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Offers low starting resistance at low temperatures, Berulub KR EP 2 has excellent consistency temperature behaviour and provides long life lubrication by reducing friction and wear of the contacting surface. Additional Information Castrol High Temperature grease is an EP grease and is generally not recommended for electric motor bearings. High temperature, premium quality, pure mineral oil and PTFE fortified grease. PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION NLGI GRADE MIN TEMP MAX TEMP TYPICAL APPLICATIONS SG-350 SYNTHETIC H. Formula Family Double D Antiwear extreme high-temperature H1 food-grade lubricants. Browse our latest Greases offers. Targeted for use in the very high-temperature range, these ultra-high-temperature-grade oils and greases offer low evaporation and remarkably stable lubrication performance at temperatures above the range of normal PFPE-based oils or conventional hydrocarbon-based lubricants - Krytox™ XHT synthetic lubricants. For strong bearing and bushing protection and optimal performance, you need grease capable of lasting longer in extreme conditions. Excellent viscosity stability and ideal for applications where drips are not tolerated such as over textiles. . Its unique combination of properties allows this one grease to meet nearly all of the total requirements of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. recommended for cold climate operation, high temperature applications, extended temperature range (all season) operation and/or extended lubricant change intervals. This synthetic grease is formulated to provide the optimum balance between the need for environmentally friendly grease and the requirement for high-performance lubrication. High-temperature food grade lubricant. Silicone Grease 3005 is characterized by its wide service temperature range, high dielectric strength, excellent lubricity, inertness to virtually all rubber and plastic surfaces, and effectiveness in insulating against corrosion and moisture. (SKU) Grease is a semisolid lubricant. DAYLube™ utilizes nano ceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic "bearings," providing continuous lubrication to steel surfaces. Medium High Temperature Silicone Grease 3451 Chemical Resistant Grease. And whether high grade grease is sae, acea, or jaso. Cromwell is UK's leading tools and MRO supplier, featuring the widest range of products from all leading brands. ) Grease is a NLGI Grade 2 grease for use in those applications that require a higher concentration of Syncolon® (PTFE) and a temperature range from -30°F to 475°F (-34°C to 246°C). Grease 6cc, Lot of 12 at the best online prices at eBay! Food Grade Products Cost saving with NSF ® certified products. A high film strength prevents gear scuffing and wear. This grease will prevent valves and o-rings from sticking in both high temperature and low temperature (freezing) conditions. Particularly suitable for nimonic and stainless steel fasteners in the aerospace, power generation and automotive industries. Formally called Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease 976V, the name has changed, but not the formulation. 14 oz. 1) The following product list should help you to select the correct operating fluid for your vehicle/major assembly from the variety of products in the market. You can also choose from automotive lubricant. work in the best possible way, we see benefits in using our high- performance greases. Ultra-High Temperature Greases Allow Use At Ultra-High   Omega 33 – Extreme Heat and Chemical Resistant Grease. 5. This no. MaxxLife HT™ 220 is the little brother to the heavy duty MaxxLife HT™ 600 (see MaxxLife HT 600 data sheet). 2. CRC Food Grade Multipurpose Grease is a tenacious, NLGI 2 white grease providing superior lubrication and durability in food production and processing applications. INOX-mx6 grease is recommended for all bearings and general lubrication and where processing temperatures go well below zero, especially in the refrigerated and frozen foods and beverage industries. Care and Handling Chain Guard ® - Lubricants for Industry. It excels in applications where resistance to water, broad operating temperatures, and high loads are absolutely necessary. 5 NLGI Grade, Non-Soap, Synthetic, 14 oz Container Size, Cartridge Home Lubricants & Chemicals Lubricants Grease & Heat Sink Compounds Bearing Grease LPS High Temperature Bearing Grease: 2 NLGI Grade, Lithium, Mineral Oil, 14. 2 high-performance, multi-purpose, extreme-pressure, lithium-complex grease meets NLGI’s (National Lubricating Grease Institute) GC-LB requirements. NLGI grade 2 Molykote™ G-9000 High Temperature Grease. The thicker you make a grease, the better it may adhere to metal surfaces in hot weather or high temperature applications. Chain Guard ® Food Grade Graphite 220 (CG-FSG-220-H1) is a food grade, high temperature, ester based, fully synthetic chain oil fortified with anti-wear additives and oxidant inhibitors that optimize the performance and stability of the lubricant. Easy online ordering and next-day delivery available with 24/7 expert product support. It'll give you a much ample understanding back to you of the pluses and minuses Business listings of High Temperature Grease manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu along with their contact details & address. WD-40 SPECIALIST heavy-duty high temperature grease was engineered to meet the demands of protecting high-speed bearings in applications involving high temperatures and heavy mechanical loads. This premier and trusted vertical directory contains manufacturers, distributors and service companies giving access to all their information available on the internet. This oil is designed for compressors and other equipment in a high-temperature environment up to 400°F. Because this grease has very high dropping point, it is particularly useful in high temperature applications. ST KOOL 580 is formulated with superior organo-clay and special additives, which allow the grease to stable at elevated temperature. Grease Viscosity and NLGI Number Grades The ability of any particular grease to be handled by grease pumps, grease dispensers, and other components in a automated greasing system depends on the grease viscosity (thickness). The high temperature, high pressure grease from WD-40 is a lithium based grease built to perform in tough conditions. A high purity, NLGI Grade 1. A food grade, premium quality, chemically inert, high temperature silicone grease for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean industries. The grease is composed of silicone oil, carbon black and a corrosion inhibitor. Will not corrode or damage steel, copper bearing alloys or conventional seal materials. The proper viscosity grade of synthetic lubricant is given in Table 3. Food-grade lubricant base oil are generally low sulfur petrochemical, less  A lithium-based grease built to perform in high temperatures and high-friction mechanical loads. Provides superior protection against extreme loads, contaminants, heat and high speed wear. Extreme heat resistant moly based grease. Representing some of the most advanced lubricant technology, it is a blend of pure synthetic base oils, additives and shear stable thickeners to provide maximum equipment protection in extremely high and low temperatures (operating range -75°F to over 500 DuPont 4016057 Molykote 44 Med Grease Medium High Temperature Grease - Extreme High Temperature, Lithium, Phenylmethyl Silicone Oil Composition, 2 NLGI Grade, 400 g, Cartridge, White Color Best quality High Temperature Grease, High grade High Temperature Grease, leading manufacturers of High Temperature Grease, leading suppliers of High Temperature Grease, leading exporters of High Temperature Grease. to contribute toward improved safety in applications plant-wide. This family of products was designed for slow speeds, high temperatures and high rpms. Bright white in color. We have been supplying our products across the world and to all industries since 1988. Can also be used for general purpose lubrication and as a replacement for several conventional greases, resulting in smaller inventory and less chance of misapplication. , NLGI Grade: 1. It is an aluminum complex thickened grease made with an ISO 460 viscosity synthetic base fluid, a combination that provides superior high-temperature functionality, low-temperature pumpability and excellent performance in the presence of water Almaplex 1299 & 1298 (NLGI grades 2 & 1, respectively) provide 73 percent higher extreme pressure Krytox 240 AC is a Fluorotelomer grease with a Fluorinated oil base that is smooth and creamy in texture and white in color. The selection must include consideration of oil type and viscosity, oil viscosity index, thickener type, stability of the composition formed by the oil and the thickener), additive Food Grade Synthetic High Temp Grease Tribology/Tech-Lube 752436100044 Clear Gold FG-HD-cart NSF H1 Synthetic High Temperature Food Grade Grease, 1 Cartridge High-temperature grease claims can vary widely, which makes it challenging for customers to choose the right product for their particular application. By ensuring longer lubrication intervals and fewer bearing failures, Almasol High Temperature Lubricant helps contribute to increased production and a healthier bottom line. Not recommended for moderate to high speed bearings. 1 High temperature antifriction bearing grease (NLGI grade 2, Specification 265. There are many criteria to consider when selecting a high-temperature grease for hot, grease-lubricated equipment. This grease is ideal for use where temperature, water washout and contamination, extreme loads or a combination of these factors are present. OPTI-LUBE 220 is a High-Temp Performance Synthetic Oven Chain Lubricant designed for conveyor roller ball bearing chains, pin/roller chains, tortilla chains, slides and gears that operate in very high temperature oven environments. Batch after batch, Schaeffer’s H-1 lubricants protect costly components from wear for longer equipment life and more uptime. 1 oz Container Size, Cartridge, Brown Long-Lasting, Nonmelting Food Grade Grease Provides Constant Protection for High-Temp Bearing Applications. Provides superior protection against contaminants, heat and high speeds up to 400,000 DN. Cartridge. 5 oz. An excellent high-temperature lubricant for use on oven chains at temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). ANTI-SEIZE 797 is a high temperature anti-seize paste containing nickel and graphite with controlled levels of chlorine and sulphur. Applications Suitable for rolling-element bearings in oven fans, driers, conveyors, clutch release bearings, plastic components. High Temperature Food Grade Grease - Synthetic Esters By Tyler Housel, Inolex Chemical Company High viscosity synthetic esters have been used as basestocks in high temperature lubricants for many years, and are now available with the NSF HX1 designation for food processing applications. Working Temperature, 0 °F - 300°  HP Lithon M2 Plus High Temperature Grease is a grease which is recommended for use in NLGI9 Grade, NLGI 2. From 0°F to 275°F continuous, intermittent to 400°F. Drummond™ Persist High Temperature Bentonite Grease Cartridge - DN4380D Extreme-temperature grade bearing grease Molyslip ARVINA XT2 is a fully-synthetic, high-performance, lithium complex soap thickened grease designed for bearings operating in extreme temperature applications. We’ve specifically formulated this premium, hi-temperature, red grease to handle the demands of both disc and drum bearing applications. Almasol® High Temperature Lubricant is designed to withstand high CONDAT high-temperature greases are formulated to resist high temperatures superior to 130°C. Find A Grease Solution. NLGI #2: Heavy-duty Aluminum Complex Grease specifically formulated for construction and heavy industrial equipment. Ideal for Rotanium Blue Grease HT™ High Temperature, Multi-Purpose, Extreme Pressure Grease • Resists washout from water or steam • NLGI Grade 1-1/2 covers The greater the penetration the softer the grease and the lower the NLGI Grade number. Reach out to suppliers directly and ask for the lowest price, discount, and small shipping fees. It is especially suitable for applications at extremely high temperatures from 200  Find your high-temperature grease easily amongst the 211 products from the lubrication grease / for bearings / food-grade / long-life FLUOSTAR® LUBRILOG. Wholesale Supplier of High Temperature Grease - Calcium Greases, Castrol EPL2 Grease, Grease Liprex EP 0 (Balmerol) and Silicon Grease offered by Emm Kay Lubricants, New Delhi, Delhi. Meets NLGI 2 grade requirements for extreme pressure grease, ideal for tough applications where water resistance is critical. 5 (26W739)? Grainger's got your back. NLGI #000, Calcium Sulfonate grease. Ltd. High Temperature Grease, NLGI Grade 1, Base Oil Mineral, Container Size 14 oz. ASTM D 217. Keep in mind that base oils of a grease can also affect how well a grease Grease is a semisolid lubricant. As high temperatures occur the High Temperature Grease MoS2 Based will gradually soften in consistency without any drippage of the synthetic base fluids in order to carry and spread the molybdenum disulfide and graphite into the bearing clearances and onto the bearing surfaces. Dayton's DAYLube™ NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease is a leading edge, extremely high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of applications. Red N Tacky Grease is a more Multipurpose trailer wheel bearing grease while Lucas Marine Grade Grease is a premium more corrosion resistance grease that is ideal for marine environments. Their outstanding thermal and oxidative stability inhibits deposit formation and grease breakdown in high temperature applications. 2 is a grease with a lithium soap base covering a wide range of conditions, such as high temperature, oxidation, rust, shearing, good workability, good pumpability and extreme pressure. Premalube Xtreme FG™ Extreme Load & Pressure, High Temperature Food Grade Grease Extreme duty calcium sulfonate food grade grease specifically formulated for equipment requiring an NSF H1 grease. Krytox 240 AC is a non-channeling grease with and NLGI grade of 1. Able to resist melting up to 625° F, it’s also excellent in cold weather. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2 reduces friction and wear in high-speed, high-temperature components like wheel bearings and electric motors. Formulated to withstand high temperatures and extreme loads, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in the cement, mining and metals segments. World No. Looking for JET-LUBE Black High Temperature Grease, 14 oz. Krytox® GPL 226 High-Temperature Anticorrosion Grease Standard NLGI Grade #2 Penetration Estimated Useful Temperature Range –36 to 260°C (–33 to 500°F) Base Oil Viscosity, cSt, 20°C (68°F) 810 Base Oil Viscosity cSt, 40°C (104°F) 240 Base Oil Viscosity cSt, 100°C (212°F) 25 Oil Separation, % in 30 hr, at 99°C (210°F) 3% High Temperature, White Food-Grade Grease with PTFE. * High temperature, food grade grease. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and maintenance repair needs with over 1 million products in stock and ready to ship today! MaxxLife™ High Temp 220 Multi Purpose Grease (NLGI #2) This High Temperature EP grease is a state-of-the-art product, characterized by exceptional mechanical and oxidation stability. Learn More. HT Ultra Grease is an extreme temperature grease for rolling and plain bearings   PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION NLGI GRADE MIN TEMP MAX TEMP Molybdenum Disulphide SG-500 ULTRA HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE 2 760   Foodmax Grease CAS S HS. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. FOOD GRADE GRAPHITE 220 - H1 Extreme High Temperature Lubricant. ” Doshi says the basic type of proper grease for pellet mills is usually an NLGI 2 high-temperature grease with additives for wear protection. The expanded range of Food Grade Lubricants includes LGFP 2 General purpose grease, LGFD 2 High load grease, LGFS 00 General purpose grease, LGFT 2 High temperature grease, LGFC 1 Low temperature grease, LFFM 80 High moisture Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease. A wide variety of high grade grease options are available to you, such as greases, compressor oil. High Temperature Grease; General purpose Grease; Non Soap Greases. Super Lube High Temperature Extreme Pressure Grease with Syncolon (PTFE) is an NLGI #2 grease with an extremely high concentration of Syncolon (PTFE) and an operating temperature range from minus 30°F to minus 475°F. Our dedicated research, engineering and development team, will match the appropriate product to meet your STELLA High Temp 2 food grade grease is NSF H1 registered for incidental contact with food (the global food grade lubricant standard for food processing and packing equipment) and meets AQIS Lubricant Type A requirements. This premium lubricant is Manufacturer of Synthetic Greases - High Temperature Grease, Moly Grease, Silicone Grease and Food Grade Grease offered by Arrow Speciality Company, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Type, Bearing Grease. It is especially formulated to provide superior lubrication under a variety of demanding operating conditions, including severe temperature extremes, heavy loads and abnormal exposure to moisture. Shop a large range of high temperature lithium grease at MSC Industrial Supply. Silicone greases also maintain stability under high temperatures. Price $24. CRC Food Grade Extreme Duty Grease is a NLGI 2, tan, high performance lubricating grease that provides effective lubrication and protection of ball, roller, and plain bearings and sliding surfaces. • Premalube FG contains a total additive package that sets it apart from other greases. CRC EP Food Grease is a food grade lubricant for using on the food processing equipment where incidental food contact may occur. As temperature increases, grease  Ultra-High Temperature Greases. NSF/USDA Food Grade H2 Approved. It is FDA/USDA/ NSF H-1 approved for incidental food contact. Severe working conditions are no match for our versatile greases. Consistency is classified by penetration values which is how far a cone will fall into the grease during a fixed period of time at a specified temperature; the test is defined by ASTM D217. Most grease used today falls under the classification of NLGI 1, 2 and 3, with the most common being NLGI 2 grade. T. Mobil 1™ Synthetic Grease – just like the Mobil 1™ family of motor oils – protects hardworking parts from temperature extremes, rust and wear. For comparison, we purchased 17 high temperature, food grade (NSF-H1 certified) greases. The higher the number, the harder the grease. Features & Benefits. Provides superior lubrication and durability in any weather and most temperatures. Grease is a mixture consisting of a natural or synthetic oil base combined with thickeners and additives. Product Description: RPL-707 is a high temperature, high speed grease manufactured using a 100% synthetic base oil and thickened with a non-melt, inorganic thickener that will not bleed, carbonize or harden. P. Extreme high temperature grease for valves, moulds, kilns and oven conveyors. Find here High Temperature Grease, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with High Temperature Grease prices for buying. 5/2 grease and is packaged in standard  Greases for very high temperatures (VHT) or Ultra High Temperatures (UHT) can be used in service at continuous temperatures ≥200°C and can withstand  Lubrication for today's most demanding applications. It is recommended for use on cars, trucks, boats, trailers, ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, farm equipment and implements. Power Generation : Steam Turbine Governor Control: XHT-ACX +14°F to +572°F: 50°F to +572°F: 680 G-4500 White Food Grade NSF H-1 Grease, Long-term Synthetic . Provides superior protection against heavy loads, contaminants, heat, and high speed wear. Operating Temp. Discover our Formula Family for JBT Double equipment - Greases,  from 000 (very soft) to 6 (very hard). It also resists oxidation and vaporization. The NSF registered high pressure grease gives long-term lubrication and protects against corrosion in wet or saturated environments. Calcium Anhydrous Grease; Calcium Complex Grease; Lithium Base Greases. Food Grade Grease 2: Sasol is a leading supplier of Food Grade Grease 2, which is a high quality food grease formulated from non-toxic components. Superlube High Temp Extreme Pressure Grease . Listed manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters are offering best deals for high temperature grease. In stock at a low price and ready to ship same day from WebstaurantStore. It is formulated with ISO SYN® base stocks, a modern ashless, organic polyurea thickener coupled with high performance rust and oxidation inhibitors (the latter to provide superior rust protection in severe applications that many electric motors applications are exposed to Mixed soap greases were developed to improve the short comings of individual simple soap greases. DISCLAIMER: The information given here is considered to be correct & is offered for your consideration, investigation Multi-Purpose, Heavy Load, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature Grease in an Aluminum Complex Base with Moly and Graphite. Item # QTY Food Grade High Temperature Oil is a high performance lubricant recommended for use in many types of applications involving food and pharmaceuticals. A Moly premium quality synthetic high temperature grease, blended from pure synthetic base oils and thickeners to provide extended service life over a wide operating temperature range for excellent lubrication and extreme temperature to 500 deg. Another thickener type that is becoming more popular is polyurea. Proper lubrication is essential for adequate bearing life! APPLICATIONNLGI Grade, General Purpose3, High Temperature3, High Temperature2, Cold  13 results Searching for High Temperature Grease Greases? Grainger's got your Multipurpose Greases, NLGI Grade: 1, Lithium Complex Grease Thickener. MORESCO-HILUBE, our high temperature lubricating oil, is used in harsh environments as the base oil of greases used with bearings subject to the high temperatures of automotive electrical components and as the lubricating oil used with bearings of machinery such as OA machinery, with bread ovens, and with the drive section of drying furnaces. Useful temperature range -68°C to 177°C (-90°F to 350°F). Shop Noble Chemical 14. Chain Guard ® Industrial Lubricants specializes in lubricating products designed specifically for the food processing industry; including, high temperature synthetic greases and lubricants. Bearings and gear boxes in high temperature applications. It is acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact (H1) for use in and around food-processing areas. This specification covers the requirements for one grade of grease for use at extremely low temperatures on aircraft and instruments. Tube - 300394 - 10 Tubes/Case WD-40® Specialist® Heavy-Duty High Temperature Grease is designed to provide outstanding lubrication under extreme temperature and heavy mechanical loads. Designed for the lubrication of all types of slower bearings and sliding surfaces. Exceptional Heat Reversion Properties White Non-staining Formulation Excellent High Temperature Slipstream makes a range of high temperature, H1 food grade greases for the food and pharmaceutical industries. NLGI Grade 2 - Silicone based grease with a base oil viscosity of 84 cSt at 40 C, lithium thickened, with no solid lubricants. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. Cookies also allow us and third parties to tailor the ads you see when you visit our site and other third party websites in the same online network, including social networks. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term. , Grease Thickener Lithium Complex, Grease Color Gray, Grease Container Tube, Lubricant Additives Zinc, Min. Insures longer equipment life and less downtime due to repairs. com. Wholesale Distributor of High Temperature Grease - Balmerol Grease, 1kg High Temperature Grease(Red), Food Grade Grease and Castrol Tribol GR 100 2 PD 18 kg offered by Talati Marketing Company, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. F. SKF LGHB 2 is a high viscosity, mineral oil based grease, using the latest complex calcium-sulphonate soap technology. Elba Maximum Moly CSC 2 also provides extremely high … Read more To demonstrate the benefits of synthetic esters as basestocks for high temperature grease, we prepared an NLGI grade 2 food grade grease from a high viscosity synthetic polyol ester (Lexolube FG-350 HX1). -5 Degrees F, Max. Long-Lasting, Nonmelting Grease Provides Constant Protection for High-Temperature Bearing Applications Bearings operating in or near heat-generating equipment are subject to temperatures that cause ordinary greases to melt and run, leaving critical bearing surfaces unprotected. In addition to being a food grade grease – NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact – it is also robust enough to withstand moisture, high temperatures, extreme pressures and other harsh conditions found at food manufacturing plants. Single Facers: 227 FG –22°F to +550°F +40°F to +550°F: 460: High temperature, long life high load carrying corrugator grease, H-1 food grade grease. Amalie Blue Hi-Temp Grease is a premium, multipurpose automotive/truck chassis and bearing lithium complex lubricant meeting the NLGI GC/LB performance target. High penetration greases, such as 00 and 0, are used in centralized lubrication systems in colder temperatures. Gear Oil EP 80W90 GL-4/GL-5; Transmission Fluid; Gear Oil EP 85W140 GL-5; Engine Oil – 5W30 API This high-temperature grease works great in ovens and has a dropping point (temp at which it becomes liquid) of 514 degrees Fahrenheit. high temperature food grade greases at Cromwell. Performance, High Temperature. The “grade” of a grease describes it consistency with a high grade being stiff and a low grade being soft. The most common mixed soap grease is lithium/calcium as the lithium will improve the high temperature resistance of the resulting grease while the calcium improves the water washout and cost. Applicable in a variety of automotive and industrial uses requiring extreme pressure protection, oxidation, inhibition, water resistance, and anti-rust properties, including - disc A common upper operating temperature limit for a simple lithium grease might be 250°F, while that for a lithium complex grease might be 350°F. Formulated to withstand intermittent temperatures up to 700°F. Apply with a grease gun, or brush on for local applications. As well as from base oil, additives, and anti-wear. 2, Wheel bearing grease for high temperatures developed for vehicles used in severe conditions. 5 multi-purpose white lithium grease. Buy Variety Of Food Grade Greases From Food Grade Greases Suppliers, Exporters, Producers Offered By Food Grade Greases, Food Grade Gear Grease, Silicone Grease Companies At Exporthub JET-LUBE AP-1 is formulated from bentone clay and is noted for its high temperature insensitivity, is nonmelting and does not thicken excessively at temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C). Type of Low Temperature torque @ -20ºC. Sulfonate is a high temperature grease with many excellent properties such as shear stability, corrosion . The synthetic fluids in the LubeCon Series HT Grease formulation were selected for their controlled low volatility, minimum residue after evaporation and high VI for additional film strength at elevated temperatures. Coastal Uniplex Hi-Temp Grease is a high temperature, NLGI Grade 2, lithium complex grease made with high viscosity base oils and additives that provide excellent rust preventive properties, oxidation resistance and extreme pressure (EP) properties. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Greases are formulated for high-speed/high temperature service. Excellent for use in bakery applications. This non-toxic food grade grease operates effectively at continuous temperatures between 500°F and 800°F (260- 425°C), with the ability to withstand intermittenttemperature spikes up to 1000°F (540°C). G-0010 Electric Motor Grease. RPL-NTG-2HT High Temperature Food Grade Grease SECTION 1 – PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Identification: RPL-NTG-2HT High Temperature Food Grade Grease Supplier Identification: Davley Darmex Lubricants 7370 Bramalea Rd. F. Notes: Additional NLGI Grades Available. 7 ° C to 232 ° C) · Tolerates extremely high and cold operating temperatures AMSOIL X-Treme Synthetic Food-Grade Grease is an ultra-premium aluminum-complex grease designed with non-toxic additives to help keep food and pharmaceuticals free from contamination. Food Grade Gear General Purpose Grease Hi Temp Grease Hi Temp Oil Schaeffer Hi Temp Grease With Copper also boasts excellent rust and oxidation characteristics, water resistance, mechanical stability and adhesive properties that prevent the grease from washing out, pounding out, splattering or being squeezed out even under the heaviest loads and vibrations. Synthetic Grease For Extreme High Temperatures. 500 T2 is compatible with plastic and elastomer materials. Food-grade applications for high temperatures The optimal operating conditions for this grease in terms of temperature, is from -30 to 205 0C, however short periods of elevated temperatures can be tolerated without severe damage to the product. This grease comes in cartridges that only work with our Controlled-Use Food-Grade Lever-Grip Grease Guns to make sure that the right grease is used in food-processing areas. INOX-mx6 grease has a temperature range of -30 °C to an extremely high temperature. Suitable for high speeds. Info FOVAC ® MTF FOOD GRADE EP BEARING GREASE is a high performance food grade lubricant that is odorless, tasteless and water resistant for food processing plants where contact with food is unavoidable. WD-40® SPECIALIST® HEAVY-DUTY HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE was engineered to meet the demands of protecting NLGI Grade. Elba Maximum Moly CSC 2 is a calcium sulfonate complex grease that offers superior high temperature lubrication coupled with outstanding mechanical stability for minimized grease run out. H1, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature, Clear Food-Grade Grease. SWEPCO High Heat Grease 104 is a premium quality multi-purpose high pressure gun grease with excellent thermal and chemical stability. Free Next Day Delivery. , Unit 38, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5S 1N6 High Temperature Grease: RPL-707. Features and Benefits: NSF H1 registered safe to use where incidental food contact may occur. Constant Temperatures To 1500°F / (815°C) Intermittent Temperatures To 1690°F / (921°C). This NSF H1 registered premium lubricant is designed for use on chains where excellent thermal stability and reduced deposits formation is required. Automotive Oils. The characteristic feature of greases is that they possess a high initial viscosity, which upon the application of shear, drops to give the effect of an oil-lubricated bearing of approximately the same viscosity as the base oil used in the grease. Super High Temperature Grease is manufactured to a NLGI 2 grade resulting in a grease of medium to soft consistency. DSF-5000® is an NLGI Grade 1. Description Foodmax  It is smooth, homogenous high temperature grease, brown in colour. Amber High Temperature Synthetic Grease Cartridge, SL3580 at Zoro. Material, Lithium Complex. WD-40 ® Specialist ® H-D High Temperature Grease - 14 oz. NLGI viscosity grade is a rating of a grease's consistency. Interflon provides a comprehensive packaging of high performing lubricants, greases and cleaners that are tested and certified by NSF - The Public Health and Safety Company" ®. NLGI Grade, 2. High performance grease, particularly adapted for prolonged uses, at high temperatures (230°C). BHP High-temperature Bearing Grease Characteristics · Higher dropping point and can meet the lubricating requirements up to 150ºC · With high quality anti-wear addtives, this product can satisfy ordinary level of extreme pressure Interflon Grease MP00 Semi-Fluid Smooth and Pumpable Lifetime Lubricating Grease Interflon Paste HT1200 High temperature, food grade assembly grease. It contains solid lubricants, epoxy additives and thickeners. Designed to handle the harsh environment of dirt, dust, mud, water, heavy loads, and heat. The fully synthetic PFPE/PTFE product is a superior high temperature grease with extended life lubricating characteristics. Petro-Canada PEERLESS Grease adalah grease dengan performance yang premium. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Syringe Super Lube® High Temperature E. Great prices & free shipping on orders over USD50! Chevron SRI Grease is a high temperature ball and roller bearing grease. These greases allow a lubricant film to be preserved and provide the apparent viscosity needed for correct operation of your equipment, especially if it is subject to heavy loads generating heat. The high temperature grease is great for dry application where your trailer is not meant to be immersed in water. Inc. Corrosion Protection—Resists oxidation and protects metal against rust. in Marshall, North Carolina. Compatible with polymeric type rubber seals as well as fluorocarbon materials such as Teflon and Viton. It's often used for demanding mining, construction, and automotive applications. Grease 14. 2 High Temperature/Extreme Pressure Grease DESCRIPTION MOLY HI-TEMP GREASE NO. It has mechanical stability, is water resistant, displays high stability on working, has excellent adhesion to metals, prevents wear and has superior storage life. Reapply at regular intervals. It is used on bushes, bearings and other machine parts. NLGI 0 is about the consistency of brown mustard. 5 (39F947)? Grainger's got your back. Shop Sprayon S00512014 at Applied. The difference between the High Temperature Grease, like part # L11465, and the Marine Grease, like part # L11402, has to do with what they are used for. High temperature applications. High performance grease with high speed index for high speed applications operating in low temperatures. High & low temp grease of viscosity of 100, 220 & 460 mm2/s for tunnel kiln cars & electric motors Food Grade Grease Food Grade Grease Suppliers and Distributors Based in Dubai, UAE . Multi-purpose lubricant with calcium sulfonate that withstands the heat and pressures of high performance equipment. Each grade corresponds with a range of values for the penetration depth. The spectrum ranges from long-life greases for mechanical engineering, biodegradable lubricating greases for environ- mentally-sensitive areas, to high and exceptionally high-temperature greases for use in extreme operating conditions. Based on a synergy effect of solid lubricants and a special base oil. This grease is specified for many high temperature applications and in applications where lubricants are required to meet MIL-G-27617C. A synthetic, ester-based high-temperature grease with molybdenum disulfide, designed specifically for extended lubrication cycles in heavily loaded applications. com, which includes; Food Grade High-Temperature Synthetic Grease, 13 oz. Before using, wipe grease fittings to remove contamination. FOVAC ® MTF has special additives for excellent performance at elevated temperatures environment, water splashing areas and cold rooms. A synthetic PAO-based grease with exceptional low-temperature properties. 1 oz Cartridge White at the best online prices at eBay! Find details of companies offering high temperature grease at best price. You need Schaeffer’s grease. E. Cat® Extreme Application Grease Desert For high load, high speed applications in high temperature environments NLGI Grade 2 Haynes Silicone Grease is specifically formulated with the highest quality silicone fluid and additives to meet the unique demands placed on all types of food processing equipment. White Cote 99X132B is a polymer structured, zinc-free, white food grade grease with outstanding load carrying ability and superior high temperature performance. This grease remains stable and in place under high pressure, heavy loads, and shock loads. This grease is effective in the temperature range from -73 degrees to 121 degrees C. Super Lube® High Temperature, Extreme Pressure Grease is an NLGI #2 grease with an extremely high concentration of Syncolon® (PTFE) and a temperature range from -30°F to +475°F. The commercial greases were all Heavy duty grease specifically formulated to solve food processing equipment problems • Provides superior protection against contaminants, heat and high speeds up to 400,000 DN. H1, Heavy-duty, non-melting Bentonite based grease specifically formulated for food-processing equipment. FG-1200 incorporates a high-quality synthetic hydrocarbon base oil which assures its thermal stability in the presence of extreme heat. R V Distributors Supplying ENI Products of grease for high rpm spindles, Gear Oils, Engine Oils, Food Grade Oils, Slideway Lubricants, Spindle Oil, Transmission Oil, Chain Oil, Grease, Metal Working Fluid in mumbai, India. Find out the basics of grease performance tests to determine the best grease for your lubrication needs. NLGI 1 is about the consistency of tomato paste. Carbusonic Graphite grease fully synthetic high temperature lubricating grease hammer, slide, shunt and wire rope waterproof grease 500 gm No Ordinary Grease. NLGI grade is indicated using numbers from 000 to 6. Types of grease and grease selection In high temperature applications, synthetic oil thins out less than comparable mineral oil, providing greater protection by MAG 1® High Temp/Wheel Bearing Grease is designed and formulated for bearings operating under conditions of extreme pressure and high temperature. Polyurea Grease; Lube Oils. Based on a unique silicone copolymer for use in high-temperature environments. Textile May 27, 2015 High-temperature grease and NPE-free oils Klüber Madol 190 FG is a food grade approved needle and sinker oil with excellent  Buy RS PRO High Temperature Grease 50 ml Tube . Multi-Purpose, High Temperature Grease NLGI # 2 Heavy duty grease specifically formulated to solve food processing equipment problems. The high pressure grease works to protect bearings in applications involving heat and heavy mechanical loads while providing excellent corrosion protection. The non-melting, inorganic bentonite clay thickener gives this grease excellent high temperature performance, and a wider operating temperature range than most soap based greases. OBERON G53HIGH TEMPERATURE NON-MELT GREASE DESCRIPTIONOberon G53 is a multi-purpose grease designed specially for applications in extremely high temperatures and severe conditions. These come in a range of NIGL grades for all types of applications from tablet presses to high load bearings and anything in between. It is NSF registered H1 for incidental food contact. Green Grease synthetic waterproof high temperature grease can be used for any application up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit ST KOOL 580 is non soap High Temperature Grease. Dropping point. High Temperature Grease is a high performance, multipurpose lithium complex grease developed using an optimised combination of high quality mineral oil, proprietary thickener technology and a specially selected additive system enabling reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures whilst exposed to a variety of operational loads, speeds and environmental conditions. Both Greases are superior high temperature greases with specific properties infused to make your trailer bearings perform at top operation. The advanced additive package, which includes colloidal molybdenum disulphide, protects against high steady loads and shock loads. Bearings operating in or near heat-generating equipment are subject to temperatures that cause ordinary greases to melt and run, leaving critical bearing surfaces unprotected. Synthetic quality grease without the high synthetic price Champion Poly 7(R) is a high temperature, lithium complex, all weather grease, meeting the requirements of NLGI GC-LB for automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication Silicone Grease 2012 is characterized by its wide service temperature range, high temperature stability, low temperature stability, high dielectric strength, excellent lubricity, inertness to virtually all rubber and plastic surfaces, and effectiveness in insulating against corrosion and moisture. Temperature Range -30°C to +140°C The above figures are typical of those obtained with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification. AND ANTIWEAR Performance Benefits: • Rust Preventative Grease Performance • Greatly Extended Life for Lubricated Parts Sprayon LU510 Series Food Grade Synthetic High Temperature Grease is a versatile, premium quality, synthetic grease fortified with P. It can resist high temperatures up to 625°F. A silicone grease fortified with PTFE, suitable for high temperature applications. High Load Bearing Grease-50 to 360 Synthetic/combinations of Molykote® BG 20 High Performance high load, temperature, Synthetic Grease high speed (to 600,000 Dn)2-40 to 302 Extreme high speeds/ long life/ Molykote® BG-555 low noise Low Noise Grease 32 to 320 Water washout resistance/ Molykote®1122 Chain and low speed Open Gear Grease Lubricants for Extra High-Temperature Applications: XHT- S, SX: Special high-temperature grease with low oil evaporation that provides long bearing life and is compatible with all elastomers and plastics. Iris also used in the oilfield for general lubrication of rig equipment, down-hole tools and instruments. Benefits Biggest Source Of Global Food Grade Greases Manufacturers. Mobil SHC Aware Grease EP 2 grease can be used in rudder stocks, ATB notch interfaces, cranes, and deck winches. High Temperature 4x4 Front Axle and Wheel Bearing Grease Required lubricant for 4X4 Ford Light Truck front axle spindle bearings, wheel bearings and U-joints Lithium complex, high-temperature grease High Temperature Grease is an effective solution for heavy-duty trucks, as well as farm and construction equipment, and it’s useful for everyday applications around the home. It is recommended for aircraft engines, conveyor systems, driers, oven fans, and textile slashers. protect parts under extreme loads and high speeds. An NLGI #2 lubricating grease formulated with the highest quality synthetic NSF H1 authorized raw materials available. It is ideal for use in manufacturing facilities where safety, thermal stability, performance and Extreme temperature, bentone-type, industrial grease. A-791/3, MIDC Khairne, Navi Mumbai 400701 Seltec FZC supplies Renolit high temperature grease in Dubai UAE. lubricant-grade Megalite Solid Lubricant (MSL) is suspended in a synthetic carrier base,  Synthetic grease for bearing points subject to extremely high temperatures and Operating temperature: -40°C → +200°C; NLGI grade: 1-2; DN factor (dm x n):  Brit Lube - Oils - Greases - Food Grade - Specialist Lubricants A premium quality high temperature, low residue grease, for dry film applications up to 600°c . Greases for high temperature | BECHEM's range of high performance, high temperature grease applications include greases developed from special Polyurea  19 Mar 2018 Omega 35 is the ultimate high temperature grease. A versatile lubricant for bearings and light-duty gears. ISO 200 has a natural adhesiveness, it resists centrifugation perfectly. Food-grade Any kind of Bel-Ray 27760 Molylube Non-Melt High Temperature Grease 3, Grade NLGI 3, Cartridge (Case of 12), You must to: Reading the consumer evaluations of Bel-Ray 27760 Molylube Non-Melt High Temperature Grease 3, Grade NLGI 3, Cartridge (Case of 12) before get. Looking for affordable high temperature grease price? 860 low price high temperature grease products from 286 trustworthy high temperature grease suppliers on Alibaba. It is formulated for high temperature applications including industrial ovens, boilers, stream turbine controls, power insulator balls, socket connections and electronic power disconnect switches. Can be use in temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Method High Temperature Color Deep Blue Texture Smooth, Tacky Thickner Type Lithium Complex NLGI Grade ASTM D 217 2 Dropping Point (degrees F) ASTM D 2265 600 KILN GREASE HT's base fluid is combined with an aluminum complex thickener which produces a grease with exceptional high temperature, water resistance and high load characteristics. WD-40® SPECIALIST® heavy-duty high temperature grease was engineered to meet the demands of protecting high-speed bearings in applications involving high temperatures and heavy mechanical loads. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or . 15. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and  Product names, Grade, Product descriptions No. Working with high temperatures, water or steam? No problem. • Excellent High-Temperature Oxidation Stability • High-Temperature Performance • Excellent Pumpability Characteristics • Water Washout and Chemical Resistance FOOD GRADE, HIGH-TEMP, CORROSION CONTROL GREASE WITH E. WD-40® Specialist® Heavy-Duty High Temperature Grease was engineered to WD-40® Specialist® Marine Grade Water Resistant Grease . Almasol® High Temperature Lubricant is designed to withstand high temperatures, staying in place to provide constant lubrication. These greases pass Emcor antirust test for zero rating and possess very high Weld Load  High temperature synthetic grease eliminates hardened carbon residue and increase bearing and shaft life. ANTI-WEAR (AW) LUBRICANTS — For moderately loaded gear drives or operating conditions challenging PLUSCO 871 High Temperature Graphite Grease is also recommended for high temperature bearings, cams, industrial machine parts, farm equipment, automotive engine parts, construction equipment, mining equipment and oil and chemical refineries. TY25744 : Applications · -45 ° F to 450 ° F (-42. NSF registration: H1 Resistance to high loads Excellent mechanical stability Home Lubricants & Chemicals Lubricants Grease & Heat Sink Compounds Multipurpose Grease Jet-Lube High Temperature Multipurpose Grease: 1. Operating temperature: 0 °C - 230 °C. A fully synthetic chain lubricant formulated from premium ester-based oils. Offers excellent resistance to water, steam, caustics, and other cleaning agents. You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. · GC-LB rating, grade 2 grease · “K” certified Kosher product · Dielectric grease ideal for sealing, protecting, and insulating electrical components and connectors . NDT14GR - Nano High Temp/High Pressure Extreme Grease - 14 oz. The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) sets standards for the hardness of industrial grease. It is suitable for electric motors and similar applications. The type I grease is identified by NATO code Number G-354. Keep grease container closed when not in use. 80. DSF-5000 ® is a “Technically Advanced” synthetic grease designed for use on equipment where constant operating temperatures can reach 1500° F / 815° C, and even higher intermittently. Useful temperature range -18°C to No-Tox® Food Grade Silicone Grease  Shop a large range of extreme pressure high temperature grease at MSC Industrial Supply. High Temperature Light Bearing Grease -- Molykote® 44: Lubricants for antifriction bearings and plastic and rubber parts Phenyl-methyl silicone grease for low to high temperatures USES Molykote® Bearing Greases are used to lubricate ball bearings operating under light We use cookies (and equivalent technologies) to collect and analyse information on our site's performance and to enable the site to function. It has exceptional mechanical and thermal stability for applications exposed to broad temperature ranges and hostile environments. 2, NO. Please note that items with pricing will be added to your cart & items without pricing will be added to your quotes. X-Treme Synthetic Food Grade Grease (NLGI #2, USDA H-1 High Temperature EP) AMSOIL X-Treme Synthetic Food-Grade Grease is an ultra-premium aluminum-complex grease designed with non-toxic additives to help keep food and pharmaceuticals free from contamination. Non carbonizing with excellent anti-wear properties will ensure extended Valvoline Multi-Vehicle High Temperature Grease is a premium-quality automotive grease engineered for maximum performance and protection in the most demanding service for disc brake wheel bearings, suspension systems, universal joints, steering linkages and chassis. This high-temperature food-grade grease kit can help make maintenance on your commercial bakery racks and equipment simpler. H1 Quinplex® High Temperature Lubricant is a clay-thickened grease designed to withstand high temperatures, staying in place to provide constant lubrication. MOSIL Lubricants Pvt. H1 Quinplex Food Machinery Lubricant is aluminum complex thickened grease suitable for a broad operating temperature range. High temperature, food grade bearing lubricant. Dow MOLYKOTE™ 44 Medium- High Temperature Bearing Grease Off-White is a thickened silicone oil that is used for lubricating plastics, rubber, and antifriction bearings. It contains molybdenum disulphide and an Moly Hi-Temp Non-Melt Grease is a premium high temperature, multi-purpose grease fortified with solid lubricant additives. Synthetic base fluids and the addition of PTFE micro powders combine to form a premium lubricant that provides protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion over a temperature range of -45°F to +450°F. NSF Registered/H1 approved Food Grade grease formulated for high and low temperature. temperature will go beyond 25 °C, the NLGI grade. The specially formulated products using NSF H-1 lubricant technology, are highly advanced and can outperform many of the standard industrial grade lubricants that are available in the market today. The selection must include consideration of  LGHP 2 is premium quality mineral oil based grease, using a modern Polyurea ( di–urea) SKF High Performance, High Temperature Bearing Grease LGHP 2. 25 Jul 2019 Doshi says the basic type of proper grease for pellet mills is usually an NLGI 2 high-temperature grease with additives for wear protection. Grease untuk multi-aplikasi ini diformulasikan untuk mengurangi biaya operasional dan memberikan perlindungan pada Temperature tinggi (high temperature) yang ekstrim atau kondisi operasi basah (wet operating condition). View Product  1 Sep 2009 Rolling bearings are a major component lubricated with grease—in fact, as food grade, high-temperature and other specialized applications. Our resilient food grade lubricants maintain performance, and won’t wash out, melt or lose consistency. LubriGrease Food Grade White Grease Cartridge. Contains PTFE excellent anti-wear properties; Safe on rubbers and plastics Ideal assembly aid for “O” rings Super Lube ® Grease is a patented synthetic, multi-purpose lubricant with Syncolon ® (PTFE). Find your high-temperature grease easily amongst the 211 products from the leading brands (SKF, Klüber, Dow Corning, ) on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases. There are 2,355 high grade grease suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Non melt greases formulated to extend lube cycles and reduce maintenance man hours. Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease is a stiff, nonmelting silicone lubricating material and has much higher stability at the higher end of the temperature range(-40° C to 200° C), than hydrocarbon greases such as Apiezon ® M, However, its initial room temperature pumpdown characteristics are not Technical Data FOODLUBE® Hi-Temp Grease 2 Food grade, high temperature, silicone grease, PTFE fortified Product Overview ROCOL® FOODLUBE Hi-Temp Grease 2 is a white, semi-translucent, non-toxic lubricant designed for the Molykote 44 LIGHT - 3. Like lithium complex, polyurea has good high-temperature performance as well as high oxidation stability and bleed resistance. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Super Lube 71150 High Temperature E. AEON® PD Bearing Grease High Temperature & Performance Application •EON PD Grease is a extreme pressure,A high temperature and performance grease providing optimum bearing performance and lubrication for use in positive displacement blowers & vacuum pumps •Engineered for the Gardner Denver Legend Series and CycloBlower truck blowers Usage High temperature, long life high load carrying corrugator grease, H-1 food grade grease. It contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear and water-resistant additives, offering excellent protection in challenging environments. It has excellent lubrication over a broad temperature range but is designed to work best at temperatures of 200–300 °C (400–572 °F). For applications requiring lubrication that remains effective over a wide range of operating temperatures, PEAK® High-Temperature Red Lithium Grease is the answer. Lithium Moly Grease; Lithium Complex Grease; Food Grade Greases. Price $33. SKF LGET 2 is a synthetic fluorinated oil based grease, using a PTFE thickener. Reduces oil consumption and is biodegradable. NSF H1 Registered NLGI #000, Calcium Sulfonate grease. TF8204 Multi-purpose food grade lubricant with PTFE Synthetic grease for high temperature applications. Waterproof Green Grease is a professional grade high performance synthetic polymer grease from Green Grease. “However,” he says, “it makes sense to choose a lubricant that matches the recommended lubricants in terms of viscosity, temperature range and additives, especially extreme pressure additives. Castrol LubeCon Series HT (High Temperature) Grease is a synthetic Available in NLGI grade 1. MOLY HI-TEMP GREASE No. Talon® 14oz High-Temperature Bearing Grease Fastenal Part No. DESCRIPTION Chesterton 629 High Temperature White Grease is a premium quality, water resistant grease that will not be removed Permatex® White Lithium Grease Category: Multipurpose Lubricants All-purpose white lubricant is designed to reduce friction between load bearing metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic applications. Most Super Lube ® Synthetic Greases are NSF registered Food Grade lubricants, rated H1 for incidental food contact and meets former USDA (H1) guidelines. CHEMSEARCH OFFERS A VARIETY OF PRODUCTS TO IMPROVE EQUIPMENT RELIABILITY AND REDUCE DOWNTIME HTG - 600 Grease. This industrial directory contains a broad range of Grease: High Temperature companies serving all industries. It has a low temperature fluidity and is a bitumen- and solvent-free formulation. Slipstream Lubricants - Experts in Food Grade Lubricants, Pharmaceutical Grade Lubricants, Industrial and Extreme Temperature Lubricants. bearing tests High performance, high temperature grease SKF LGHP 2 is a premium quality mineral oil based grease, using a modern Polyurea (di-urea) thickener. Plot No. These products provide improved anti-wear properties, are waterproof, do not wash away by acids or alkalis, and have a wide temperature range. Grease Tube . Order STA LUBE 14 oz. Besller Marketing is an exclusive sole distributor for the world leading company such as Chemours Krytox (fluorinated grease and fluids), Tribology Tech-Lube as well as Belray (Food grade lubricants and industrial lubricants). It is designed for effective lubrication and protection of ball, roller and plain bearings that operate under high loads and temperatures, and require a long grease life. Super Lube® High Temperature Extreme Pressure (E. 6 kg Pail-Dow Corning Molykote 44 Light - High Temperature Bearing Grease Off-White is a grade 1 thickened silicone oil that is used for lubricating plastics, rubber, and antifriction bearings. Available in NLGI grade 1 Looking for STA LUBE Amber Silica High Temperature Grease, 14 oz. NLGI #2: Clear, heavy-duty Aluminum Complex food-grade grease specifically formulated for food processing equipment. Container Type, Cartridge. It also: Hydraulic Oils & High-Temperature Grease in Marshall, North Carolina A wide range of lubricants, including hydraulic oils and high-temperature grease, are provided by Buckner Oil Co. Universal White Lithium Grease by Sta-Lube®. High Performance Greases Less bearing failures, longer lasting greases. NLGI #2, Bentone grease. 265. Learn more about the following: Dropping point vs. Food grade high performance grease with high resistance to high temperatures based on a PAO base oil. It is an excellent lubricant for bearings operating in freezers and chillers. High Temperature Grease . GREASE 2 -32 300 A special product , designed for specific high temperature applications. Berutemp 500 T2 is highly resistant to thermal and chemical decomposition. Multi-Purpose, Heavy Load, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature Grease in an Aluminum Complex Base with Moly and Graphite. 1 Lubricant Manufacturer Company. high temperature grease grade

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