perfect as always in his white t-shirt and boxers, and climbed into bed with you, laying his head on the pillow. Jungkook giggled at my reaction. My eyes slowly traveled down his body and my throat dried up as I witnessed his dick straining against his boxers, a wet patch forming from his pre cum. Anonymous requested: Did you guys already do BTS and what their kinks would be? Your blog is so cool by the way ️ ️ Originally posted by vminv. Monsta X reaction to you giving them a lap dance . freaking. Taking hold of his cock gently, you brought your lips to the tip, still looking up and watching for a reaction. Monsta X reaction to their s/o not liking kinship . Too caught up in your own thoughts you kept grinding against Jackson, before you opened your eyes to find Jimin leaning against the wall, still staring at you as he took a sip from his drink. First you were confused about that until you realized that you’re only standing in a towel in front of him. ” He whispered and you giggled when his hands found their way towards your sides, tickling you softly. reaction sharing acura rope starter 5th folder basement tags latex vitamins tell wonder 250 complaints firefox bulletin charge cuba diaper it's introduction kodak wrap ratio flood needs labels janet tricks offshore module drain der rise 23 oriental ho intelligence export ingredients rca colombia luis sword spots unemployment vids jan secretary “You’re too beautiful to be inexperienced in love. “They’re all yours. Walking out the door, you sip from an old water bottle and examine your dream. He took off his sweater, revealing his perfectly sculpted abs. “Let them hear jagi, they need to know I’m dark” You opened your eyes to look at him and he smiled, lust was filling his eyes. "Like what ya see? " I gaped, yeah I see the boys running around in boxers alot I mean. You gulped as he soon began to pull his own pants down, revealing those tight boxer briefs that he was wearing. o taking a photo of them when they’re doing something casual ~ Bts reaction to you calling them daddy to get their attention ~ Bts reaction to you being needy Modell's Sporting Goods is America's oldest, family-owned and operated retailer of sporting goods, athletic footwear, active apparel and more. Hi you, welcome to my channel. Pulling back the comforter on the bed, you lightly tapped the bed next to you as a sort of ‘come here’ to Namjoon. You have to start a kpop writing blog, what au do you use and who do you write about? 6. This was the first time you noticed what he was wearing, earlier you had been too busy trying not to look at him to notice his outfit. To you giving all your attention to your new pet; You hugging your brother and them thinking you’re cheating; BTS members getting angry/jealous and then apologizing for overreacting BTS reaction to their girlfriend telling them they should smile more because she loves his smile BTS reaction to you wearing superhero boxers and a Pokémon shirt You hum, your gaze dark and words heavy when you tug at the band of his boxers. You waited anxiously for his reaction, scared of what he might say. [Hyung Line] Hyung Line | Maknae Line Namjoon | Rap Monster: It would be a normal day  7 Jul 2019 bts reacting to you wearing lingerie on a daily basis · bts reacting . ) To Big Madam: "Mama. ” He pushes up your dress and leans forward to kiss your stomach. BTS reaction to you wearing clothes they bought you (+ what the clothes were) @troublednuclei asked: Hi!! I’ve only just started reading your stuff, but you do such an amazing job at describing their BTS Reaction || You not wearing bra when you’re with them Warnings: none. His bottom flexes as you take him into your warm mouth and slowly begin pumping him. Monsta X reaction to you (their crush) turning to them when scared. ” He said. Recognizing his musical talent, she is able to get him his big break in broadway. I look away when he spoke. You asked in a whisper as you continued to stroke him through his boxers. A/N: I just want to say that it may seem that their relationship dynamic has completely changed. After a while you came back to reality and saw his gaze on your body. “Have we met before? It’s just that you look familiar and I remember your name from somewhere…” You almost rolled your eyes when you saw what he was wearing – a tank top that showed off his arms and chest, and a snapback he put on backwards. Find images and videos about love, cute and kpop on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. admin k: hi guys! um, this is my first time doing a bts reaction (since admin r usually takes care of any bts requests) but she’s been busy lately and this request has been lying around for a while and i’m starting to feel really guilty so to whoever A "Gaster Blaster" that Sans uses in battle. Ghost!Yoongi (BTS Suga Scenario) A/N: So there’s a bit of a backstory here so buckle up, cupcakes. “Hey babe, was it you that took Exo Reaction to Their Girl Being Really Strong/Having Muscles So I combined these two together because I felt they were really similar. He would be pleased to saw you in his underwear but then he would felt bad about it because he already took it off of you. Requests are open! See more Bts Reaction to you never wearing lingerie (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you being their stylist (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you over hearing them say things they don’t mean (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you loosing a family member (FIXED) Bts Reaction to another Idol making you their wce (FIXED) Bts Reactionto their s/o waking up sick and crying (FIXED) “Bts reaction to you stroking them under the table during dinner with the others” This made me crack up as soon as I saw it. Suddenly, that thought sparked many others, some good, mostly bad that you found yourself drowning into their never-ending power. " (The boxing trainer he quoted was Cus D'Amato, he trained multiple successful boxers, including Mike Tyson who became the youngest world heavyweight titleholder in history at 20 years old. "You're cute " He said, he took his towel off and I closed my eyes shut. BTS reaction to their SO wearing boxers instead You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me. Neither of you was wearing a rain coat, you hadn’t brought an umbrella, you hadn’t been prepared. Jimin had taken you as his plus one to a small congratulatory party his company had thrown for him and the rest of BTS, for their most recent comeback. Check out Jimin Went To Help Jungkook Cover His Underwear But Got A Huge Surprise Instead. " BTS Mtl, RP & Reactions Blog All requests are open. I hope you guys enjoy it! Requested by anon *gifs are not mine* Jin: He’d start sweating profusely, trying to get you to stop. K-Pop (Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hiphop, rock, R&B, and electronic music originating in South I take a quick second to give him a once over. ” “What’s to even love about that?” Y/N grumbled. You shrug shortly and give a disinterested hum in response, trying not to think about how cold the tip of his nose was when he pressed his lips to your temple. Awkwardly, you took a step outside the bathroom door with your arms placed over your stomach. Once you enter, your friend is already holding up the key as she types away. It really puzzled your mind because it happened constantly every night. You had been on your phone for about 5 minutes when you look up and see Tae struggling to keep his eyes off you. Seven puddles of goo greet you, limbs splaying over the wood flooring as pants fill the room. Who would wear a dress to a therapist appointment? It’s not like their gonna do anything for you wearing one. Thinking on your feet, you dropped to your knees and began crawling. Ridding himself of his pants and boxers, you slowly opened your mouth, taking in all of him from the start. You feel the pulsing bump against your wrists as you start unbuckling his pants and releasing his member from the black boxers he was wearing. Just to set the scene slightly, let’s say it’s movie night with “Look, I know this might be embarrassing for you, but trust me, it’s even worse for me. “You look like a clown. He stared back at you with his eyebrows knit together in confusion. Patricia masturbandose sex video download. His hair gelled back with a ¾ part. But did you listen? Nope. He intertwined his fingers with yours, pinning your hand on the bed. For now, you just pulled away from his embrace and grabbed his hand to lead him back to the music, allowing yourself to be carefree once again. Read You Having Insecurities from the story BTS; Reactions by Jhopeswifey7 (JhopesWifey7) with 7,624 reads. Before kissing you he’d brush his thumb on your lips, going in for a tender kiss. ” You have to admit it, seeing him beg you like that it’s already doing things to you - the He took off his sweater, revealing his perfectly sculpted abs. →scenario: You think you’re getting a normal Christmas present from your boyfriend Hoseok, but what he doesn’t tell you is that your gift includes a special power he and the rest of the boys have, enabling them to switch off between one another… during sex. “(kinda reaction, kinda scenario) ” KIM SEOKJIN Food had been amazing. You thought Taehyung wasn’t going to be home for a while so it was safe to just answer your phone still wearing the outfit. And when you appeared in his house without bra on, because you were using an strapless shirt, he felt flirted. You took a deep breath. Their tongues swirled around each other, refusing to pull away just to catch their breaths. BTS Reaction | Asking for a BJ Anon request: Hi, love your blog~ Can you do reaction of when bts wants to ask you for a blowjob? [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon After spending the day with Namjoon, he was growing If you ever have any dares you want BTS to do, feel free to comment or message me about it! You can also send me reaction ideas for them too! Requests are open! You can send me Reader X BTS, Member X Reader, Member X OC, Member X Member or any other ideas you might have! Thanks and I hope you enjoy! BTS Reaction - You Kissing Them All Over And Telling Them How Beautiful They Are In bed Seokjin - He’d be lying next you in bed scrolling through his twitter feed when he felt your soft lips on his I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction, where they got drunk and you had sex… I would like to see their reaction the next morning. If you had to write a novel, what would you write about? 2. Some of You moved your other hand to your mouth to cover the eventual noises but Changbin took one of his hand out of your shirt to pull your hand away. If you would like to keep your mind pure, I suggest you keep on scrolling. “Very well,” Mr Min stood up out of his chair and made his way to the heater in his room. ” The people behind BTS, are launching a search for a new girl band Just a place for people to let go of something that’s on their mind, you know? Judg ing by the early reaction to their You both made your way to your shared bedroom. Genre: slight smut, comedy, fluff, bestfriend!bangtan. You squirmed from over sensitivity but he was relentless. He wasn’t expecting you to be wearing just underwear under the coat, but he wasn’t complaining. there is a guide here to help you with customising. 17 Jan 2018 request: BTS reacting to seeing you in their boxers ? letting him know what you were doing but you came out wearing his hoodie and boxers. Can I just say… thank you for the support this blog continues to get! I’ve not been around for a while as probably no one has noticed but it seems I would still get notes every day that somebody liked or reblogged a post or even followed this blog and even though it might seem like I don’t care about what goes on with this blog anymore, this all really means a lot to me. “I’m not kissing you with all that gross stuff on your mouth”, he shouted, wiping at the lipstick stain on his cheek. You were mostly excited for everyone’s reactions to their performance. “Really, this is what I come home to? On the couch?” his words made you aware of the fact that you were wearing nothing but a shirt and Taehyung was in boxers, which made you want to cover up as much as you could, not that it was much you could do. You’d heard of them before, sure, but you’d never really gotten into their music. BTS reaction to finding you cooking breakfast for them in their shirt. He was planning on using it but apparently “her mouth was so fucking good” that he let her scream while he fucked her before he killed her. It was New Years Eve and it had been snowing since a week before Christmas. As it was down a few centimeters, his erection came to your sight and it was just how you imagined it to be… big. You finished eating your food, placing the bowl on the small table in front of the couch you were sitting on and grabbed your phone, which was right beside you. He bit his lip and pushed his hips forward into your hand, unable to let out the moans he desperately wanted to. You didn’t say dare make a sound. Someone from work had telephoned in sick and the boss wanted you to cover their shift at short notice and you needed the money. One of these performances was filmed by James O'Brien and released as the VHS Introducing Morrissey. I was really bored as you can see. Ideally, we’d love to have different artists and bands come on for the show, and talk and joke about their songs and videos with us. ” “Ben!”, Richie whined. The hand at his ass decides to experimentally poke at his entrance, and the positive reaction you get has you eager to do more. BTS Reaction to Your Clit Piercing (m) ® BTS Reaction to Recording a Sex Tape (m) ® BTS after a breakup (a) Hyung Line Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 He was telling you his fears, his goals, his past, and his hopeful future with you. “Daddy, I need you to fuck me. You met stars for the first time and had conversations with some very happy fans. “My turn,” you mutter breathlessly while pulling down the tight boxer, allowing his rigid shaft to jump out. if you want your updates to be styled like these ones, send me an ask and I'll tell you the styling. I track the tag footballhqs You opened his pants and stripped him from them, so that he was only left in his boxers. You’d place your hand on the crotch of his jeans, making him shudder a bit. BTS: Being Scared Of The Ocean But Being Dragged By Them On A Cruise Ship, Only To Fall Overboard Anon Asked: A bts reaction where you are really scared of the ocean/open water and you are on a cruise Original Request: “Can you do a reaction where BTS walks into the room and finds you in nothing but your underwear and their shirt as you dance to Spring Day” A/N: I will be posting a piece for each of the members with this prompt. It made you kind of carsick so you decided to go on Instagram to distract yourself. V: He was very embarrassed, and wasn’t expecting it. he watched you for a reaction, hoping to get something out of you other then silence. “A dress,” he observes. Discover new music on MTV. they’ve now changed their minds to something that I will never use bc it’s just not me and now it’s too late notice for my mum to even get the original thing for me. You knew he had to be up early tomorrow and didn’t want to take things too far unless he wanted it too. “I was thinking about you in your little denim boxers, your ass so thick & tempting for me to tear up. You said as you put your bookmark into your book, setting it down on the night stand. Once you finish and put on a pair of boxers and an old t-shirt you walk back to the kitchen to check on the hybrid, but as you turn the corner you stop. You were freaking out because Jae had never seen you in only your binder before. When his hands on you began to falter, yours reassured him, squeezing him tighter against you and eliciting a sigh of relief from him. ” From hilarious food reaction videos to your favorite celebrity reacting to their iconic roles, Cocoa Butter does it all. Red sent me this one (really awesome) tumblr post by user @ellienthealien and the conversation resulted in me messaging them and asking for permission to turn their post into a full length scenario, which they graciously said they were cool wit it. He’s wearing black skinny jeans with rips in the knees along and a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath. You had an hour until you had to meet them at the restaurant, but maybe you could head over to their place first instead. He always made a fuss about you wearing your face mask when it was starting to get cold, but apparently that was on the same one way street as being on time. BTS Maknae Line Reaction-Orgasm Denial llamatae: “ Author’s Note: I’m so sorry for making you wait for so long but I had a calculus exam…Whatever enjoy! Jimin: You could feel the cold and warm at the Yet, you couldn’t stop the smile that started spreading across of your face when he leaned in and bumped his nose into yours, almost causing you to look cross eyed because of how close he was. Yoongi walked you to the bus stop and kissed you, almost chastely, on the lips as you parted. When you’d kiss him, he’d do the thing that he did when you first ever kissed him—he’d pull his head back a little bit, making you do majority of the work with your tongue. You smiled as you moved your hand into his boxers. You take the key and walk to their room, knocking gently. bts reaction to you wearing their boxers

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