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No matter the vehicle or driving condition, Pennzoil Gold™ with Dexos Synthetic Blend Motor Oil with Active Cleansing Agents™ can handle it. 51). I used Mobile 1 for a long time, but when my Subie started using oil I switched to Pennzoil Platinum at someone's recommendation. This product will be shipped to your physical address. RC 5w30 conventional often ends up under 8 cSt after 3,000 mi. com and was not impressed with PP. Even though Amsoil produced the lowest wear numbers I'm using ultra platinum since I find that is what my car runs best on, engine is quieter than with amsoil or Mobil and velvety smooth. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum FULL SYNTHETIC . Safe for all modern diesel emissions equipment. Red Line 5W30 Synthetic Oil is specially formulated by its manufacturers to serve the high expectations of critical race track drivers and average car owners. 1. Today’s tighter-tolerance engines require a motor oil that keeps them as close as possible to factory clean. What I am getting at with the re-setting of the oil change light is, if your oil was last changed at 5,000 miles and the change oil light was not on, and was not reset, your van thinks you are at 7,500 miles and is turning on the light thinking you are due Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5w30 meets many of the latest manufacturer specs for diesel engines. 5L twin-turbo engines. Getting ready for my first oil change. 2014. 5 Nissan engine is used a lot in testing motor oils. . It is listed as a 507. Looking for PENNZOIL Full Synthetic Engine Oil, 1 qt. A myth sometimes said about motor oils including Pennzoil is that they cause wax and sludge in a vehicle’s engine. Model(s) Year VIN Range Vehicle-Specific Equipment All . only 5w30. They offer excellent performance in extreme temperatures in addition to fuel economy. if you go from 5W30 to One of only two oils approved for Chrysler MS-11106, Pennzoil Platinum Euro L is specifically recommended in the service manual for the Dodge Ram 1500 and Jeep Gran Cherokee 3. And to make matters more confusing, there is a Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W-40, a new Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0W-40 SRT and a new Pennzoil Platinum 0W-40 Euro. 1 Seven out of 10 new vehicles now require synthetic motor oil, 2 and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ with PurePlus ® Technology is exceeding standards and breaking barriers in this growing demand for synthetic motor oil. Seven tests were run on the motor oils. Bottle, SAE Grade: 5W-30, Amber/Brown (33GR09)? Grainger's got your back. 7. pennzoil. I am not saying it is good because it sounds better or looks better I am saying that because Blackstone labs tell me it is. Three 5qts Pennzoil 0w20 Full Synthetic Platinum Motor Oil Sae 550046127. Claims to be 25% cleaner than Mobil 1, 35% cleaner than Valvoline SynPower, and 40% Cleaner than Castrol Edge with Syntec. I have never had any engine issues and I have lived in Louisiana and New Jersey. OEM Castrol 0w40 Full synthetic Bosch Filter Rotella T6 Full synthetic 5w40 (15w40 conventional) STP Filter Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic 5w30 (natural gas) WIX Filter Oil should be changed every 5000 Miles Minimum. 10. In other words, is it Mobil One, Pennzoil, Castrol etc. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. the specs are very outdated. Page 1 of 4 - Pennzoil Ultra 5w30 Euro - posted in Maintenance & Repairs: Last night i was just msning Terence and he was pretty excited talking about the new Pennzoil Ultra Euro that he will be bringing in, especially the PU 5w30ESP version. Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil, 5 L Currently, BMW recommends Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil and BMW Twinpower 5W30 Synthetic. Also MOPAR filter or Mobile1 Amsoil SS line exceeds API SN specs by Rated 5 out of 5 by Senior BD from Ultra Platinum is Excellent in all areas I recently decided to use Ultra Platinum by mixing 0W20 and 5W30 on my Toyota Venza 2. 50/quart. 00 spec ( as well as MB 229. Because the tighter the spaces between critical engine parts, the more crucial it is that the oil keeps those surfaces clean and protected. 3Compared to API SN specification and based on Sequence IVA and Sequence VIII engine tests carried   2 Apr 2009 Technical Data Sheet. And so car none of the Euro car makes have certified it. Oils formulated with PurePlus Technology consistently have lower viscosity at low temperatures (-13 degree Fahrenheit to - 40 degree Fahrenheit), so … I used mobile 1 5w30 full synthetic and then Pennzoil 5w30 platinum for 50,000 miles in my last truck and I have used Pennzoil 5w30 ultra platinum in my R/T for12,000 miles now. I'm curious as to who makes "Genuine Toyota Motor Oil". Given that it's This motor oil comparison is comparing amsoil synthetic SSO 0W30 to penzoil platinum, Castrol Syntec, Motorcraft Synthetic, Quaker State Full SYnthetic, Havoline, This motot oil comparison chart shows Amsoil SSO 0w30 motor oil outperforming, Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 motor oil, Catrol Sntec 0w30motor oil, Motorcraft Synthetic Blend 5w30 motor oil, Quaker State Full Synthetic 5w30 motor oil 1. com has 5-Quart Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-20 Full 2 Based on Sequence IVA wear test using SAE 5W-30 3 Temperature  our high performance additives to create Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ with 1 Based on ILSAC GF-5 and Sequence IIIG piston deposit test using SAE 5W-30. 5 oil specs for all other smarts. I won't use any VW specs oil in any TDI, be it VE, PD or Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pennzoil Platinum Euro-L Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil (1-Quart, Case of 6) at Amazon. I change it at 5k miles or just under. It's crafted to all the latest specifications, and works in most vehicles made in the last 50 years. ) An Advisory is intended to advise consumers to exercise caution when considering purchase of a specific oil to be certain that the oil is suitable for its intended use. Castrol Synthetic does. Pennzoil Ultra Motor Oils. I have 5. It is the first 0W oil that is specced for VW504/507. When it comes to choosing between 5w30 and 5w40, many people prefer the former. Pennzoil isn&#039;t even close to being Group IV. S. Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 17 number 13-35 dated January 9, 2013 for reasons listed below. Looking at Mobil 1 and I think penzoil- the natural gas stuff. Oil was shot, black as night and ran out of the hole thin as water. Model. That claim is entirely false. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W20 5L. Go for the one right behind ULTRA, Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic. Could I go longer? Yes per OLM but the oil and ac delco filter don't cost that much so I don't wait. The only oil that seems to be readily available that meets the specs are two Pennzoil Platinum oils, see the two exact Pennzoil oils listed below. Penzoil Platinum - What is the difference? I see some deals on this Penzoil Platinum stuff and wanted to know how it compares? I really don't want to start another discussion about oils (mobil, vs. Pennzoil Platinum is designed to provide the ultimate protection under the most severe driving style and conditions. engine oils need to be able to constantly respond to the ever-changing environments in your -castrol 03087 edge extended performance 5w-30 synthetic motor oil - 5 quartProperties: Power: The Muscle To Maintain Viscosity Stability Under The Extreme Top 10 Best Synthetic Oil Products You Can Buy The best synthetic oils offer more mileage, keep the engine cleaner, perform equally well in low and high temperatures, and protect your engine by Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5w30 1 Quart MB 229. For additional information not found on a PI sheet, please contact us at 1-800-Team-Val or 1-800-832-6825. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. 5w30 Euro . pennzoil ultra euro l 5w- 30 full synthetic. 5w30 pennzoil we have started getting a good supply of the pup up here in but only at 1 major retailer tire carries platinum as ultra review . Given the stock numbers any retail auto parts stores that carry the Pennzoil product line should be able to Other than Pennzoil Ultra (extra boron), all their other lines are not better than Mobil 1. 7, that has 146k. "Pennzoil Ultra Platinum", but does not come in 5w40. the Castrol Edge 5w30 had the highest TBN rating which was 11. Both of them Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil Created for severe driving conditions, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum outperforms conventional oils in terms of low temperature performance and volatility control, and it's ideal for stop-and-go driving, frequent short trips, heavy loads, unpaved roads, and dusty conditions. batch number, API specification and date the sample was made. I must say though that the AC Delco dealer stuff is also very good. SPECIFICATIONS &  Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 - image 1 of 2 Pennzoil Platinum Full . 27. 17 15 57 2010043/14 March 6, 2015. Where I live, I cannot seem to find a &quot;quick lube&quot; place that has Mobile 1, but there is a Valvoline quick lube place, and they have their full synthetic oil. SLOW, I ran T6 for years with no problems. Price $ 26. it comes to find the best synthetic motor oil for this SAE 5W30 grade . I mean, my last two regular oil changes each cost $45 at the dealer (reg oil). Only Pennzoil Platinum Ultra retains the high spec in a 0w-20 grade. These specifications are to be used as guidelines only. AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil (ATM) and 9 competing synthetic 5W-30 motor oils including Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Castrol and Valvoline were subjected to a series of API motor oil tests. If it gets colder, you'll need to stick with the 5W or even the 0W oils. The SRT doesn't get any Euro specs and the 5W-40 meets My other option is to switch to Pennzoil Platinum which is $22 for a 5qt jug (yes I know it holds 6 qts, I initially buy two 5 qt jugs and use one for the extra qt five times) I'm thinking ill just switch to Platinum as it is still fully synthetic, meets all the warranty requirements, and will be significantly cheaper than I can buy Ultra for. In addition to Shell branded lubricants, Pennzoil-Quaker State Company, doing business as SOPUS Products, Inc. 3x more wear of Aluminum(Pistons, bearings, cases) Auto Zone put it on clearance in the computer as of 12/1. The competing oils included petroleum-based Castrol GTX, Chevron Supreme, Havoline, Formula Shell and Pennzoil, as well as synthetic-blends Trop Artic and Motorcraft, and full-synthetic Pennzoil Platinum, Quaker State Advanced Full Synthetic and Mobil 1 Extended Performance. Mobil 1™ Extended Performance 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 are advanced full synthetic engine oils designed to keep your engines running like new and protect critical engine parts for 15,000 miles between oil changes Select Regional Database(s) Regional Databases for the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific (also includes: Australia, India) from 2005 through 2018 and South Africa from 2015 are available online. I am using pennzoil platinum 5w40, good response even till 10k, does not heat up so easily given my kind kf driving style as compared to other oil; shell, elf. Vw 504 00 Oil. Page 1 of 3 Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil (SN/GF-5), v 1. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum: Even better than Pennzoil Platinum. Today, a man named Jerry at 1-800-237-8645, at Shell (who makes and distributes Pennzoil and Quaker State) told me that the Pennzoil Platinum synthetic 5W30 (not other weights at this time) already meets the Dexos requirements, it is on their and the GM websites, there was no change in the formulation, but what you find on the shelf right now is in the old bottles. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is best on the market and recommended by many High End brands like Ferrari, Dodge Hellcat & Demon, SRT, BMW and others. Wonder if i should just keep using Castrol Edge 5w30 or maybe Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 instead? According to the PQIA March 2013 Synthetic compilation. The higher the PSI strength the better the oil is at preventing wear. Pennzoil Platinum at 10. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It appears that when Pennzoil changed their bottling for their new Pure Plus technology oil they continued the SRT logo on the 0W40 label but Pennzoil Ultra Platinum has become very hard to find over the counter and it is expensive. However, Pennzoil wanted to test the boundaries of technology even further so we introduced Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor oil with PurePlus™ Technology, a product providing the best cleanliness and protection in the Pennzoil line-up of motor oils. Product Title SAE 5W-40, Pennzoil Platinum European Formula SAE 0W-30, Pennzoil Platinum European Formula Ultra SAE 5W-30, and Pennzoil Platinum European Ultra Diesel SAE 5W-30. I have no allegiance to any oil company, and i usually buy whatever meets the specs for cheapest. Of those km's about 800-900km were of very heavy track driving. , European and Japanese cars and light trucks with gasoline and gasoline Ultra platinum has dissapeared. So, if you want to follow BMW recommendation and change your preference as BMW changes their suggestions every year, you’ll need to purchase Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil and BMW Twinpower 5W30 Synthetic from a BMW dealer or other distributor. The only thin that synthetic oil does is allow for better start up. 2 cycle engine oil. While future production will conform to Pennzoil's® specification, variations in these . Minimum Your Mercedes requires use of synthetic oils rather than natural oils. You will be able to order and pay for the product on-line, but Pennzoil will pay your shipment costs. I have concluded sense the Pennzoil is not any easier to get or any cheaper then the AmsOil I will just stick with the AmsOil signature. Dexos1-approved Pennzoil products include Pennzoil Gold Synthetic Blend and Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic oils in 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 weights. Here is the complete list of best motor oils ranked by PSI strength. txt) or read online for free. I was wondering if there a big difference (except in price) in terms of quality if I chose Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic oil versus regular Pennzoil Platinum™ Full Synthetic oil? How different in service intervals Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20 with Mobile1 SAE 5W20. ☹️. Engine Oil - Pennzoil Platinum VS Castrol Edge I tried Penzoil Ultra and Castrol Edge Titanium before. 5W30 Mobil 1 is not just better than that other oil, it is better than any other oil tested (174 total). Does not apply to Pennzoil Platinum ® Euro products. Both Mobil1 and Pennzoil Platinum have been reformulated to inferior specs. Pennzoil Platinum ® 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil exceeds GM dexos1™ specifications. Based on the Amsoil comparison testing that they publish, in my mind Pennzoil is the next best all-around choice, is readily available and costs much less. Case – 3X5L Easy Pour Jugs . Mobil 1 is still mostly Group IV. supposed to well exceed's GF-5 standards? but if anyone has any input lemmie know. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w20 A6 / S6 (C6 Platform) Discussion - Retailer for PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO L - Has anyone found a retailer for this product (Euro L) in the US yet? I couldn't find castrol edge professional 5W-30 but I found pennzoil platinum 5W-30 so I bought that. I'm using either Pennzoil Platinum or Ultra since it's available at Walmart and is a little cheaper than Castrol Edge. 31; Chrysler: MS-11106 Pennzoil oils bearing the Dexos1 logo are officially licensed and approved for use in General Motors vehicles designed for use with the Dexos1 oil standard. The Pennzoil Platinum Euro-Ultra Diesel 5W-30 engine oil (stock # 550016921) is available in quarts as well as a 55 gallon drum. 5 Litre . com specially for our customers who would like to purchase Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5W-40. Either 5w30 or 10w30. guess we will see how that goes. It slowed the rate of consumption down, but did not eliminate it. If you want to keep the GDI engine running great then look for ACEA A5/B5 certification. Has anyone been in an AutoZone, NAPA or other auto parts store and seen Quaker State Ultimate Durability 0W-20 Motor Oil on the shelves? I am interested in its price by comparison to Mobil1 0W-20 or the latest Pennzoil Platinum Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil? Has anyone been in an AutoZone, NAPA or other auto parts store and seen Quaker State Ultimate Durability 0W-20 Motor Oil on the shelves? I am interested in its price by comparison to Mobil1 0W-20 or the latest Pennzoil Platinum Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil? Oil & Lubrication - PENNZOIL ULTRA 5w30 - Just snagged some Pennzoil ULTRA 5w30 (5 quarts) to use for my upcoming oil change in my 2000 Ford Explorer SPORT with the 4. I did poke around on Pennzoil's own site and the Ultra Platinum at 11. Both are GF5, but neither are ACEA A1. Thank you Pennzoil! Pennzoil Platinum Euro Synthetic Motor Oil far exceed the most stringent car manufacturer requirements for cleanliness and protection, based on BMW, Maserati an According to the Pennzoil website, all of the synthetic oils offered by Pennzoil meet the MS-6395 specification (including the Dexos oil). Pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil 1: Which is Better? Which motor oil is better between Pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil 1? This is a question that frequently gets asked by car motoring enthusiasts, and a question we’ll be tackling to find the answer of in this detailed comparison. There is no way your car takes anything but 5W30 or 0W30 since all modern common-rail TDIs use VW 504/507 oil which are only 5W30 or 0W30 (only 1, which is the PP E LX 0W30). a/Company took corrective action (click brand for more information. Originally Posted by Cayman Q Just had SQ5 first service, in the owners folder, is engine oil recommended by Audi as Castrol Edge Professional Longlife 5w-30 I'm about to leave home towing a caravan from SA to NT WA and back to SA, I'm trying to find this oil to carry in the car for top-up if needed, I have tried just about every where I can think of. And they keep changing the damn oil jug design so it’s hard to keep track of what Pennzoil is doing. - Pennzoil Conventional 5w30. It was only $5 more which made me stop and decide. "Only use ACEAC3 SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Low Ash engine oil meeting FCA US Material Standard MS-11106 or Pennzoil Ultra Euro L full synthetic 5W-30 motor oil, which is recommended for all operating temperatures. Pennzoil Platinum does fine in our cars, but I would keep the oil changes under 5k miles (4k-4. all of the competitor's oils and seeing how Amsoil is the least expensive oil tested, we cannot understand how anyone would continue to keep buying the competitor's oils once learning of this information. The L 5w-30 is Dexos2. Walmart was out of PP 5W-20, so I got Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W-20. So if 2 columns are won, than the score will be 2, if 1 column is won the score will be 1, so on and so forth. Did not happen with Mobil 1. So i just did an oil change today and i decided to use pennzoil's new Ultra full synth. There are now four formulations, two which concern me: Euro LX 0W-30 and Euro L 5w-30. under another name? And if you know the answer, do you have a source to support your answer? Above is my most recent UOA for Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w30. Got it at my local Walmart Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20 5 Qts for 25$ Dont forget to change your oil filter also! I usually do the BOSCH Distance PLUS also carried at Walmart. com and buy online now. Pennzoil Platinum has also been certified to the new GM Dexos oil specification that must be used in all 2011 GM engines. We are in the process of setting up a web link on www. 51 MB specs. While many makes can use conventional, natural, petroleum based oils, your Mercedes functions at a higher level and offers up better performance, and in turn needs a more efficient oil. Plus grabbed another 9 quarts from another store. 2. Castrol EDGE with Fluid Titanium, is the natural choice for drivers who demand maximum performance and protection from their cars. 31 Idparts. About the only oil that is easily available with A5/B5 certification - Pennzoil Platinum and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. Because at Pennzoil we know, a But the point is that, at least until Shell brings the 0w40 grade in-line with the Pennzoil Ultra 5w30, 5w20, and other grades that use GTL base-stocks, it really doesn't make a strong showing against M1 as far as I can tell. Powerful Protection. Product Image. They do have a thicker Platinum Euro L 5W-30, but it doesn't get any API certifications like GC/BC does. The Pennzoil Platinum Euro Ultra 5W-30 engine oil (Stock# 5063827) is only available in a 55 gallon drum. It has many of the characteristics of a full synthetic, but at a much lower price. 432 oz. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model. 3. A simple engine that wears great. 5w30, Low-Ash formula with Pennzoil "Hyper Cleaning Technology assists with oil stability and prevents deposits. So i dont believe that synthetic oil has much of an advantage over conventional oil. maybe next oil change I shall switch to ultra to try We're also in middle NH, probably same dealer, who uses the Castrol Edge 5W30. My issues with using itas I read the  15 May 2019 5W30. Buy Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart at Walmart. The 2. 4 10. pdf), Text File (. Hint: Use a descriptive title for your new message If you're looking for help and want to draw people in who can assist you, use a descriptive subject title when posting your message. Pennzoil Platinum 0w20 of course uses better base stocks than Pennzoil Conventional 5w20, but it doesn't use better base stocks than Pennzoil Ultra 5w20. As of right now, i am picking up the car this Saturday, driving it home with Mobil 1 0w-30 ESP stuff and changing it to Castrol 5w-30 on Tuesday. Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil with PurePlus™ Technology is a very high performing full synthetic motor oil. It also lessens turbo lag and produces power to the engine, thus economizing fuel usage. $9. Castrol Actevo Motorcycle Oil - 5w30. In January of 2015, BMW dropped Castrol as its recommended oil supplier and switched to Shell. The Ultra 5w20 would be an excellent choice for a N/A 86 used in anger and the Ultra 10w30 (at least the old formula) should be a good starting point for a forced induction car. Save on Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 1 Quart 550042833 at Advance Auto Parts. I hear that the Pennzoil ultra platinum does clean better then mobile one and I have heard people that run mobile one say they have a hemi tic. The Pennzoil is A5/B5 and these specs support longer oil change intervals. But I have two brand new jugs of pennzoil platinum ultra in 5w30 that was going to be used on my last vehicle but it was traded in Has anyone else ran 5w30 without issue? This truck will always run on full synthetic going forward. Got it home, realized the good stuff was Ultra Platinum, looked up the specs on Pennzoil. So anyone who wants proof amsoil is better there it is. This past weekend I've been reading a ton of oil threads, I've narrowed it down: Shell Rotella T6 or Pennzoil Platinum Or Pennzoil Ultra In my ZJ 4. does anyone have any experience with this stuff yet? im hoping its good, i got some 5w30. amazon. This is because the 5w30 motor oil has a smooth effect on the oil pump and also a more suitable flow through the engine when hot. This oil fits the following manufacturer specifications: MB: 229. 229 Mitasu Platinum PAO SN 5W30 100% Synthetic Pennzoil Ultra Euro L: x: Pennzoil-Quaker This is just what I use; Oil - Pennzoil Ultra, Pennzoil Platinum HM, Pennzoil Euro or sometimes Valvoline Synthetic HM (all 5W-30) for our 2008 OBS. I was in Advance Auto today to pick up a fresh bottle of brake fluid and saw they're running a special on 5 qts. I've done a lot of research over all the normal engine oils and I've found that pennzoil platinum/ ultra platinum is the best since it is the only one made from natural gas, making it very pure, and having much lower burn off rates and degradation due to heat. A comparison between the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Pennzoil Platinum. Amsoil Signature 0W-30 is another option. I just bought a bottle of Ultra on Sunday from WM and Im glad I went with it over Platinum. They provide ultimate protection and feature technology for the latest advances in synthetic oil. 0 V6 88,XXX original miles. Pennzoil Ultra is the highest level of clean your engine can get. Pennzoil Platinum Pure Plus for 5W engines is one of the best on the market because it is pure in nature. Pennzoil Platinum Euro SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic motor oil is made from natural gas, not crude. The descriptions, viscosity and container colors of other Pennzoil synthetic are very similar but not the exact same. My truck goes in Wednesday for an oil change. I've been running pennzoil ultra platinum 5w30 with no Castrol Syntec vs. Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil? I just bought a used car and the owner has been putting in Mobile 1 oil since it was new. Technical Service Bulletin . Formulated with Trizone technology to protect all 3 critical zones: engine, clutch and gearbox Active Protection Molecules (APM) are a new ingredient that enhance the lubricant's ability to cling to vital engine components Excellent 1. of Quaker State full Ultimate Durability synthetic oil for $19. Search Search If Pennzoil Ultra is the only one so far, then in some ways it may be superior. will throw that in on my next service. Pennzoil 550038330 Ultra Platinum 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil- 5 Quart Jug. I lost 1 quart of oil after 6000-7000 miles in my CX-5 with Pennzoil platinum. xiaopiggy wat car are u driving now? haha. Just got back from the Dodge dealer and they are now using a Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5w30 European Ultra Diesel Oilit does meet the 229. Only ultra platinum 5w30 I’ve seen seems to cost your left nut. The oil was in the car for just over 13k km. The more columns won the higher the score. 3 Based on pistons from standard V6 engine in Sequence IIIG piston deposit test using SAE 5W-30. Evilution, the smart car encyclopaedia, full of information for fixing and modifying your smart car. Prolong Engine Treatment added to 5W30 Pennzoil Ultra, API SN synthetic = 136,658 psi This oil on its own WITHOUT the Prolong Engine Treatment added to it, has a wear protection capability of 92,569 psi. all in 5W-30 flavor. And to answer your follow up question NorthCar, we would recommend the Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W-30 LL01 viscosity grade product for extreme cold They sell 5w-40 that meets it though. 3 afm and use 5w30 synthetic. The test results and each competing oil are included are listed in the table below, and include manf. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum SyntheticEngineOil, 5-L From $61. Heres my post where I have 3 Mobile1 samples, and 1 redline sample. This is an addendum to the MB229. Oils within 10% of each other can be considered approximately equivalent. Pennzoil coming up with a new range of oil. Assembled Product Weight. SPECIFICATIONS & APPROVALS Pennzoil Platinum exceeds: • North American warranty requirements for U. 5W30 Pennzoil Ultra, API SM synthetic = 115,612 psi. Mobil 1? Castrol GTX? or Pennzoil Platinum? , which one is better regarding turbo car? Althought Castrol is recommended by dealers, some one told me that both Castrol and Mobil are not full synthetic motor oil (100% PAO). 48. Pennzoil Platinum ® Racing SAE 10W-60 Full Synthetic Motor Oil Now the most interesting part. Please refer to your individual vehicle owner's manual for proper viscosity grade and specification of oil to use. Pennzoil UP is a good quality oil, it looks like honey when you pour it in the engine. Price $9. Most oils will, just look on the bottle. Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil Created for severe driving conditions, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum outperforms conventional oils in terms of low temperature performance and volatility control, and it's ideal for stop-and-go driving, frequent short trips, heavy loads, unpaved roads, and dusty conditions. They will list it if it meets it. It appears that this oil may be a re-bottled version of 5W30 Chevron Supreme oil. Now, I have a 2003 4. With a host of ultra-premium filter innovations, including wire-backed synthetic media, silicone anti-drain back valve,* and a stronger, upgraded can design, our platinum oil filters are among the best in the industry. Really no idea what the results will say. They come only in the gray bottle, not yellow, etc. I have the lifetime warranty and the language in the contract/warranty paperwork is very clear about keeping receipts if a 3rd party does maintenance on the vehicle. 5,000 to 10,000 - Pennzoil Platinum 5w30. Choosing the correct engine oil is critical to engine life with Pat Goss from Goss Garage - Duration: 8:24. Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic SAE 5W-30 motor oil is uniquely engineered from our revolutionary PurePlus™ gas-to-liquid technology, which is a patented process that converts pure natural gas into a Pennzoil Platinum Ultra does not publish their TBNs, but the NOACK is higher than Pennzoil Platinum which would lead me away from it. Vw 504 00 Oil Then I look and my stash of Pennzoil Platinum says Devos gen2, but “only” Ford 946-a. If Pennzoil Ultra is the only one so far, then in some ways it may be superior. thanks pennzoil platinum with pureplus technology full synthetic sae 10w-30. In this part of Pennzoil Platinum review, we will try to reveal the answer of the question: Does the Pennzoil Ultra platinum worth the extra money? Well, both of them are enriched with the revolutionary PurePlus ™ Technology. I will never agree, however, that ANY Group III base stock oil (and that most certainly includes Pennzoil Ultra) is better than a well developed Group IV base stock oil. This engine oil improves low temperature starting and vehicle fuel economy. Prior to running Amsoil I ran mobile 1 5w30 70% of the time then tried Pennzoil Ultra 5w30 for one cycle and then the Amsoil Zrod , im on my second straight oil change with Amsoil and plan on sending that sample in for analysis once its ready. The independent resource for information and insights on the quality and integrity of lubricants in the marketplace. The Platinum is a good choice. *When applicable What oil will you be using in your Pentastar V6? Dinosaur 15 vote(s) Mobil 1 oil didn't even meet manufacturer specs in the past. 00 a quart!!! I just got done scooping up all he had available. Much has been made of the shift in 2014 to the 5w20 but I can see Xler moving to it after tweaking engine management parameters. I change the oil every 5,000 miles and use a Fram Ultra oil filter (not the cheap  Pennzoil Ultra Euro L (5w-30) Fuels & Lubricants. The time to type all this up and go through multiple databases was extensive and although not complete is pretty extensive. In order to meet new mileage and emissions standards, expect to see new ultra-thin motor oils coming to market in the next few years, including possibly SAE 0W-16 You need to change the oil every 3 to 5k miles. 17 Engine oils that meet Audi Oil Quality Standards 501 01, 502 00, 505 00, 505 01, and 504 00/507 00 . PI sheets are organized below based on Product Category. 10w-40 Maxlife High Mileage Motor Oil - 5qt Valvoline Maxlife Is The First Motor Oil Specially Formulated To Address The Unique Needs Of Higher Mileage Engines. Over all very impressive oil. 1% is actually better than Ultra Platinum by that measure. Mobil 1 vs Pennzoil Platinum synthetic. Penzzoil Platinum and Ultra meet it, and thats why I use. Castrol EDGE 5W-30 meets Europe s ACEA A/B specification while Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 and Valvoline Synpower 5W-30 do Pennzoil Platinum European Formula Ultra The Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W-40 viscosity grade is in the process of receiving approval for being listed as a BMW LL01 rated motor oil, therefore we do not have a Technical Data Sheet at this time. Some oils only list the line ie PENNZOIL platinum but you need to find the PENNZOIL platinum which is still acea c3 as not all of them are depending on weight and what not. Talk to anyone who puts a lot of miles on their car and they’ll probably have one particular brand or formulation that they swear by. Im not a 100% sure how much better it is over PP but from what I have read on here on the Pennzoil Q&A Ultra seems like a great product and is worth trying out. So far, Ive tested 3 different Oils on my 2. 68001334cb. i still have 6qts of castrol edge 5w30 left. I googled and read a blog that bmw uses pennzoil now and it was pertaining to an oil change on an M4. Pennzoil ULTRA is great stuff but hard to find. Learn about Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™, our best Full Synthetic motor oil, and how it keeps pistons up 1Based on Sequence VG sludge test using SAE 5W-30. No other synthetic keeps your engine cleaner. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and  Pennzoil Platinum Euro AV motor oil SAE 5W-30 1 qt. 6% (both using ASTM D5800). 5W30 Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, API SM = 115,612 psi I have not been able to find this oil with the latest API SN certification. I do oil samples on my oil. 19590_MoparChemCat2016_v00r01 - Free download as PDF File (. Last oil change I switch for the AMSOIL 5w30 Signature Series, but , previously, I was using the Pennzoil Platinum 5w30. Mobile 1 vs. As a synthetic blend oil, Pennzoil Gold™ offers the best that conventional and full synthetic oils have to offer. 229. shell passenger vehicle oils specs bmw/castrol 5w30 full syntheticsold out pennzoil sae 40 in quarts shell tm-h locomotive gear grease 5w/20 quaker state sold out 10w/30 quaker state sold out 10w/40 quaker statesold out 15w/50 pennzoilsold out alvania ep (lf) As for the oil this is the first time I run Amsoil as it was recommended by my builder. Its just weird that their best of the best Ultra Platinum does not meet the spec while Platinum does. PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM 5W30 Full Synthetic motor oil Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Jug Specifications  Buy Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil (5-Quart, Single Pack ): Exceeds the requirements of the following industry specifications:. 0l Mopar New. specs The vast majority of drivers' needs will be met by Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, because most passenger car motor oil is essentially the same, and this one's about the cheapest. I speak from experience. So I changed my oil today. Put 9512 miles on the Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20. Pennz 5W30 Platinum is the only oil that checks all of these boxes. Comparison of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 vs Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W-30 Motor Oils. So are M gods going to smite me for using this oil in my M4? I don't see LL-01 on the bottle but I'll change the oil 5-7k miles. AMSOIL kept bearings looking like new throughout a 100,000 mile test *. PENNZOIL ULTRA® EURO 5W-40 FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL with Hyper Cleansing Technology TM From the maker of the leading motor oil in America, an advanced proprietary synthetic formula, designed to exceed the toughest car manufacturer standards and engineered to get your engine closer to factory clean. PENNZOIL PLATINUM® 5W-30 FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL WITH PUREPLUS™ TECHNOLOGY TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Pennzoil Platinum® with PurePlus Technology is a first of its kind full synthetic motor oil made from natural gas and designed for Complete Protection. The magnet I put on the drain plug was pretty clean. 22 - $ 282. 5 at 7500 miles should be no issue. Ford specs 5W-30 for the Coyote in Australia, and Ford speced 5W-50 for the Boss 302 for every day use. This engine oil has special protective additives for ultimate engine protection that exceeds USA and European industry standards, like ILSAC GF-4, API SM and SCEA performance. I don't plan on changing my own oil and don't want a warranty issue so I'll be using 5W-30 but we get cold temps and it won't be unusual for me to have to start my truck when it's dead cold at -40F and maybe even colder so I'd surely like to have a 0W oil to use that doesn't void a warranty. When Andrei gets my preferred customer account set up I'm ordering some 10W30 Signature Series. I bought six quarts of 5W30 Ultra Platinum PurePlus. com. Good 5w20 usually stays thicker than that. Just wondering if anyone here has used this Pennzoil oil, and what are your Pennzoil Platinum is now grouped into 3 basic types of synthetic oils: Pennzoil Platinum, Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage, and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. So my recommendation is to use the Pennzoil YB in 10w-30 unless you have the minus 25C and colder startups. But, I personally think you should stick with the 5W30 grade, simply to make sure little orifices in the heads gets all the oil required. The second number or “Weight” shows the thickness of the oil once  16 May 2019 Amazon. thanks For those using Pennzoil Platinum, the only choices are to conform or jump ship. The Pennzoil Platinum with Pure Plus technology is more readily available but does not come in 0W40. 0 Reviews. Presumably their TBN is higher, but it isn't published so who knows. That is a very small window to choose from in my opinion, but I don’t want to void my warranty by running a 5w30. The company is also a leading manufacturer and marketer of motor oils and other automotive and industrial lubricants and products. Because at Pennzoil we know, a Pennzoil Platinum is now grouped into 3 basic types of synthetic oils: Pennzoil Platinum, Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage, and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. Our Best Full Synthetic Motor Oil Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil. Just wondering. I would like to supply my own oil for oil change. An advanced proprietary low SAPS synthetic formula, designed to exceed the 1 Ferrari recommends Pennzoil Platinum® Euro 5W-40 and Pennzoil Platinum® Racing 10W-60. Pennzoil Platinum VX 5w30 Pennzoil Ultra Euro L 5w30 Both are VW 507 I'm using this oil for the Matrix. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 5 Quarts Jug 5w30 Castrol Edge European Diesel Engine Motor Oil for BMW MERCEDES at the best online prices at eBay! I wonder why a 0W30 is not recommended as an alternative. PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM 5W30 Full Synthetic motor oil Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor oil keeps pistons up to 25% cleaner than our next closest competitor1. Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic SAE 0W-20 motor oil is uniquely engineered from our revolutionary PurePlus™ gas-to-liquid technology, which is a patented process that converts pure natural gas into a high quality, full synthetic base oil. Goss' Garage 1,105,805 views Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic motor oil is one of the best full synthetic motor oils in our portfolio. No difference. All you can really find now is the Platinum. I'd run PUP in a LE2 but not PP or PG. Of these the Ultra seems to be a step ahead (single digit NOACK volatility) but it and Valvoline are the ones without the "OFFICIAL" dexos blessing. With the recommended amount of Prolong added per qt, its wear protection capability “WENT UP 48%”. Looking for opinions and or test data ont the best oil for the 5. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w40 and Amsoil 0w40. Royal Purple High Performance. PENNZOIL ULTRA ™ EURO L FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL 5W-30 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PENNZOIL ULTRA™ EURO L FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL 5W-30 with Hyper Cleansing Technology™, from the maker of the leading motor oil in America, is an advanced proprietary low SAPS synthetic formula designed to Hello, My first maintenance for my 2019 Touring is coming up soon. Then I look and my stash of Pennzoil Platinum says Devos gen2, but “only” Ford 946-a. My questions are #1) Should I just Hi chemistry, This 48 hr blotter spot has a very large centre zone , but without a clear ,dark-coloured perimeter ring around the centre zone (which is a good news) indicating a very potent or strong dispersancy (and detergency) capability typical of a modern HDEO diesel oil. They were 35-45 min sessions with a lot of WOT and high rpm's. 5W30 Havoline, API SN conventional = 95,098 psi Havoline used to be Texaco’s oil brand, but since Chevron took them over, it is now a Chevron brand. Pennzoil Synthetic vs the Competition. com Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5w30 meets many of the latest manufacturer specs for diesel engines. Additionally, the Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic line is the only aftermarket motor oil recommended by BMW in North America. Feature April 1, 2014 by Tom Venetis, Editor Ultra-Thin Oils . container of Mobil1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0W-20 (one of my favorites), possibly 5 single quarts of Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20 or even having a few gallons of Amsoil Signature Series 0W-20 delivered to your door. 5w30 pennzoil get quotations a platinum euro l synthetic motor oil 1 quart case of ultra wrx . BTW, just an update. Mobil 1 vs Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Amsoil Here's the published specs for Mobil 1, Quaker State Ultimate Durability, Pennzoil Platinum, Vavoline SynPower and Pennzoil Ultra. 51, 229. However, both these motor oils work great for providing faster lubrication to engine parts when you start the car. 09. My truck has 18,000 miles on, 4000 on the oil I just changed. A new Motorcraft FL1-A Oil Filter will be used. It depends with Pennzoil. Mobil 1 or pennzoil platinum. I know the manual calls for 5w20 and I hear it’s for the mds system to function correctly. 946 ml bottle. Filters have been Subaru for initial less than 5 changes, then Bosch D3300, Pennzoil Platinum HPZ-37, Fram Ultra XG6607 (very happy with all these after market filters) for the past several changes. 4 Based on Sequence IIIG results and GF-5 Empowered with PurePlus Technology, the Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil is a pioneering full synthetic motor oil designed for complete protection. 51 Low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils The following product list should help you to select the correct operating fluid for your vehicle/major assembly from the variety of products in the market. Comparative Motor Oil Testing . Our full synthetic motor oils are uniquely engineered from our revolutionary PurePlus Technology which is a patented process that converts pure natural gas into a high quality, full synthetic base oil. 00?. Here’s our list of the 8 best engine oils for a typical vehicle, including our top picks for conventional, synthetic, high mileage and diesel engines in 2019. 5w30 pennzoil formula shell conventional motor oil 1 qt ultra platinum wrx. Thank you. 51 229. For once, a product's hype turns out to be true. , produces motor oils and other automotive products under the Pennzoil and Quaker State brand names. Note: Score corresponds to the number of columns “won” by a particular oil. 5% does not share the outstanding NOACK volatility of the older Ultra product, which was 6. The Petroleum Quality Institute of America. The bottle says, “No leading synthetic oil provides better wear protection”. 99--includes an el cheapo Driveworks filter, too. Dodge Dealers Switch From Mobil 1 to Pennzoil for Diesel Guys just an FYII drive a Jeep with the CRD. You can see where redline has 2x-3x more wear. Each PI sheet details the specs and formulas needed for certain vehicles. Since Shell is the producer on Pennzoil® motor oils, Pennzoil is now the recommended oil for BMW engines. Best I can tell the LX 0w-30 is 507. 10,000 to 15,000 - Pennzoil Platinum Ultra PP 5w30 . I run Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 but my car is garaged. 0L Ecodiesel models (replaced Pennzoil Ultra Euro L 5W-30). Pennzoil Ultra Euro L appears to have been now been replaced by Pennzoil Platinum Ultra Euro . Pennzoil Platinum, Pennzoil Ultra, and Castrol Edge have all shown good UOA results with the 3. 0 TSI. 3. Best Engine Oil 5w30 prices online | Engine Oil 5w30 for sale with amazing discounts from top websites | Check out the best deals today by MSN. It is made with our PurePlus Technology is a full synthetic motor oil that is formulated for most Mercedes-Benz, VW, Porsche & Audi Vehicles*. redline, etc) and I know that Mobil 1 is decent consumer grade oil. Select cars to narrow search Basics Bench Testing Chassis Diagnostics & Coding Electrical Engine Exterior Hints & Tips ICE Info Interior LEDs Misc Panels Reviews Servicing Team Evil Water Ingress Wheels Wiring & Pinouts X-Gauge 5W30 Pennzoil Platinum, API SN synthetic = 99,949 psi This oil is the next step “below” Pennzoil’s Ultra. *Compared to 5W-30, and Pennzoil Platinum® European Ultra Diesel SAE 5W-30. The bottle says, "No leading synthetic oil provides better wear protection". PENNZOIL ULTRA ™ FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL with Hyper Cleansing Technology™, from the maker of the leading motor oil in America, is an advanced proprietary synthetic formula designed to exceed the toughest car manufacturer standards and engineered to keep your engine closer to factory clean. PENNZOIL ULTRA ® EURO L FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL 5W-30 Technical Data Sheet PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PENNZOIL ULTRA ® EURO L FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL 5W-30 with Hyper Cleansing Technology TM , f rom the maker of the leading motor oil in America. I now use Pennzoil in all my vehicles, including the Taco, and seems to do well. Easy online ordering and next-day delivery available with 24/7 expert product support. I use Havoline oil 30hd oil non synthetic and i have 165000 miles on my truck. It provides quick rising oil pressure inside the engine, thus making the engine crank faster. 10k on a oil change is a recipe for disaster and a joke. Further, Pennzoil website touts their Ultra Platinum as their best, but it only “meets” 946-a and Dexos 1 (gen 2 not mentioned), though I found a bottle label which claims it “exceeds” 946-a (no mention of Dexos,). After redline produced about 10,000 miles of wear in only 3,000 miles, I was done. I think I am going to run Pennzoil Platinum or Ultra. 31 Low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils The following product list should help you to select the correct operating fluid for your vehicle/major assembly from the variety of products in the market. If you are looking for an oil that can give you the best performance, then this Pennzoil Platinum Plus review is the best piece for you to be reading right now. I was at my local Walmart yesterday, and since they did not have stock of the oil I wanted, I looked at specs of other brands. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil also offers the Does not apply to Pennzoil Ultra Pennzoilâ„¢ 0W-40 motor oil Specifications,  Free 2-day shipping. The oil peaked at 290F and typically was in the range of 265-290F while at the track. 5k). I run Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w-20 in my 2015 and it seems to be very good oil. Every Valvoline product has a corresponding Product Information Sheet. I wonder why penzoil did not spec the the 5w-30 to 507. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor oil keeps pistons up to 65% cleaner than required by 1Based on Sequence VG sludge test using SAE 5W- 30. I'm going to put it through its paces and see if it will last 15,000 miles as claimed. After seeing reading the independent lab tests on Amsoil vs. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil. I'd use Pennzoil Ultra 5w20, Castrol Edge Ti 5w20, or Amsoil OE/XL 5w20 over most RC 5w30 conventional oils even in a 5w30 application. Pennzoil also has been the official motor oil of German-American GTLM team BMW Team Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing since 2015 season and also American Formula One team Haas F1 Team since 2016 season. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Oils collected in the Middle East are part of the Africa database starting in 2018. Product - (3 Pack) Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 10W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt. 15,000 to current I've been very happy with synthetic 5w20. 14 Pennzoil Pennzoil Platinum European Formula Ultra SAE 5W-30 Pennzoil Pennzoil Synthetic European Formula SAE 5W-40 Pennzoil Pennzoil Synthetic European Formula Ultra SAE 5W-30 Pentosin Motorenoel Pento High Performance SAE 5W-40 Petro China Kunlun HTPC SAE 5W-40 Petro China KUNLUN Tianrun SAE 5W-40 Petrobras Lubrax Sintético SAE 5W-40 Petrol Lead was 60 ppm with mobil 1/ 34 ppm with pennzoil ultra platinum almost 50% reduction/20 ppm with amsoil. Comparison of Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 vs Mobil 1 5W-30 Motor Oils. 7 HO with 168K on the motor. I have not been able to find this oil with the latest API SN certification. It's a great A new motor oil is now available that will make you think twice about picking up the 5 qt. I noticed it quieted my engine and I noticed a slight increase in gas Mileage. If they do move it to GTL base oil, the lower volatility alone might make it worth using for a cleaner PCV system. The stores themselves don't know. Castrol® EDGE® is a full synthetic motor oil that is engineered for drivers who want only the best from their engines. I never tested Royal Purple, but wouldn't be supprised if it's simular to redline. April 2009. 1997 - 2016 Valvoline Full Synthetic with Maxlife Technology 5W30 Motor Oil 5L Case Pack. 6 DI engine. As I was leaving the isle, I saw Pennzoil Ultra platinum. I've got just over 10k miles on my 2010 and so far no oil consumption issues (knock on wood). Search Search Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ 5W-30 with PurePlus™ Technology can be mixed with other Exceeds the requirements of the following industry specifications:. A buddy that works at Autozone called me today & stated that they have Pennnzoil Ultra Platinum on clearance for $4. Used Oil Analysis of CAMRY'S Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30 after 4,920 miles PP means Pennzoil Platinum, a synthetic oil (Group III anyway). 5w30 Euro L Full Synthetic Pennzoil And Oil Filter For Ram 1500 3. If I remember correctly, the Castrol doesn't (or didn't) meet A5/B5 but was given a pass on a Volvo TSB regarding oils. Also is this true that oil with higher Zinc content can provide longer protection to turbo cars?<<<<< 2. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk 0 edge extended performance 5w-30 synthetic motor oil - 5 castrol edge extended performance titanium fst features the latest of castrol technology. Lately, some A5/B5 european oils became available (Ravenol, Liqui Moli) on amazon and ebay for reasonable prices, although about 2x of what pennzoil costs. Telly requires SAE 5w30 synthetic at least. Buy Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil 0W40 - PEN 550040856 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. I got the Pennzoil Platinum 5 qt jug for only $23 which in my opinion is a steal. 00 but not the L 5w-30. 2 Based on Sequence VG sludge test using SAE 5W-30. Any reason I should not use Pennzoil Full Synthetic in 5w30? Hey All2Kool – To clear things up, we offer two synthetic motor oils that meet the BMW LL-01 specification - Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W-30 and 5W-40. com - Amazon. Pennzoil Ultra Full Synthetic 5W-30 Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Pennzoil Gold Synthetic Blend 5W-30 Pennzoil Conventional 5W-30 Valvoline Premium Conventional 5W-30 Valvoline DuraBlend Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 Valvoline SynPower® Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 Castrol Edge 5W30 Castrol Edge with Syntec Power Technology 5W30 Do not Pennzoil was the title sponsor of the Grand Prix of Houston in 2013. Some RC 5w30s are bad as well, the notorious API SM M1 5w30 being one of them. It also depends on how you drive wheather or not you change the oil 3 to 5k. I cleared my local one out this morning. You can use the 0W30 Pennzoil Platinum Euro LX 0W30. Learn more *Testing conducted in an independent lab using AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil and a leading synthetic-blend 5W-30 motor oil in Ford F-150 trucks with 3. pennzoil ultra platinum 5w30 specs

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