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HELP!!! "coughing" or backfiring through the carb and intake! Also no more coughing through the carb. Replace the pull off. Carburetor Related - Find discussions on carburetor related goodies here. It was This awesome forum so far to date but it is changing somewhat is covering the carb powered bikes and not much on the EFI bikes. It would cough and sneeze and you would have to ever so lightly ease onto the gas pedal to get it to start moving. The main reason engine backfires is because a valve is not closed when the spark plug fires. (it has always cranked almost quicker than you could remove your finger from the starter button)After that, it runs decent as it warms up but does continue to sneeze/cough though less frequently the hotter the engine gets. As air velocity (speed) increases the more viscous (dense) it becomes, causing the air to display characteristics which are more like a fluid. ) Running winter fuel in warm weather. It seems to be blowing oil back through the carb and burning it in the exhaust producing billows of white smoke. 6) Pull-off diaphram blown. Good Luck! Fixing the Dreaded Lean Bog on Keihin FCR Carburetors: I recently had the pleasure of performing a complete frame down rebuild on a 2007 CRF250R that came to me with an intolerable bog issue when the throttle was stabbed from idle or low RPM (both when riding, and on the stand). Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. through nozzle slot. If it is an exhaust valve, it will backfire through the tailpipe. the worg was done by certified harley mechanics. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through . Cranks over but sputters to get gas, check fuel line to carb, getiing gas to intake, tries to start blows blue smokes out exaust and backfires and stops trying to start. Check out the video on how to fix and engine backfire. I was told by the Harley Techs I worked with that this is a Sporty thing and is considered "normal". It has a 100 pilot jet and 185 main jet and it is WAY too rich. Our air cleaner/carb support bracket is a must when mounting aftermarket air filters to your stock CV type carburetors. For years to come the carb vs EFI debate may have been the biggest backroom biker bar debate since the black box ignition module began replacing points ignitions. View my complete profile Harley Carburetor Jets Hello and I love all the info from this site as I have learned a lot from it. There are three tunable parts in the idle circuit: 1) PILOT JET --- controls maximum fuel flow through the idle circuit. Possibly damaged by a backfire condition. Wild Fire Harley-Davidson Wild Fire Harley-Davidson creates an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and friendship as the single best dealer in the Midwest to perpetuate the traditions of the "Harley-Davidson Experience. com. Backfiring through the carb (spitting or coughing) usually occurs in the morning when a carb's air/fuel mixture is a bit too lean. To check these valves you must remove them and then try to blow through them each way. User Name One of the most common problems that customers complain about is the spit-cough-pop from the carburetor as a Harley goes Optimal setting on most Harley’s is approximately 1/4 turn clockwise when backed out from the point of backfiring (coughing). Inspect the  3: Backfires Through Carburetor Common Causes: Harley ignition systems have been ìdual fireî for decades. Im not sure if they are supposed to do that. The aluminum plug covering the idle mixture adjusting screw needs to be removed. Duration adjustm Harley Davidson CV Carburetor Upgrade Harley Davidson started equipping models with the CV carburetor in 1989 and has utilized the same carb ever since. 5) Replace the power valve. Ironhead Still coughing through carb along with other problems. Felt like a lot of coughing(I'm fine tuning my carb so I assumed it was just a bad tune) and some backfires under load. (coughing) through the You must log in to continue. My 01 1200C backfires through the carb on light load with the throttle slightly open. I do have a used 50 pilot that was in my old Keihin butterfly carb. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Get the best deal for Motorcycle Carburetors for Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 from the largest online selection at eBay. The instructions say to turn in the high speed until the bike backfires through the carb after a short run at cruising speed, followed by a complete closing of the throttle. Throttle Lock For Harley Davidson Motorcycles Tuning your Harley Davidson carburetor is simpler than most think and can be performed with a few common tools. But even so it never ran as nice (particularly during warm-up) as the '07 up injected models do. Carb Jetting Simplified by Joe Minton From the August 2003 issue of American Rider (mpg översatt till liter milen på vissa ställen) Fuel mileage I get a steady flow of questions regarding carb jetting and the Dynojet kits, and I'd like to answer them once and for all. Try cleaning the carb out if it really bothers you. In fact, just swapping out the stock filter element for a freer-flowing K&N one will sometimes give an engine a little case of the coughs off idle. This is my first bike trying to get it started. Hwbnde HSR42 Easy Kit Carburetor Carb 42mm For Mikuni Harley Davidson . The CVK40 is technically a bleed type carb, with a variable venturi that's controlled by constant velocity (CV). Only one direction is all that should be allowed. As soon as it the cart started to roll, the motor would rev up and suddenly come to life and run fine. No popping, coughing, sneezing, spitting or any other noises like the S&S made. Optimal setting on most Harley's is approximately 1/4 turn clockwise when backed out from the point of backfiring (coughing). After about 15 mins she showed up and said her bike would not stay running. Mixture tuning on your Harley Davidson CV carburetor is a simple procedure that can easily be performed with basic tools. I owned an '06 883R and I jetted it properly. The Beast runs fine otherwise. I have a 46 pilot and will try a 48 pilot next as soon as Tattoo can get one. Possible explanations: a. Thanks. Certain minimum air velocities must be maintained through the carb to achieve optimized air To test the main jet, do a roll-on from 50-mph to 70-mph in 3rd gear. Motorcycle Jet Kits & Carburetion Basics. S&S e carb by the way completely set for primary tuning. I'll be doing a full S&S cam upgrade this coming year, and it's great to know I'll be able to set up the carb to match without any hassles! Brothers, you won't go wrong! Most engines have one or two of these valves one for each exhaust manifold. now it does it with the engine cold, wont idle for more than a minute, cant ride it it falls on its face and stalls! fouls out front plug too. Troubleshooting the Harley CV carburetor. Many modern vehicles have eliminated carburetors in favor of direct fuel injection controlled by a computer. i have 95 a fxdwg and its backfireing when i start it and it is also coughing through the carb while going down the road. Be sure not load up the carb with several quick snaps. Its got Rinehart pipes. If the engine backfires or breaks up in the carb, increase the main jet size . . In order to truly tune my carb, I want a better understanding of the symptoms of lean vs the symptoms of rich. But it's not all good news. Please visit our support forum for post-purchase support of our products. I have jetted it up one and down one the two jets. I bought it like it is and not sure if the Harley dealer tuned the carb when they installed the pipes. While I can turn it over runs rough and constantly backfires through carb. Then I found a 1. Maybe a bad carb to intake gasket. A starting point is when 1 or 2 threads of the tip of the pump screw is showing through carb boss. Today my 2003 Sportster 1200 was riding strange. Learn about Harley carburetor troubleshooting when faced with issues like feeling a stumble at speed by Fix My Hog. Everytime I get it started it pops really bad out of the carb and I can see flames through the throttle plate and its idleing kind of high when it does idle. This easy method is a excellent Harley tech tip that applies to all Harley designs from 1989 to 2006 that use the CV (frequent velocity) fashion carburetor. I'd change the secondary spring to one thats more heavy. Harley Davidson Forums > Tags > Threads Tagged with coughing. 6) Caused by installer allowing engine to spit-back up through carb. They'll just change it on you and ding you retroactively. If you have a double-pumper carb, the secondary accelerator pump nozzle must supply fuel for a sufficient time, so that the secondary main nozzles can begin to deliver fuel to the engine, after the secondary throttle plates are open. Anytime you rejet or change exhaust or air cleaner intake it is suggested to adjust the mixture. I put a new bendix carb on it with adjustable idle valve and fixed main. They will be less expensive than ordering through your Kawasaki dealer and, in most cases they will be 'in stock'. I just asked this on r//sportster. If idle isn’t smooth and steady, look for a vacuum leak in the intake manifold/cylinder head seal area. If not already done, could perform compression test and check valve clearance. If the throttle response and acceleration is not crisp and clean, then the pump size may be too large. After a short ride, we stopped for her to get gas. Tuning your Harley Davidson carburetor is simpler than most feel and can be carried out with a handful of common tools. Well, I don't know anything about the Super B carb, but backfiring thru the carb while trying to start it usually means I have to retard the spark a little more because it is firing before the intake valve is fully closed. Courtesy Harley-Davidson. 2) PILOT AIR JET--- controls the maximum amount of fuel I suspected the enrichment circuit as well, so I pulled the carb assembly from the bike. coughing through the carb . to have a qualified Harley tech scan the codes with the factory tool. Details vary but tuning principles are the same for all these devices. _____ Harley Davidson carburetor tuning including simple instructions for getting the If you experience any coughing through the carburetor, adjust the mixture out  May 15, 2015 I gave my 05 883 sportster the full treatment of CVP carb parts after buying hard time getting rid of a cough thru the carb and the bike staying running for . What Causes Backfiring on Acceleration? Backfiring during acceleration occurs when ignition takes place in the intake or exhaust instead of the combustion chamber. 2002 Kawasaki Prairie 650 - Carb Help Mechanic told me that was normal for Kawasaki to spit back through carb at certain RPM. Haven't had a . I also put a Mikuni HSR 42 on my Harley, it works well too, but a lot more money. If air is allowed in both directions the valve is bad and should be replaced. Also a one-into-two rear head pipe design on a stock Harley dresser allows fresh air to be drawn up through the left hand muffler. 2003 Harley Sportster XL 1200 backfires through carburetor 2003 Harley Sportster Backfires through the carb when I let it idle down and give it gas quick. How to improve, understand and troubleshoot motorcycle carburetion. Tuning your Harley Davidson carburetor is simpler than most think and can be performed with a few common tools. This is the main reason why modified Harley engines tend to backfire through the carburetor more frequently than stock engines. Reassemble bowl on carb and re-adjust pump screw. Carb has been cleaned. I have a question about my carb. " In doing so, those that ride with us will achieve their dreams. Intake manifold air leak: A common and continuing problem with Harley engines is air leaks around the junction of the manifold and the cylinder heads. Idle adjustment should not be a problem on your Harley’s carb. I don't know if you were referring to my post or not - I said they run way nicer than the carb'd models because you don't have to deal with an enrichener or a coughing engine during the warm-up period. Ernie's Sportster page with throttle response and higher performance from the CV carb through jetting. getting a puff of air back through my #3 carbWhy does this happen? Possibly an issue with #3 intake valve seating. . 80 at Barnett Harley. The Harley Davidson names and I found some instructions online that made sense to me. Terms often used are: Stuttering Hesitating Running Rough etc etc. Ironhead Sportster Motorcycle Talk (1957-1985) I have 2001 Harley Davidson what causes it to cough or pop through carb when taking off? My husband is a huge Harley fan and does most of his own maintenance SOURCE: 2002 Harley Ultra Classic backfires Sounds like the previous owner didn't get the cpu remapped, Take it to a Harley dealer and have him check the exhaust mapping on the cpu, Shouldn't cost much or if you want get them to fully service it so that way you will know were your at with it and will have a reference point to start with or service and maintenance reasons (and re-sale value In order to be able to post messages on the Harley Davidson Forums: Harley Davidson Motorcycle Forum forums, you must first register. Re: Electra Glide Backfiring it's alot harder to fix that on a carb motor than efi, had a similar problem on my 03 road king efi, installed a power commander and after a little playing around and trying different downloads runs awesome,crisp throttle response and no popping even high rpm closed throttle This is known as fresh air inversion, and is common with very short exhaust pipes, large diameter straight pipes and/or no baffles. Power rolls right on, throttle response is super crisp, and my mileage improved as well, I'm getting 36 to 40 mpg now. International I have an 1982 Harley Sturgis and it has started coughing back what would cause this? She told me that the my coughing was rough and hard so it damaged my capillaries and if you dont have any The shop I worked has called these "carb farts". I did notice an oily film on the bottom of the mouth of the carb & into the air filter backing plate . 1999 Harley The Cause and Effect of the POWER X-WING In order to understand the benefits of the Power X-Wing, you need to be aware of the importance of air velocity and how it relates to your engine’s power. It only coughs an decel. I converted it from EFI, otherwise I'd have just installed a kit in the stock carb like the Buell. I have checked for vacuum leaks and found nothing. I'd pull the bowls make sure it's all clean inside. is it engine temp sensor, bad coil, throttle position sensor, or worse! Keith Black . Since 2004 S&S shorty carbs have been fitted with an adjustable main jet air bleed (#13). Older vehicles with carburetors require maintenance and cleaning to keep fuel and air flowing correctly. Oil in carb [ 0 Answers ] I have a riding mower with a 15. First inclination is to turn the mix screw out at 1/4 turn increments till it stops. Normal or not? It has Screaming Eagle II pipes, K&N filter. I opened it up to 85 - no more coughing and sneezing thru the carb, so I think that must be about right. Runs clean everywhere else, no lag or stutter. Carburetor Troubleshooting Guide. Use a new intake to carb gasket. Design Info. at completely getting rid of carb coughing, I finally If you need replacement parts you'd be well advised to get them from your local Harley Davidson outlet. If I put a brand new set of plugs in it and run it 10 miles (medium to low speed, just puttin') the plugs are black! I put a 70 pilot jet in it but that seems to be way too lean (coughing and sneezing thru the carb). Take your newly tuned bike for a ride and note how it idles and responds off idle. Virtually all stock Evolution engines, Big Twin  Mar 15, 2018 In fact, if your engine runs fine other than coughing through the air cleaner/carb when idling or when accelerating from a stop, your problem  Does your stock Harley cough and spit through the carb, especially when you pull away from a traffic light? Do you have to wait forever for it to warm up? Oct 11, 2013 Hi, James if your carburetor or exhaust is: COUGHING is usually HELP coughing or backfiring through the carb and intake Harley Davidson. Next time you stopped back to back to the coughing and sneezing through the carb. Bracket fits 1991-2006 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 and 1200 models. One of the problems I've had with the Road Star is a coughing or backfiring out the carburetor through the breather. Take your newly tuned bike for a ride and note how it idles and responds off idle. Problem CONDITION POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTION 5) Ford& Holley Only . ENGINE RUN-ON, DIESELING -- RO-101 DIESELING, that nasty tendency of an engine to continue to run on, coughing and sputtering, after the ignition is turned off and there is no more spark. Based on history, Harley riders love that approach. First, dial in the low speed needle, then the high speed. Before addressing this, I need to set the stage about fuel mileage. As the hot air enters, it melts any ice that's formed. I have a 1973 Harley FLH. It is also commonly caused by the accelerator pump inthe carb not squirting enough fuel before the main jets start working. A No-Budget Fix For CV Carbs Written by Stick Fentzlaff Taken from American Iron Magazine #100 . I assume that its' been re-jetted. Induction System Basics - Hot Bike Tech. i am wondering if this could be coming from the cam position sensor plate? the cylinders have recently been done and new pistons installed along with new valves ect. 7) Carter Only . After about 8 miles of driving, when the engine are carb are hot, the engine starts to miss intermittently. 11- NOTE: Drag or straight pipes can prevent you from obtaining optimum carburetor performance. The carburetor regulates the flow of fuel and air to an engine. I am having trouble with my sportster it used to cough through the carb around 2000 rpms. For those of you who haven't noticed or are stuck back in the 80's, a large number of the bikes coming from Milwaukee have fuel injection installed. If you experience any coughing through the carburetor, adjust the mixture out another 1/8 of a turn. it seems like a timing issue to me, however i am not a Harley Davidson started equipping models with the CV carburetor in 1989 and has utilized the same carb ever since. I'm thinking of trying it because some of the boys on the shovelhead forum recommend it with the CV carb. Popping noises from a carburetor indicate a form of backfire. 20 hp briggs and stratton engine won't start backfires [ 2 Answers ]. If I remember, this coughing is an indication of carb running LEAN (slight gold color on pipes, but not blue). Also when decel and coasting the pipes pop and rumble. 5 HP OHV B & S engine that is about 10 years old. 40 / piece Free Shipping. Here, specifically, is how to tune the carburetor Harley-Davidson has used since 1989. The above Harley CV carb Tuning and Troubleshooting tips are meant as a guide only to assist with some common issues. The backfires are mainly caused (in a normally functioning 4 stroke engine) by leftover fuel that was not burned (combust) inside the cylinder and goes out through the exhaust valve. And worse, many claims of lean conditions and rich conditions are contradictory. Total Motorcycle Forums. 004". Take a can of carburetor cleaner with the red nozzle-tube on there and My 06 sportster started coughing after I did the stage 1 upgrade so I  My 57 has a Keihin butterfly style (not CV) carb. But there may be other things going on too - have you checked for the evil manifold leak??? I only taking a guess here. The valves are adjusted too tight. It has a 100 pilot . When in doubt consult your factory service manual and/or a professional motorcycle technician. Idles nicely except once in a while it will cough and almost stall before returning back to idle. 'SU Carb (very) Fine Tuning' have 8 comments September 14, 2012 @ 5:40 am Mike Simon Sound advice and an excellent example of how state-of-the-art equipment can be used to precisely diial in the diagnosis of a common problem. All his jets are on back order. Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Using about a 1/16" drill bit, carefully drill a hole through the small plug (CV Carburetor Cutaway item #9). Didn't CARB also order all those license plates taken back from the people who went through the trouble to make dirt bikes street legal? Don't bother trying to comply with the law. Order (1) water in gas or out of time change the spark plug and check the carb bowl for water if there is then drain the tank and clean the carb Additional comment: Often when you have a motorcycle or ATV Harley Davidson CV Carburetor Upgrade Harley Davidson started equipping models with the CV carburetor in 1989 and has utilized the same carb ever since. The noise is the overpressure within the crankcase blowing out into the crankcase breather tube that flows directly into your air filter. The mighty Harley is slowly loosing its carburetor. I have a 1999 wide glide twin cam 88. my dads got an 2002 ultra classic. Hesitation Repeat the same procedure covering the mixture hole and using the air on the pilot jet hole. Alconstar Carburetor Vegaser 40mm CV40 Carburador Carb Fit For Keihin Harley-davidson Dana Electra Glide FatBoy 40mm US $85. As for the front jets I'd start with 65-67 jets. Log In When you turn carb heat on, hot air is taken from around the exhaust shroud, and routed into the carburetor. On the TK carbs, though, each carb has an actuator, but it appears that there is one primary enrichment circuit control on carb 3. It is approximately 1 " X 1/2" and it supplies main power from your battery positive through the contacts to you bike. But it sounds like a vacuum leak. Cleaned jets and no tear in the boot any suggestions?? Many people keep the stock Harley cable. When the engine in cold, it idles fine and runs fine. Pump blown out. It generally starts easily but will not reach full power nor run for more than 60 seconds. There’s a century’s worth of Harley products and tradition and it would be fair to say Harley isn’t much of a follower. One of the cures is to decrease amount of fuel injected by the accelerator pump when first opening the throttle. Swap and trades? Harley Davidson Forums Coughing through carb when key turned to Fuel flows through the main supply, main fuel jet, nozzle well, intermediate adjustment channel (where it mixes with air from the idle air-bleed) idle fuel supply channel, to the bypass chamber, where it mixes with air from the secondary idle discharge ports, and on out into the carb mixing passage through the primary idle discharge port. There can be several reasons for this. Does your stock Harley cough and spit through the carb, especially when you pull away from a traffic light? This is the main reason why modified Harley engines tend to backfire through the carburetor more frequently than stock engines. An old mechanic’s trick to check for such a leak is to use a spray can of carb cleaner and a straw. Harley CV Carburetor reference diagram Harley CV Carburetor Mixture Tuning Notice: All instructions and the EZ-Just are intended for a Harley CV carburetor only. Harley-Davidson Fuel Injection basics It is a sad day in Hogville. Adjust idle mixture as shown above, problem #1-fix #3 4. Manufacturers like Mikuni, Keihin and S & S sell original equipment and aftermarket carburetors for numerous motorcycles. Let bike settle to nice idle then snap and see what the response is, bike should respond quick and cleanly. Then reinstall it being careful not to over tighten it. If it is an intake valve, it will backfire through the intake. 3. I even changed for a different carb seems to be getting worse though. Popping through the Carburetor Coughing/backfiring through the carb is usually a lean condition (if it's not module related). got stuck in road construction, gettin hot so he yurned around, started spittin, sputterin, and backfirin all the way home. This simple procedure is a great Harley tech tip that applies to all Harley models from 1989 to 2006 that use the CV (constant velocity) style carburetor. Look in the lower right-hand portion of the image, this is the area of the accelerator pump. The most common causes for backfiring during acceleration include an incorrect fuel-to-air ratio, a faulty ignition and bad wiring. I tried turning the screw in a 1/4 turn and coughing got worse . Power valve blown. At low speed, in first and second gear, going slow I get a hesitation and popping back through the carb and it seems as it’s gotten colder it happens at around 55mph also. Please advise me on what the real symptoms of lean vs rich system is. My wife’s 2005 FLHTCUSE2 began to develop problems a few weeks ago. The intake side also needs scrutiny; even if there have been no modifications. From 1989-later, the carburetor installed on Sportsters was made by Keihin. As carb heat melts the ice and sends it through your engine, your motor with cough, wheeze and shake until the ice is gone. I put a #45 pilot and #170 Main with no luck. Buy BKrider Carb Rebuild Kit for Harley-Davidson with Keihin CV: Carburetors - Amazon. My 57 has a Keihin butterfly style (not CV) carb. In fact, if your engine runs fine other than coughing through the air cleaner/carb when idling or when accelerating from a stop, your problem may just be an idle mixture jet adjustment. On the way home her Harley started to misfire and run poorly. Have a 10 year old 20 hp I c twin started last year but doesn't start this year. I dont remember my last bike with Vance and Hines pipes popping and rumbling like this. Log into Facebook. If gap's okay but compression low, then maybe a leakdown test to confirm #3 intake valve is seating okay. Run-on by dieseling is caused by fuel in engine igniting without spark. A CV carburetor (Constant Velocity) incorporates a vacuum operated slide that varies the venturi size within the carburetor, thus maintaining a constant velocity. used the constant velocity (CV) carburetor in the 1988 engine spitting back through the carburetor, or hesitating upon acceleration. Hannans machine shop in hayward did the work. moto tuning equipment Tuning your Harley Davidson carburetor is simpler than most think and can be performed with a few common tools. CROSS THEM OVER TO HARLEY MIKUNI HS40 Carb Tune IDLE CIRCUIT (PILOT SYSTEM) The idle circuit supplies fuel at idle speeds and has a major influence on fuel flow up to 1/4 throttle. 040 pistons, Manley valves blah whole nine. Turn the carburetor over and locate the plug toward the rear of the carburetor, in back of the float bowl. Everything mechanically appears to be functioning correctly, but I don’t know how to check or make adjustments the circuit. When this occurs, turn the high speed out 5 clicks. It's only going to get worse. It has a 40mm maximum venturi, but the design of the constant-velocity carb utilizes a vacuum-operated slide to vary the venturi opening to help maintain a good air velocity throughout the carbs operating range. I was trying to build off the strength of knowledge of those with the carb's by asking questions about the EFI and how they differed from what they ride in hopes I would become a little more knowledgeable on both bikes. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. If the plug does not fall out while drilling Typically, motorcycle carburetors are shaken out of tune by vibration. This usually goes away once the engine warms-up. Login with Google Login with Facebook. If the engine is flat or will not accelerate, decrease the main jet by . Then using the carbs pump rod, pump fuel through nozzle by hand until a good stream is obtained. I lost sight of her so I pulled over. harley coughing through carb

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