Smoke coming out of vents when heater is on

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We just bought our home 4 months ago in May and this is the first time we've needed to use it since it's getting colder out. 3 When vehicle is getting up to temp. After this an anti-freeze smell came through the vent as soon as I turn on the engine without the heater of with the heater. My coolant kind of "exploded" under the hood *i have a big purple splotch on the underside of the hood* Im pretty sure it's the heater core, but im unsure as to why the jeep is overheating *it doesn't quite go into the red on the temp gauge, but it goes more than it's normal operating Any sign of black soot means that the smoke is not going up the chimney. If smoke is coming from the vents, turn off the heater immediately. I bought the heater core at rockauto. (If smoke seems to build up too much then don’t panic, just open the air vent a little more or as much as needed to clear out the smoke and increase the fire and the draft—a proper finessing here is needed. You can bypass the heater core if you want, just get a radiator hose that can be cut to fit into a "U" shape. So I got into my car this morning. Every time you start up the furnace after the warm summer months, you will smell an odor similar to smoke coming out of your heat vents. often get into your air vents and die there I have a '96 Honda Accord that has had no major problems with about 115,000 miles on it. Posted in: Heating. Several times i have had to shut off my heater and get my small children out of the car. I knew I had some oil leaks, I suspect the oil return tubes. I noticed a couple of days ago that when I am driving and my AC is set to take air in from outside (green light) that I would see what looks like smoke coming from my vents in the middle. The air comes out of the vents, but there is no heat. ). Also, it will only come out the defrost vents. Is there an easy way to clean out the mildew from the AC ductwork? I had this happen to my '95 GTIVR6, but didn't figure out how to clean it. How should I proceed? Thanks in advance for your help. at a stop i didnt notice anything coming out of the hood and the temp gauge didnt rise. The other day, I witnessed this myself. If you notice a weird smell coming from your furnace, there could be a number of reasons. Also, when the heater is turned on smoke pours out and even with the window down you get a bad taste in your mouth. there was a smoke coming out of the vents? I opened the hood and smoke was coming out of the area near the back rear of the left side of the engine compartment. White smoke is actually steam and is an indication that there is a leak somewhere in the system. What would cause white smoke to come out of heater vents? If steam is coming out of the vents it is very possible the motor is overheating. Get out of the house immediately and call your gas company first, and then an HVAC contractor. If i turn the A/C on and change the cooling level knob to about halfway between the red and blue i get a smoke/steam through the main center vents in the dashboard. What's the oily discharge coming from our central air and heat?! into a ceiling far from the actual heater--and above it. If you smell smoke outside then you can look to see where the smoke is coming from and tell them to My son has a 2002 Ford Crown Victoria. "How to Test HVAC Temperatures at I have been having a slight burning smell from the vents on my 54 reg scenic when I have had the AC switched on. So, you’ve turned on your furnace and you see smoke billowing out of your air Hello there, Smoke coming out of the vents is not a common failure point. I am a mechanic and was wondering if this is a problem someone has had before. Remove glove box. or what other reason it could be!? Assuming, that you don’t know anything about water heater vent pipe subject, this is how the natural draft gas water heater venting should be installed: Water heater vent pipe draft hood. Anyone have any idea as to what could be going on here? I recently bought a 98 ram 1500 and the other day driving to work I noticed some white smoke coming from my dash vents (mostly the center on above the stereo) so when I got to work I tried to smell it but it didnt have a strong enough of a odor to really tell what what it was. Continue until the smoke smell reduces. This is an indicator of severely overheated components within the unit or components that are on fire. Is everything alright? You can tell if it is okay by simply  10 Jun 2018 I took it to the Mechanic the next day thinking "oh no, what's this going to cost for a new heater core" he had it for 5 minutes and fixed the issue. So the odor is only there when air is coming out of vents with a/c turned off? What does it smell like once the a/c is turned on? What kind of odor - mold? rotten? smoke? urine? dead animal? --- this could be the source of what you are smelling. Bill Allen, owner of Mechanics Plus in Casselberry, Florida, says that air flows through a heater core and an evaporator core before exiting the vents. It does not smell like anything and all my fluids are in order. If it smoke is coming through the vents and it has a mildly sweet smell, it's the heater core for sure. Disconnect hoses from core in the engine bay. the noise may be OMG as i was goin to apply for this job early morining and as soon as i park alot of smoke starts coming out of the vents and under the hood'. If not the. . Why Does Smoke Puff out of a Wood Duraflame logs nasty smoke and smell, House, 24 replies Smell of smoke, House, 5 replies Removing smoke smell from house, House, 17 replies I want to add some floor ducts/vents to my heater/AC because all the heat stays on ceiling, House, 10 replies Question re: smell from ducts, House, 5 replies If you ever find yourself asking “why does my air conditioner smell?” then find the odor that best matches yours below. An aroma can't be seen. Then noticed white smoke/vapor coming out of vents. It gets vacuum, but will not blow out other vents. Where are the vacuum lines for the front vents? A The floor vents and the defroster vents work fine. Why does my car vents have steam coming out? I have a 1999 dodge Durango, I've had the heater core replaced twice now and I just turned my defroster on and I have steam pouring through the vents. I stopped the car and turned off the a/c. There was a little bit of a sweet smell, but that was it. I have had no issues with this control previously. Heat or no heat on, there's a burning smell through the vents. The other day i was driving and white smoke started coming out of my passenger side vents even with the heat off. 96 850T My Ac works well on the coldest, but when I change the temperature to make it warmer I get a smelly misty smoke coming out of the vents ?? I presume its coolant as I do loose about an inch or so from the reservoir in three months. when hot. WHAT IS THAT? Reply 1: sounds like you have a bad heater core Smoke & burning smell coming from air vents. We have had the AC guy out, same company that installed the system when the house was built, can't find anything wrong! Hey guys i was driving for about 40 miles and stopped at a parking lot. It does it fairly often lately. Went out today and the mrs said it was a little cold so upped the temp on the air con. Is it possible that smoke stink from the neighborhood is getting in? This morning driving into work, I noticed smoke or steam coming from my ac vents and front defrost vent (where the dash meets the windshield). Why Is My Furnace Blowing out Smoke From the Vents? 2015 Dec 09. On top of natural draft gas water heater, in its center section, right above the water heater vent, you should have a draft hood installed. There is a pretty strange smell coming with it. 2nd Gen Ram Tech - Smoke Coming Out Of Heater Vents - Kind of in a bad position to have my truck looked at. There are leaves or similar combustible trash that fell in the cowl vent, got into the heater/ac box far enough to land on the blower motor resistor, and when you run the fan, they burn and the smoke comes out the vent outlets. My car does not overheat. Blow air in one port of core, coolant will come out the other port as core empties partially (this saves the mess on your carpet later). It's time to clear the air and start breathing easier once again. I didn't smell coolant and my carpet is still dry. Dan M Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 8/18/2005 23:39:00: RE: AC/heater only blows out defrost vents IP: Logged Dodge Caravan Heater Troubleshooting by Jill Davis We sometimes take it for granted that the heater in our Dodge Caravan will operate when we turn it on, but there are few things worse on an icy morning than finding out that no air or only cold air is coming out of the vents. Is the heater core even in the system when the AC is on? As in, is there air flowing through the heater core? Wouldn't it be bypassed? I belive as soon as any warm air is added to the AC, the heater core is involved. If it is in fact smoke, then you probably have an electrical problem in the heating elements of some kind. I was driving MrsH's '96 Discovery today, and smoke suddenly started coming out of one of the air-vents. i pulled over for a few and had lunch and let it cool down, drove home another twenty miles and nothing happened. Check your Symptoms seem to be getting worse. I thought I smelled smoke and I opened my window to see if the smell was coming from outside or if it was indeed from inside my vehicle. OK, I started up my car and started driving and about 3 miles of driving my heat went up to almost full temp, just like normal. Mr. I was cruising on my way to work when gray smoke start coming of the floor/feet vents under the dash. 94 850 2. Thanks for your email. I was driving along and I smelled something burning. I have a 420a motor and the turbo is not yet installed the engine is mostly stock except for a cold air intake. I'm driving I' m not pressing my brakes but car is slowing down and brakes is hot and burnt smell smoking You want to check the heater vent if you notice a burning smell. Worst Case Scenario  Fog or smoke coming out the air vents is caused by cold dry air coming in contact with warmer, more moist air near the air conditioner. When you say the vents do not open, I am assuming you mean no air comes out the vents, but does come out the defrost and floor Smoke and burning smell from car heater? Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of the other half, who's having a bit of trouble with his car at the mo'. Hey guys, so this has been happening for 4 days in a row now and randomly when im driving or pulling hard smoke starts coming out of my front two air vents. my families and my health as I am driving and smoke is coming out of vents. I'm guessing this is humid air arising from a clogged line, bad blower or something else. the heater core swap is kind of a big deal, get the manual if you dont already have it. The smoke continued to pour out for several minutes in variable amounts. When I lived in an apartment we would just go into one of the bedrooms close the door and put a fan in the window to vent the smoke. It has happened in the drive through getting fast food even. Many adults have noticed the issue as well. What should you do if you smell a foul or unusual odor coming from your vents? Well, that depends largely on what kind of smell is coming out of the vents and where it is originating. When he turns on the heating in the car (when the car's warmed up) huge plumes of smoke come from the vents along with an acrid burning smell. Thread: Smoke from take it back off? I am tired of not being able to run my heat. Moments later, smoke started coming out of the vents and it smelled like a burning/plastic smell. Oh well, it's 15 years old, we've had some good usage and the graphics have been playing up for about 6 months. The main reason for heater failure is a leak in the system. I have a 98 Blazer that is blowing freon out the vents when the air conditioning is turned off. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm assuming I need to replace my heater core or something Along those lines doesn't smell like burning wires. If the air temperature near the unit is below the dew point, this causes water vapor to form in the air and condense into water droplets, thus causing the fog For the past couple of days I have had a slight smoke coming from the windshield air vent. oh yea Closing enough of the heat vents in your house may seem like a good way to cut down on heating costs, but closing too many can lead to a buildup of warm air in the furnace. My car has smoke coming from the air vents. It’s almost like a musty, wet dog, cigarette smoke kind of odor. Here's how you can remove cigarette smoke and odors from your indoor air. Regardless of weather the heat or a/c is on, there is coolant flowing through the heatercore. If you have an older furnace that smells like soot you may have a serious problem. I pop the hood and I can see it coming through the radiator and through the cooling fan. Smoke coming fom air vents (vdubb3dan) 12-12-2008 11:32 PM #10 fyi: the coolant is always circulating through the core, the heat temperature controls if the air goes through the core or not. I got back in and continued to go to work. Average failure mileage is 68,550 miles. I have no vacuum to the back of the AC/Heater control, thus no vacuum to the door vacuum motor. Besides just smelling nasty, it's making my eyes burn and causing worse headaches than normal. I had underestimated the amount of time on this thing by 75%. Or actually looking at the heater core and seeing if it might just be leaking around the two O RINGS. Secondhand smoke coming into your condo from neighboring units poses both a health risk and a significant nuisance. May 30, 2014 — 10:55pm In April a large amount of white smoke came out of the front of the car when I started it. 3 idi ZF5. There are a few possible causes for this though. Then white smoke came flowing out of the air vents. The vents could have dust built up in them, or even the heater coils themselves if your heater If you still haven't repaired the heater core or by-passed it, you may still have anti-freeze in the heater core/ ac evaporator unit and this may be the source of the smoke, as the engine heats up so does the water in the heater unit, which will cause steam and /or a smoke smell. Horrible Gas Smell coming from Heating Vents !!! than I should have but does not seem to be Pouring out of my car either. I quickly turned off the air conditioning, and the smoke stopped coming out. After around 10 seconds, I turned the air conditioning back on and no smoke came out. Please help. com online. Driving to work today and noticed what looked like smoke/water vapour coming out of the heater vents above the stereo! I've pulled over and checked oil and coolant and all levels are fine. Oil smoke coming into the car from the vents? This is a discussion on Oil smoke coming into the car from the vents? within the Dodge Dart 1. Then get out and call the gas company. The heater and AC work fine. During that time, you may have noticed some strange smells coming from the AC vent . I don't think it is coming from the engine because nothing smells in there and everything else is normal. checked under the good for leaks or smoke, found nothing. I turned defrost off and switched back to regular a/c. Anti Freeze smelling smoke coming out of air vents??? Post by Martigan39759 » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:19 am When I drive for awhile smoke starts coming out of the air conditioning vents and it smells a bit like anti-freeze. It does not smell like chemicals or anything burning, more like some sweat socks have been cooking on the radiator. Common Odors. Soot smell means there’s a big problem. I also noticed this on my old '92 coupe, does anyone know what this could be? Ok, My 1999 4. that smells of cigarette Boards > Community Central > The Vestibule > My car has white smoke coming from under the hood > I started the car and expected the white smoke to come out and of course it didn't. First, be certain that the smell is coming from your air conditioning vents and that the source of the foul odor isn’t something else, such as an overflowing garbage can or burned macaroni and cheese on the When you turn on the air conditioner or heater, the fumes, along with the smell, are sucked up and blown right into the cabin of the vehicle. i was told heater core but what i have read about heater core all refers to heat or defrost and my issue began with ac running. They're a bit difficult to get at, but can be replaced without involving a mechanic. It's bad. alright so, i have a 1994 s10 4 cylinder etc i noticed about a week ago that theres a mist/smoke coming out of my a/c vents when im driving. Suddenly, what appeared to be whitish smoke started coming out of the 2 center vents. It cannot be the engine at all, wouldn't the engine bay be smoking aswell? this is ALOT of smoke coming from the vents. Average repair cost is $490 at 134,650 miles. Pro Tip - Consider replacing the cabin air filter system of your car to remove cigarette smell from the vents. This is where a motor forces the emissions from the water heater out through a pipe, this means that it can be vented out the side of a building rather than having to rely on the fact that hot fumes will rise. all you need is a couple inches of good quality PVC piping and some clamps. I had the same problem in my 98 Dodge Dakota! Replaced the heater core, problem solved. Ram 1500 has 9 problems reported for heater core blowing smoke out vents. Your AC unit should be shut off while you clean it out. The Talbot Mk2 could be a similar set up. They said it was incomplete combustion coming from the water heater. The reason for this short-term burning smell is because the heater is burning off layers of If smoke is coming from the vents, turn off the heater immediately. Tips on car buying, how to negotiate, and how to buy a car. It didn't smell like smoke and might have been water vapour. Smoke doesn't really smell, no electrical or burning smell at all, quite sweet actually. Wasn't too loud - under dash. When I turned on the heater in my house, a kind of white smoke came out of some vents and a burning smell. heat works fine, theres no water or liquid leakage on the passenger floor, or Does it makes it's way into the cab through the vents? Does it have a burning smell or does it have almost a sort of pancake-like smell? Sounds like a heater core to me. Just recently there has been white smoke coming out of the air conditioner when the air conditioner is on only. This burning smell coming from car phenomenon is related to some parts such as fans, resistors or some other high-temperature electronic devices. Dust coming out of vents with AC on Whenever I turn my AC full blast it looks like there's dust or smoke coming out of the vents. At highway speeds or 30+ MPH it's okay or when you hear the fans kick on at a standstill. Smoke comes out of my car's ac vents. The main culprit is dust and the buildup of these dust balls in on or around the inside or outside of the unit. o Again, while this won't stem the tide of smoke rising from the apartment below, it may help your apartment's air conditioner or heater better handle the smoke that does make its way in. I ll have the heat on Unfortunately, smoke will always take the path of least resistance, and in wood burning stoves, an open door is like… well an open door. I don't turn on the air conditioner or the heater of the car and the temperature of the car is also not high but whenever i turn on the car and accelerate or drive it a bit it starts coming out and sometimes when i accelerate i hear sound of water. I have had the fire dept. If there is no moisture present in the heater box, the leaves or other materials may become dry enough to ignite, which can cause a small fire inside the heater box. Poorly angled vents in your flue system can cause chimney smoke to plume in front of your windows or blow back into your home. I turned on my defrost and white smoke started coming out of the vents. Bye Telly, I'll miss ya'. I left the car running for about 20 mins because it was cold out. No need to panic. When I hit higher speeds on the free-way, I start to see a white/grey smoke coming from the area where the windshield meets the dash (note - NOT from the dash air vents). Thanks a billion! fongo _____ I start my Jeep up yesterday and idling just a minute or so and I notice smoke gently lingering out of my windshield defrost vent, then also out of the side vents too. The heater core can go bad, which will blow steamy antifreeze through the vent  4 Feb 2014 Smoke from neighbors coming in through air intake vents. This only happens when the unit is completely off during the cool fall/spring months (same months last year, sept/oct/nov. After starting up the truck, I turned the heat/defrost on to clear the windshield. Sorry dude, but my a/c blows colder than a nuns butt in an igloo, and I get the 'fridge effect' or 'snow' often from my vents. We might expect to smell a little smoke when we have a fire going, but we don't. 0 liter inline 6 jeep sahara wrangler has started steaming out of the AC vents. The 2006 Chevrolet Silverado has 3 problems reported for smoke coming out of vents while ac on with plastic smell. I've cleaned and febrezed the car so the interior smells fine, except when I turn on the vents. where could it come from the engine? putting it to cold won't stop it from leaking it just changes the source of air feed, with a flappy paddle i think! lol _____ hi tim. [07 Camry XLE V6] A while back my wife mentioned that smoke was coming from the front vents after a bit of driving with the A/C on. It doesn't smell like anything at all, doesn't seem to matter if it is hot or cold outside, and is so little smoke that you can barely see it when the truck isn't moving. Hello oil-burners, I have a 1985 F250 4x4 with a 7. On my 97+ truck I recently noticed smoke coming out of the Defrost vents on the dash (side vents only) after driving it for a little while. go and bypass it for now. I will smell a burning smell can t quite tell if coolant or oil but a little smoke will come through the vents. Now my vents are blowing out a foggy smoke no matter what setting, even if the system is off. but when I ran the car today to get it warm enough to check the oil level. Spraying air fresheners to cover up the problem, will only make things worse in the long run, and some sprays will only negatively impact the quality of the air in your apartment. 4L MultiAir Turbo forums, part of the Dodge Dart Garage - The Mopar Zone category; So my wife has been complaining about this oil smell I never could smell it well I finally did, she took it to Dodge they Oil smoke coming into the car from the vents? This is a discussion on Oil smoke coming into the car from the vents? within the Dodge Dart 1. Why Does My Heater Smell Like Something Is Burning? Your air conditioner worked hard to keep your home comfortable all summer long. any ideas? where are these drainage pipes? how can i clear them (if thats the issue) and do i need to bleed the radiator or empty it and use fresh water in it? where do you put collant because ive always been advised to put Smoke can be seen. There is still no heat. Before you have the heater core replaced, you need to make sure the cooling system is checked for electrolysis and corrected, otherwise you'll have repeat heater core failures. We were pretty close to our destination so I left the vehicle to cool and we went on foot. Smell from The Heater. Why the lower apartment's out-take vents would connect to your AC vents is a problem with the building's venting system, and can be correcting. This isn’t terribly safe, so if you do smell something burning and see smoke coming from your vents, you may want to be concerned. and before you guys asking, the fan switch is off and it in recirculation position or if i turn the switch to let the outside air in, i can see more smoke. This article series describes the cause and cure for just about any odor or smell at or near an oil burner, where it comes from, what it means, and what needs to be done about it. unhook the two hoses in the engine bay, remove four screws under the dash, slide core out, slide new one in. The smoke (behaviour) appears to resemble the smoke of a burning cigarette - so I don't think it's condensation. Its so cold that ice forms on the outside of the heat pump unit. Burning plastic smell in car causes disgusted odor #1. If smoke is coming from your air vents or large gaps around them, use painter’s tape to block the holes. I'm not exactly a car guy but from what I've read it is probably low coolant or a leak in my heater core. Then I start to smell something like radiator fluid. It stopped misbehaving, but I don't know what he did to make the strange events It's common for a gas heater to smoke when you start it for the first time in the season, and the smoke usually dissipates quickly as debris is incinerated. We’ve sprayed fabreeze, and have a car air freshener in there. Done a little digging and it seems that cam cover gaskets can leak near the manifold burning oil, and generating smoke. Couldn't find flame anywhere, but now my a/c will only blow if I put it on high. Heater core popped. Turning on the air conditioner pulls this smoke right into the cabin of the vehicle. Ontario Hydro-Electric concluded that discoloration above heating systems (such as convective wall units, lighting fixtures, and refrigerators) is caused by air-borne material in the room flowing past the heater and depositing. ? We have a gas furnace, and it is fairly new (only about 6 or 7 years old we were told). A smoke vent is part of preventive fire protection and ensures that smoke is extracted in the An open smoke extraction also carries away heat from the fire. If your neighbors smoke, it is very easy for secondhand smoke to make its way into your unit, which can be very frustrating and can result in a reduced quality of living. but now it doesn't matter wether it is ac,heat or defrost or if i jsut shut it off Smoke or steam coming through the vents is a dead giveaway that the heater core is leaking. Customers with specific concerns about their heating and cooling systems should contact a professional HVAC contractor. The burning smell and smoke may be be caused by a wiring fire or melting components. It smelled like a campfire. It is either an electrical issue or the burning smell and smoke may be a sign that the heater core is leaking. Thanks for all the help guys first time using this and it seems to have saved me. Why is steam coming out of my air vents? or if it’s actually smoke, you have a larger problem on your hands. Whenever I shift from drive to park and it idles it smokes. It is running fine, no problems, years left in it, they are good heaters. he was able to smell it in the intake vents and in the air handler. On my Toyota T100 I get a lot and I mean a lot of white mist or smoke and it is coming out of my A/C vents. Smoke coming out of interior passenger vent! I was driving around town with the AC on today, and its glowing light shut off while smoke (with a horrible smell) came spewing out of the interior passenger vent. Use these 4 tips to eliminate odors in the air vents. This morning I smelled smoke throughout the house. My coolant Ok, it was 4 degrees this morning when I left for work. Antifreeze smoke coming out heater vents depending on how bad, and how long the orginal core leaked, it might just be residue in heater box, and if it got up into the vents, it will take awhile for it to dry out. Half way there the same smoke started pouring out again. Fog or smoke coming out the air vents is caused by cold dry air coming in contact with warmer, more moist air near the air conditioner. Turn the defroster vents on and see if the smoke leaves an oily residue on your front windshield. 2 and its sounds great but now ive noticed smoke coming from my vents a couple times, first time i was goin up a hill and looked over and seen it, then i was like maybe i just drove through some one elses smoke and didnt notice, then i started it at a gas station and smoke came out. My air conditioner and heater on my 1997 Mustang will only blow out the defroster vents. The air coming out should be 14 to 20 degrees cooler than the air flowing in. The smell after firing an old gun is very Began noticing a funny smell when the ac was ran in my ford f150 triton. I drive a 2002 F150 Screw with 102000 miles. and if it is your core leaking, replace it soon, because eventually the hole will just 'explode' and release alot of coolant. Did you see smoke coming out of your air conditioning unit this morning? We have received many calls from panicked customers. The only way to stop smoke from entering through a vent is by blocking the vent. This does not happen regularly and the Freon levels do not change. The deposits were yellow-brown when from cooking vapors; dust and lint; smoke from tobacco, candles, or open fireplace. There are 3 potential reasons you’ve noticed a burning plastic smell coming out of your air conditioning vents: There’s a fire in your home somewhere and the AC is re-circulating the smell; It’s just your heater burning off dust. Many modern water heaters use a balanced flue or a power vent. The smoke smelled like plastic/electrical. then it got to where it was fogging my windows. if you keep running with the heater core hooked up you can smoke out the whole entire cabin with THICK heavy smoke that kinda tastes sweet. If this is the case then it’s likely that the heater core in the car is damaged. White Powder From Vents Maytag Furnace If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ . This will help combat the cigarette smoke smell coming out of the air conditioner. My car was idling with the heat off. This can obscure the view out of your windows whenever your furnace or fireplace is in operation and allow particles carried in the smoke to settle inside your house. The photo below shows an example of these different types of vents, all installed on the same roof, which is a no-no. The blower is coming out the dash vents, and moving the knob does nothing to change the vent output. Could this be the start of the heater core going bad?? I'm replacing my grey & black dash with a solid black unit this weekend. It’s important to have your fuel system checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible if you smell fuel coming from your vents But lately I swear that I've been smelling cigarette smoke coming through the heater vents and it's causing me all kinds of problems. Before, you could feel the switch stopping at each setting, but now nothing, just a free moving switch knob. Whether from heavy indoor cigarette smoke or smoke damage from a house fire, smoke lingers in the home long after the flame is extinguished. Cheers, Jaime S. As my 2yo daughter was with me at the time, I pulled over ASAP and got her out. anyone know how to clean out the mildew smell coming from the AC vents?? I've got a 2009 VW Jetta TDI and it's recently started getting a skunky mildew smell coming from the AC vents. I say smoke, but it was more like steam. My friend who works at ford pulled in my truck after work and he just put a new thermostat and housing on it and seems to have fixed my issue's. -Joe actully, if it is coming out of the heater vents, it is most likely a leak in your heater coil. Are you sure it is smoke or a light mist? Does your windshield fog up when you turn on the defroster? If it does, it is your heater coil. 'Engine' smoke can't come out of the AC vents, really. As soon as the temp dial is anywhere except full cold, the system pulls heat so the AC is not so cold. Whenever the furnace goes on, I smell a strange sweetish odor coming from the vents which irritates my eyes and nose. Water pump is new etc Ford dealership could not figure it out. No big deal, easiest repair than you'll ever do on this truck. The Mk1 had the resistor pack on the inner front wing. But in hot Combustion smoke smell coming through vents It runs great with one exception: in the final part of the heating cycle, after the burner has shut off but while the blower is still running to remove the remaining heat until the shutoff temp is reached, I smell the unmistakable odor of burnt fuel oil coming through the vents. I was driving it around one day and after a few miles smoke started coming out the vents. The heater core had a little smoke coming from underneath it but not much. i turned on the ac and a puff of smoke came out. No more funky coolant smell and erie fog coming through my vents. Yesterday I started smelling a burning smell in the truck after a 100 mile drive. You should look into getting it fixed very soon. If after 20 minutes there is still smoke coming from your flue you may need to adjust the fuel or air vents to get a better fire. how can i remedy the backdraft? also as for finding out if this work has been done according to fire code, would i just call my local FD to have them inspect? thanks in advance for you help. There are a number of things that can cause electric heaters to smoke or emit strange odors. Now I smell a strange ordor, my uncle thinks it may be antifreeze. If there is a leak, you'll need to have the system checked and repaired by a professional mechanic. Have purchased many items now from them. Heater F215100 MH4B I have a 97 1500 slt and everytime or most of the time i have my heater on i smell coolant and sometimes smoke comes out of my defrost ventsi ordered in my heater core already but i dont want to go through the whole replacement process unless necessary. I have a 99 durango that i recently straight piped, its got the 5. Center dash, below dash, under windshield? How to diagnose oil burner smoke, smells, or odors: These diagnostic questions and answers can help you diagnose heating oil burner odor or smoke complaints. She shut off the heater, radio,defroster and the smoke/smell stopped. Too slow or at a stop, it chokes you and you have to open the windows and close the vents. I turned my AC on this morning and my vents were blowing white smoke/steam. This should smell like anti freeze. yesterday when all of a sudden at 30 mph smoke started billowing out of the air vents along with a burning smell - the heater blower was on at the To stop secondhand smoke from coming into your apartment, place a fan near your window to direct the smoke out of the room. So driving home from Dallas yesterday morning and smoke or fog started blowing from my vents. Q. I was pulling into my drive way today, opened the door and the side vent that supplies air for the door vents. 4L MultiAir Turbo forums, part of the Dodge Dart Garage - The Mopar Zone category; So my wife has been complaining about this oil smell I never could smell it well I finally did, she took it to Dodge they Re: Steam/Smoke Coming From Vents? 94 and older ranger heater cores takes about 15 minutes to change. Smoke Smell In House When Fireplace Not Burning Q: We just bought a newer, tightly built house, and are grappling with a rather strange problem with our fireplace. Anyone know the potential cause of this? We're having someone come check it out in a few days but just thought I'd see if anyone had any clues as to the source of the A sweet burning smell along with smoke coming out of the vents are the exact symptoms of a blown heater core. 2 Dec 2016 This component cycles heat out of the combustion chamber and into the Smoke odors usually result from a blocked chimney that forces  There are a number of things that can cause electric heaters to smoke or emit The vents could have dust built up in them, or even the heater coils to cause smoke and odor from electric heaters is loose connections or burnt out circuits. Try running the fan at full speed which bypasses the resistor pack to see if the smoke stops. Unfortunately, many nonsmokers, especially those who live in dwellings with multiple units, are subjected to second-hand smoke that seeps through vents and other openings within the home. i live in a 2 story home. Brooks, Darryl. and whenever my father decided to smoke i can smell it strong in my bedroom and the smell comes from the air vent. You can use the same tests for the heater in the winter. which is a small leak typically caused by corrosion — in the heater core Natural gas by itself is odorless, but an added rotten egg smell helps homeowners detect gas leaks. I have a wood burning fireplace that is still operational, and in my basement where the ash clean out is , i have 2 exhausts connected (my hvac heat and h2o heater) venting out into the chimney. We suspect the heater core is either leaking or gone bad. I went downstairs to the stove to find that it was smoking and throwing out red ambers through the room blower vent (connected to the blower fan). It smells like an electrical smoke or something. Made the entire truck smell like crap and at times you could see it coming out the vents. Turning on the fan (either A/C or heat) gives out a blast of foul air for the first minute or so, then the smell goes away. having a hard time figuring Still blows but after it heats up smoke will come from vent I noticed today that when I accelerate it comes out then when I stop at red light it stopped a little smell but not much no leaking inside of car what could be the problem? Not sure how the heater cores are made in later models, but I had the exact same symptoms in my '84 Bronco. Its cold here in Florida and our heat pumps are working overtime. My 99 S10 v6 heater/ac blower works well except the fan doesn't blow air/heat on the floor setting or the combination floor/vents. 24 Oct 2018 A burning smell coming from the furnace in your Bath, Pennsylvania, home isn't The vents connected to your home's heating system will usually emit this Oil furnaces often emit smells similar to the smell of smoke or oil. Started it up and smoke started pouring out of the vents. It doesn't happen until I have been driving for 10-15 minutes. I am wondering what the hell the smoke came from and why??? What’s That Smell Coming From My AC? March 27, 2014. The same thing happened to me. This smell comes from  12 Jul 2016 Hello there, Smoke coming out of the vents is not a common failure point. I am planning on replaceing the heater core. I know this is all controlled by vacuum. Any possible sign of coolant sipping into the A/C vent line? (never heard of this). On the Mondeo Ford put it in the air flow to cool it down hence the smoke coming out of the vents. Gun Powder. Smoke is coming from the vents . While pottering along the M25 this morning a fair amount of mist/steam came out of the heater vents in my 200tdi 110. So what your are getting is cigarette aroma, not smoke. I drove by the dealership and the service lady came out and saw the smoke and noticed the smell. (There's no visible smoke coming through the vents, only the smell) Any ideas? I know these systems work like "reverse ACs" by sucking air into the unit and then heating it, and I live in the country. Things that occurred to me afterwards Temp gauge was reading normal My guess based on where you describe the smoke/steam coming from would be that one of the hoses from the block to the heater have sprung a leak. I took the stove completely out from the fireplace and placed the unit on the floor. I turned it on panel just to see if it'd do anything and it started to smoke; I turned the A/C back on and it stopped within a few seconds. If there is an aroma, then all aromas from below will come through, such as cooking aromas and such. This seemed to work as we never got any complaints. During this time, the car appeared to be running as normal. We have a electric, central AC, heat system. As soon as she did this a puff of what appeared to be smoke came from a air vents! It lasted a few seconds and it was quite alarming to be honest. When I popped the hood and checked out the drain, I could see smoke coming from the hot rubber grommet. It's happening because it's really humid out, and the air coming out of the vents is totally saturated and mixing with air with a higher dew point and condensing a little moisture from it. So I looked it up and said my heater core has a leak. The other day, a burning smell started coming out of the vents and next thing you know, smoke is coming out as well. No strange noises or symptoms, car temp was normal. The ac works fine, but the smoke comes out when I don't have the air on. Then smoke came out of my vents. hook back up. Uh oh. it has been doing it occasionally Most likely your heater core is leaking. Call a professional for an emergency inspection before powering the unit back on. Chevy Dude 1,404,940 views It didnt really smell like anything, just a burst of smoke came out at one time, from the driver side vents, like the car was overheating in the engine bay or something and it was coming in the car vents but the car wasnt overheating weiiiird I doubt it was my stereo wiring cause my CD player was on at the time, it still plays fine. The most common  Do you have smoke blowing out of your vents after you turned on your furnace? Let us try and define the smell before we get too alarmed. I did notice a funny noise on the passenger side of the car. Can anybody tell me why there is smoke/fog coming out of my a/c vents is it smoke- like fire smoke- or steam- like colant burning or a messed up heater core -?. Smoke coming out of vents - no engine lights on 2 Answers. After a little detective work, I discovered that dry leaves had worked their way into the vent system through the grill in front of the windshield. what can cause this? ive done some research, and most likely its the heater core, but i have no heater core problems. I turned off the a/c and it stopped. Background: Haven't used the heater at all last year or this year. I drove for another 30 minutes and didn't see any smoke again. I turned the AC off and it stopped. Smoke will adhere to walls and surface material easily in the form of tar and sometimes a yellowish resin. air would be cold but i started to get "smoke" out of the vents. Added to that, the the compressor keeps cycling, so the evaporator (the thing that makes the air cold) keeps cycling in temperature and condensing releasing How To – Curing Musty Or Moldy Smells In HVAC Heating Systems Cleaning & Restoration , Health & Safety , Heating & Cooling If you have a musty or moldy smell coming from your home’s forced hot air system that doesn’t seem to go away it is important that you take the time to inspect your heating system and cure the problem. Something in your AC is overheating I'm seeing smoke/mist coming out of the A/C vents when I turn the A/C on or keep the vents open while driving and I'm quite worried! It does have an anti-freeze king of smell. There is also an ugly smell, and the smoke will fog my windshield. Forums. You must register before you can view photos and images. If there’s a small pinhole — which is a small leak typically caused by corrosion — in the heater core, drivers may have steam coming from the vents, but it will likely smell of coolant. 10) After the wood begins burning, open the air vent just a crack to provide oxygen to the fire to promote burning and increase draft. As soon as I adjusted the fan control, some smoke came out of the fan adjustment wheel. The fix is just change the heater core. So, I figure the source of smoke is from the grommet and it is filling the water around my evaporator core resevoir and dash with smoke particles. Shortly after he left there was a very strong fishy odorous coming out of the intake vent. If the heater core is leaking it will son burst and allow hot coolant all over the interior carpets and dash so get this checked out/repaired. Smoke coming from window vents 1987 ford taurus, this happens after the engine has warmed up and when the blower motor is off usually when you come to a stop and you can see just a little smoke coming out. Got a 92 Rs with white smoke coming out the dash vents. Q: Whenever I turn on the air conditioning, smoke starts coming from the engine and the vents, it smelled like antifreeze, but when I opened the hood, there was a green ooze on the back left hand side of the engine area. 0 SOHC White Smoke coming from vents. I prayed so much that my car would turn back on once i was done with the interview and it did. I immediately turned off the A/C unit (we have central air). If this odor is coming from an AC vent, you could have a leak somewhere near your air ducts. Re: White Smoke from heater vents. If the air temperature near  16 Mar 2016 Well, you see smoke billowing out of your vents after you just turned on your furnace. The biggest thing I would recommend is to just make sure that the gas you are smelling is coming from your air vents and not your stove, etc. bit of an update, ive had the bonnet up and the radiator cap off, the water in there semeed to have the same smell as the smell the smoke had coming out of my heaters. Smoke or steam coming from vents. Last few days when i turn on the heater or defroster ive been getting a steam/smoke entering the cabin, it fogs up the windshield and it doesn't go away very easily. I shut the car off and popped the hood. If it's smoke, it'll continue streaming into the cab and accumulate, getting thicker and stronger. The temp control works fine, as well as the blower switch. your heater core is leaking and you're out of 97 850R This has happened a few times. I'd recommend replacing ALL of your radiator/heater hoses. 1 – Call Your Landlord Issue: Smoke coming out of vents and/or a sweet smell to the air coming through. The 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 has 9 problems reported for heater core blowing smoke out vents. Watch for puffs of white smoke coming out of the heater vents. Didn’t think anything at the time cause it was cold air coming out of vents hitting a warm cabin air. Or do you mean the HEATER Vents? What year is your car? Describe which vents exactly the smoke is coming from. I have a 2011 BMW 328i and I get this sort of burnt chemical smell through the vents when the heat is on. I have the A/C on, and I started to smell a an electrical burning smell - then white smoke started coming out of the vents. Smoke coming from vents. yesterday, while my wife was driving her 2003 Pilot, she encountered, after 15 minutes of highway driving, smoke coming through the vents. As with exhaust fumes, the inhalation of gas fumes can be hazardous. Would your product work for us? It would be at least 1200 to replace due to the need to pull out the dash so we’d like to avoid that Apologies for reviving an old thread but it appeared in a search and the symptoms are very similar. The most common would be the blower motor resistor, blower motor, heater core failure, wiring fault, or a failed AC duct actuator. out to check out the problem. Smoke coming from AC vents. Considering the price paid for it, I kept driving and it went away. Go outside and look at your flue. After that a burning smell and smoke came from the vents. Okay, so I tried to do some troubleshooting on it. If yes, then it's coolant that is leaking out of the heater core and then turning into steam. You might not know how to deal with other sources of odors. It didn't cleared but added more mist. Had a lot of smoke come out of the heater vents on 2 seperate occasions today. i also noticed that on the passenger side of the dash there is a black box to the left side of the blower motor and it I am recently having a cloud of white smoke coming out of the air vents when car is warmed up. But is this even possible, or should have I have my landlord check my heater system for some other type of leak? 97 ford taurus checked the fluids there good beyond reading a dip stick i dont have a clue what could be blowing smoke out of the vents when i turn the heater on im not takin about a little smoke-- A LOT OF IT also when the heater is off i still get smoke but just a little bit coming out of the vents used to defrost your window when i hit the gas pedal it increases the smoke ummmmm thanks Hi guys, Car: VT V6, Exec, 1997, Manual for the past few days, every morning seem to be some kind of smoke (condensation ?), little smell (not really electrical burning smell) coming out from behind the dash, center air vents. RE: AC/heater only blows out defrost vents IP: Logged Message: The default on my system when there is no vacuum, is to come out the defrost vents. She then continued her drive for another 5 miles and stopped. What could be causing this? When this happens it fogs up the windows and I can't get them to clear up, Help The smoke was coming out of the defrost vents in the cab and out of the vents just underneath the wipers over the firewall. I was sitting at a stoplight today and a semi-sweet smelling smoke started coming through my vents when the heat was Menu. It does have a antifreeze smell to it. As a heating repair company that serves Buck County, PA, and many other areas around Philadelphia and in South […] I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for me. For the second year in a row we have had a terrible smell coming out of our vents. So the other it was in the 40's here in Miami (amazing ha) and I turned my heater all the way up to 85. I saw nothing so just kept an eye on it for the rest of my ride. Re: 4. and my father smokes but he doesnt smoke inside he smokes in the garage where the hvac unit and filter thing is located. When I put the selector on floor setting, I can hear the "door" directing it to the floor open/close, and the fan running, but nothing is coming out of the floor vents. They were fine, no check engine, the temp was normal and oil pressure was fine. Contact our heating repair techs at Design Aire today for help! In the middle of a SLAM but this is something entirely different. The burning smells like plastic, rubber, or electrical Two days back I turned a/c to clear mist. How to Stop Smoke Coming Out of a Stove When The Door is Open WITH HEAT ON OR OFF, WHILE THE TEMP DIAL IS ON HOT, SMOKE COMES OUT OF THE VENTS. We discussed the smoking issue, he told me of a similar issue that he has only seen twice, it may be a polluted vent hose. We smell gas if the water is used for a short time (hand washing, ex). Why is smoke coming out heater vents? more than likely your heater core is leaking, check the carpets to see if they are wet, anti-freeze feels greasy on you hands and smells kinda sweet. Post by redwizard » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:26 pm Hmmm - I hate to throw a spanner in the works, but the one time I had white smoke coming out of the vents was after an air-con "expert" re-gassed my system at the wrong pressure (and with the wrong gas apparently ) and it resulted in a blown compressor. I have a service contract and the company sent out a man who walked around the We just bought a used Jeep. Air Conditioners Fog Or Smoke Coming Out Air Vents. See the articles 'Fixing Blocked Water Heater Vents' and 'Unblocking Chimney Flues' for information on how to remove blockages from the vent and chimney. Remove heater plenum cover behind it. After I go for a drive (particularly noticeable in colder weather), I turn the car off and get out of the car and there is smoke coming out from the grille. wondering if the filter is not doing its job. THIS CAN'T BE GOOD FOR YOU! So I look down, turn off the A/C (can't recall if I turned recirc off or not), and a few seconds later Smoke starting coming out of the vents!!! I quickly shut off the air and kept looking around for more smoke (which smelled almost like that plastic burning smell but not as strong). If all the above parts are working perfectly, check the heater if you smell something burning. We had no issues with defrost or air until a few days ago when the dreaded “green fog” came out of the vents. I opened the hood and no smoke there. We also have a burnt rubber smell coming out of of vents when the heat is running for several days, it can get so smelly, once the smoke alarm went off for about 2 seconds. If there is any evidence that the vent is not working properly, you are going to need to correct the problem. today I filled it back up with gas drove If it's hot and humid in the cab, and the cold de-humidified air coming out of the vents hits the warm damp air in the cab, it condenses the water vapor for a split second, but it dissipates within a few inches of the register. It could be the fan itself. The intake vents will typically be soffit vents, while the exhaust vents may consist of ridge vents, turbine vents, box vents, or powered vents… but only one of those. I drove it for 30 miles and nothing came out of the vents while on A/C. There was no sweet freon odor - it didn't have an odor much at all. While the A/C is on, it doesn't come out the vent, but as soon as it is turned off I can smell, and see freon billowing out the vents. 11 Dec 2018 While a burning smell coming from your electric heater, furnace, Inspect the air vents in the area that has a strong burning odor to make sure  21 Aug 2018 If a neighbor or tenant from two doors down smokes, you can still suffer the call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to clean out the vents and  There are several causes that create a burning smell from the car. When there's white smoke, check first for coolant leak. The unit vents a foot or so above the ground to the outside between my office and my daughter's bedroom. I know it has nothing to do with cars, but speaking of smoke coming out of vents, my mum's TV blew up last night and there was smoke coming out the back. It was a burning wiring type of smell. Hey John. With a little practice and care, your heater can be relatively smoke free even in the first few minutes after lighting! Consider upgrading your heater i have a central air system. Then later on that day smoke was coming non stop and I had to drive with my windows down. Hello Smoke or mist keeps coming out of my car vents. You need two repairs, your heater core and your 9 fees to NEVER pay a car dealership. but !! when The fan is most likely just sucking the smoke in and blowing it right back out into the room again, in essence doing absolutely nothing to vent the smoke. I thoroughly cleaned the stove --everything. so i was driving to work the other day and started noticing "smoke" coming out of my ac vents lightly but enough to catch my eye. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to minimize how much smoke comes out of your wood stove door. You should contact a service technician if you continue to see smoke coming from the vents. from a pool of liquid that came out The main idea is to keep smoke and particulates out, and minimize the amount of air circulating in the house unless you have a good filter system that can circulate clean air within. Hi there is smoke coming out of the air vents my wife was driving and I was at work its a Mitsubishi Magna 2004 she said it smells has any one else had this problem or can any one know where I can start looking for athe problem If it smells like coolant then you have a leaky heater core. Many of our posts include troubleshooting tips that you can do yourself, but when your furnace smells like gas, there is not a whole lot that you can do. Smoke damage and odor are difficult to eliminate from homes. I pulled over and opened the hood, but saw nothing. Yesterday I noticed some of what I thought was dust coming from the vents, today I realized it was more of a smoke/vapor. Burning smell coming from heater vents HELP!? smoke out side. Pull old heater core out. I immediately shut off the engine and put on my flashers and checked my gauges. - Duration: 17:34. ) Last year we had our vents cleaned and checked for critters. But it says its on We were at a stoplight and I saw smoke coming out of the two heater vents above the radio. It almost has a coolant type smell. If I turned the fan off the smell would go but today I had lots of smoke coming through the vents when the AC was used. We have been in our house for 5 years. Hint: Open a few windows to let you home air out while you run the furnace. When you smell smoke coming out of the air vents, then is the time to count how many are open and how many are closed. How can I eliminate the smell of smoke from my house that comes from my neighbor's house? How cold should the air be coming out of my air conditioning vents? What can I do about a cat urine smell in my vents? What could cause condensation on air vents? What is making my washing machine smell bad? Why is there a foul smell coming from my I have been getting exhaust coming in the vents when the car is idling on cold days. dont use any of that radiator sealer either. Said he observed smoke coming from 2 of 3 vents from the same heater. This is perfectly normal. Once the trucks at operating temperature smoke starts to come out from all of the defrost vents from the top of the dash. I looked at my vents and smoke was billowing out of all of them and I pulled into a parking lot but didn't have water. So I took it it into a dealership and they replaced the thermostat, heater core, and the coolant. There is this odor coming out of the vents. So, I turned on the heat and this very strong smell of antifreeze came out of the vents. Any suggestions? Thanks, John. It didn't smell like smoke or like anything burning/melting, so I just turned on the a/c and you can't see it. It is a white smoke, and I do not know what it is. A/C was still working, and blowing cold air, no noise. It’s not a big deal in the winter but last summer it was uncomfortable. SOURCE: Bad smell coming from heater/ smoke coming out vents. What to do: This will often be coupled with poor heating. Come to find out, I had a leak in the heater core, and the fumes coming through the vents was actually anti-freeze. i immediately pull over and thought maybe my dash caught fire like some stories ive read happening to srts, well no it wasnt. smoke coming out of vents when heater is on

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